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Is Fallout 76 Good?

I realize there's a ton of different opinions on Bethesda Game Studios' new game, FO76. Opinions range from "it's awesome" to "it's Bethesda's worst game," and I wanted to here some of the Forge members' opinions on the game in general. Share, discuss, and debate your opinions. 

Please don't get too heated though. It is, of course, just a game.

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  • Hmm, personally, its fun. Not the best Fallout game, but not the worst. I believe, like ESO, it will get better. We're getting free DLC too. I rate it, currently, 7.2 out of 10

    • At least ESO was functional. This game is a dumpster fire.

      • I find it fun, if a tad bit finicky

  • I've been playing it and I've enjoyed it the times I played you have buttholes that are a high level that trolls low-level area's but it is really fun with a group of people you play with 

    • I agree that it can be very fun depending on your group, but really that's no credit to Bethesda. I mean, that's a given with multiplayler games of this type. I do enjoy it solo every now and then. Personally I have't encountered too too many of the glitches and bugs people have been on about, but I'm sure they will come soon enough.

      • I've had two glitches I lost a Camp one time and when i shoot a enemy they don't take damage right away 

        • Yeah. I imagine the random crashes I've heard so much about get very old very quickly lol

          I've had one or two, but I hear horror stories of like 7 or 8 in one hour D:

          • Oh yea I'm glad I haven't run into the very bad stuff

            • Its even better with friends, you can gank spank others

  • I think the biggest hang-up for people is its not a regular, Fallout if you want raiders other players are those gang of raiders if you want a person to buy chems, weapons, or armor from you have to be that person. It basically every person who screams they want immersion, well this is it and now people are bitching cause they got what they wanted, 

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