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So, what are you working on?

We’re all excited to chat about our next big creative project whether it be a new build, a new story, or anything. So, here’s a chance to brag about your next big project. 

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  • Well, currently working on some builds, but aside from that, I may just continue my Fate/Skyrim fanfic

  • Working on a story for the Story corner, can't really brag cause if I do I'll give away spoilers so... yeah. It's long, though.

  • Well I WAS working on a build based on the Striker class from Destiny 2, but it didn’t pan out the way I had hoped. 

    • That sounds like it would have been a pretty fun build. What ended up stopping you?

  • I have a lot in store. Currently working on a two build projects, one of which may be a collab. I am also writing a book. My first build on this site was actually partially based on the main character. I might post a couple of the first chapters as I polish them.

  • Too much...

  • Let's see

    -Collab with Chris

    -The Welkynar

    -KoTN (one day I'll get around to it)

    -Possibly a story

    -Spider Queen

    -Countless Build ideas, that I either write down, forget to write down or just forget about in general.

    The list goes on. But to sum it up, and to quote Blackblood 'Too much...'

  • It’s been too long since I posted a vanilla build. So I’m working on an Aundae vampire build to go with my Berne vampire build 

  • I finally got around to posting here. *deep breath*

    Okay so we got:

    -Several stories, long and short (probably the reason I can't even post ONE yet)

    -The Krein Vahdin Build (To go along with one of said stories)

    -Rihad's Necromancer (Character Journals and Build)

    -Writing Help Discussions (that I hope I'll get to post today since my internet is back up)

  • To properly explain what I've got in this cranium full of ideas:

    - A build for each of the 16 champions of the Daedric Lords
    - The Bittercold, a character designed to be the ultimate anti-warrior.
    - The Void Scale, the Argonian champion of Sithis.
    - The Covenant Prime, a character that combines the Orc's warrior skills, the Redguard's weapon mastery, and the Breton's sorcery.
    - The Demon Lord, a master conjurer focused on taking advantage of producing a small army of daedra.
    - The Blood Sorcerer, a mage who abuses Equilibrium with certain aesthetic spells in his arsenal.
    - The Dragon Monk, a monk warrior with mastery of the gift of Akatosh.
    - The Dwarven Artificer, an Ordinator remake of my first build, the Dwemer Scholar.
    - The Daedric Templar faction (and by extension, the Daedric Templar build).

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