Character Build: Ana the Shield Maiden



Race: Nord

(Just like her fellow Nords,Ana has a 50% resistance to frost and that's a good ability against the cold and harshness of Skyrim or the frost spells used by enemies you encounter)

Level: 75

Stats: 0 M / 50% HP/ 50% Stamina

Standing Stones: Warrior stone 1st,then Lover Stone and finally Lord Stone

Personality : Good

She likes to help people,joke and chat with them and she loves her friends a lot.

She doesn't like the Stormcloaks for their stupid war and for not seeing the true menance for Skyrim,though she agrees that banning the worship of Talos is a big nonsense.

She hates all the evil Skyrim has to offer.

She enjoys the company of Serana her only best friend.

She won't kill Paarthunax and dislikes the Blades,she sees the Greybeards as father figures.

Equipment : War axe,Bow,Light Armor,any enchanted jewelry you will find from looting (i recommend jewelry that helps you with resistance to fire,shock,magic and light armor,the ones that fortify skills like archery one handed block are also good)

Houses:: Any house its up to you to choose

Factions : The Companions,Imperial Legion,The Dawnguard

Followers : Lydia,Jennasa,Serana

Spouses : Any male NPC that you can marry ( though it's your choice to choose female spouses)

Children : You can adopt any child you like though Ana is very fond of Lucia and Sophie

Skills and Perks

Major Skills

1.Light Armor :

Light Armor Mastery 2/2

As a Leaf

Annoying Mosquitoes 2/2

Light Armor Fit



Lightning Strike


Fight or Flight

Keen Senses


Glancing Blows

Survival Instinct



Archery Mastery 2/2

Wingstrike 2/2

Crippling Shot

Quick Shot

Pinning Shot

Long Shot 3/3

Clean Kill

Thread the Needle 2/2



Focus on The Prey


Steady Hand 1/3

Ambush Predator

Hunter's Discipline

3. Block:

Block Mastery 2/2

Quick Reflexes


Deflect Arrows

Power Bash

Skull Rattler

Cast Aside

Unstoppable Force

Timed Block 2/2

Block Runner

Hold The Line

Poke The Dragon

Apocalypse Proof 2/2

Dragon Tail

Minor Skills

1. One-Handed:

One-Handed Mastery 2/2

Disciplined Fighter

Bleed like a Lamb 3/3

Mangle 2/2



Go for the throat

Apex Predator

Wandering Warrior

2. Smithing : (you will chose only the light armor version of the perks)

Smithing Mastery 1/2

Meric Smithing 1/2

Expert Smithing 1/2

Exotic Smithing 1/2

Planar Smithing 1/2

Heart of Creation

Advanced Workshop

Sandstone sheath

Recycle Materials

Fuel the Inferno

Iron Lore

Smithing Specialisation

3. Speech :

Speech Mastery 2/2





Bussines Relation


And The Universe Listens


Hurricane Force

Force Redoubled 2/2

Thu'um of War

Merciless Storm


Mods  (Ordinator Perk Overhaul)  (Imperious Races) (More Perk Points-Redone)  (Skyrim-Community-Uncapper)




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  • Hey glad to see your first build posted! I have some suggestions you may find helpful both for this build and future builds down below:

    You're going to want to go into detail on your perk choices. Its not enough to just list perks. You should also note why you picked them. What do they do for the build and how do those perks interract with each other? How do those perks interract with your racial powers and standing stones? 

    Pictures are another crucial addition to your build. With a build you're presenting an idea that you'd like others to take an interest in and recreate for themselves. With that being said how you present your build is critical for drawing peoples' attention. Try to find pictures that capture the look and feel of your character. In game screen shots are often a huge plus here. 

    I've linked a character building guide made by a guy who really knows his way around builds. Give it a read sometime. Its filled with very detailed guidelines on character building.

    Guide to Character Building
    A character build is more than text on a screen. It has to inspire people to take what you've written - your idea, your concept - and do something wi…
  • Thank you! Thank you so much for your help!


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