What's the oldest game you remember playing

Lets see how old you guys really are. What's the oldest game you remember playing? I can remember all the way back to when Atari was the hottest shit on the market. But the earliest game I remember playing was a little known game called Trog. 





Good god I'm old......

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  • The oldest game I remember playing is Pokemon Silver. It came out way before I was born and was handed down to me from my cousin, but nonetheless, it's one of the first games I've ever played.

    • Silver for me was the last Pokemon game i played. I used to love Pokemon. Even got both Pokemon stadium games on the N64 and transfered my best Pokemon over. But I lost interest in it all by the time the third generation was unveiled.

      What generation are they on these days? Like 8th or 9th gen?
      • More or less

        • Well you didn't immediately buy into the call of duty craze of the early 2000s so good on you.
      • 7th actually

  • Oh God, it was on the N64, and I believe it was....Goldeneye I wanna say. I remember playing the crap out of that ages ago. It came out about a year before I was born, but I loved playing that, same with all my other N64 games, like Banjo Kazooie and Bajo Tooie

    • Golden eye huh. I remember long late nights playing that game with relatives.
      But if it came out a year before you were born, it must have been way out dated by her time you got to playing it
      • I first played it when I was 5, so about 2003, and loved it

  • Spyro the Dragon on PS1 and Pokemon Yellow on GBC. Both have grown with me and I still love them tosay

    • I freaking loved Spyro, still have three of the original games

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