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Do You Make Character Builds?

Hey, it's Pixel. I wanted to post this discussion to help answer a question I've been mulling over recently: why don't people make character builds? Now I understand we have a good number of solid builders here on the Forge, but we also have a larger number of people who don't post builds at all, and also aren't active in the Character Builing group. I'm just wondering what keeps people from making builds. I'm looking for answers specifically from people who don't build at all.

Here's a few clarifying questions. Does the prospect of writing seem daunting to you? Are you afraid it won't be good enough/comparable to builds already posted? Are you afraid your build will be unoriginal? Or are you just plain uninterested? My goal in creating this post is really to gauge how many people want to make builds but feel like the shouldn't or can't motivate themselves to do so for some reason or another so that we can see about overcoming some of those obstacles to expand our buildng community. Thanks in advance for your responses!

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  • I spent years trying to create a good build back in the day, but I never came up with a single good, original concept. Nowadays when I play TES games I avoid building at all - roleplaying out a character's journey and interactions with the world is so much more interesting to me than grinding for perk points and fast travelling all over the map to pick up a prescribed set of gear.

    • Ok, interesting. Because that's not my perception of what a build is/should be at all. Perhaps you just haven't found the right one. Thanks for the reply.

    • People want that journey aspect to their character builds, though. Not a lot of people enjoy power leveling and grinding. They want a character that builds up naturally to their peak rather than characters that require dozens of hours of grinding before theyre playable. 

      • Sometimes, even the most basic of knights or rangers can be interesting

      • Yeah that's my perception of how most builds are done.

        • Hell, I've seen quite a few builds that DO take a character on a journey of sorts, with stages and shit

  • Well, you know I do Pix, excited for next month's Event

  • For me I enjoy playing the works of others over the pressures of creating something original on my own. 

    • Ah so it's pressure related. Interesting. Thanks for the reply. 

  • I'm not quite sure why I haven't created a build yet. I started a few months ago, but found the post format a little daunting for some reaason. Perhaps I should give it another go.

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