Character Build: Lazareth the Risen

If you love raising your minions, buffing them up and becoming a Lich, while having a low AR, you are in the exact place. This build was created by the help of Relycs (mainly for the Gameplay and the Ritual). I am proud to present to you Lazareth the Risen. Lazareth is a Necromancer, who is never alone. Even in the midst of battle his Thralls are always near by and willing to protect their Master from grave (see what I did there? No?) dangers on the battlefield. Now onto the build, shall we?

Lazareth the Risen


Necromancy- Necromancy also known as the Necromantic Arts, Dark Arts or Dark Practice is the manipulation of souls and corpses of the dead. Necromancy has many links to other skills such as, Enchanting, Conjuration and Mysticism. Necromancy was banned by the Psijic Order, who consider it, dangerous and heretical. Later the Mages Guild would also ban this practice.

Masters of Necromancy (e.g Mannimarco) cab reanimate long-dead subjects, while most practitioners require a fresh corpse. Attempting to raise minions without proper knowledge and training can lead to an incomplete binding of the soul, leading to a break in the master-minion relationship and allowing the reanimated corpse to turn upon the Necromancer. One of the driving motivations behind Necromancy is the pursuit of resurrection. Many Necromancers take up the craft because they are desperate to bring back the people they loved. While tales suggest some Necromancers have delved into resurrection with a small measure of success, as they can bind a soul back into the same body which held it in life, achieving "true" resurrection is not within their purview.

Path of Lichdom-
Many Necromancers believe that achieving the state of Lichdom is the ultimate goal of Necromancy. Very few Necromancers have succeeded in becoming a Lich. Ascending to Lichdom is an extremely risky endeavour, and it is unique in some ways to each Necromancer who attempts it. There is only one known path which is somewhat well-known but most of the details are well hidden.

To become a Lich, you require a magical relic of great power (but a good-aligned relic that can be perverted to this purpose is ideal) and plentiful amount of living souls. The Necromancer must cast a powerful necromantic spell on his/her subjects, using the magical relic as a casting focus. The spell is designed to steal living sols in an incredibly painful process, this is intentional for the rite to work. An important part in becoming a Lich, is that the Necromancer must transfer their own soul into a Phlactery (a phyiscal object).Should the Phylactery be lost or destroyed during the transference the Necromancer would die immediately and the Ascension would fail.

Mannimarco- Necromancy had started all with one Elf, Mannimacro; King of Worms. He 'controlled' the Order of the Black Worn. The only obstacle he feared was Arkay. Mannimarco was said to be highly intelligent but he had a "dark and cold" heart. He used Necromancy and trapped souls even while summoning. Mannimarco is and was the first Lich. Mannimarco is also known as the King of Worms.

The Build

Race- High Elf (Altmer) or Breton
Stone- Mage -> Atronach and Ritual Stone
Major Skills- Conjuration, Destruction, Alteration, Restoration
Minor Skills- Illusion, Enchanting, 
Shouts- Marked For Death, Soul Tear, Drain Vitality, Frost Breath

High Elf is the best choice for Lazareth as, High Elves have a higher skill level in every required skill for this build and they come with 50 extra Magicka. Also don't forget they start off with the Novice Illusion spell Fury. Bretons are another choice because they start off with the Novice Conjuration spell Conjure Familiar and they can once a day absorb Magicka (Dragonskin).

The Shout Marked for Death (MfD) can be used for placing a 'curse' upon your enemies as MfD lowers your enemies maximum health and AR. Do not hit your follower or your Thralls with this Shout as they will get affected by it. The Shout Soul Tear is used for a hands-free soul trap and it will temporarily reanimates your enemies who were hit with the Shout but you require ALL three words for this to work. The Shout Drain Vitality is used for basically making quicker work of your enemies and it is used for the special ability Unending Curse. The Shout Battle Fury is used to enhance your Thralls.

Secret of Arcana is used as a back-up Power that will enable you to cast any spell for 30 seconds, including Dead Thrall, Fire Storm etc. Roots of Power is similar to Secret of Arcana but it reduces the cost of spells by 75% for 60 seconds then it must be reacquired at the Tree Stone. Waters of Life heals anyone near by (it does NOT heal enemies) and then it must be reacquired at the Water Stone.

Skills Overview

Conjuration: This skill is only used for the 'Necromancy' side of things and for pushing the Ritual Stone to its absolute limit to raise an army full of Undead that is being controlled by your Dead Thralls who are in turn being controlled by you. In other words your Dead Thralls are so called 'generals' in your army. This skill is also used for several special abilities including 'The Apocalypse'.

Destruction: This skill is used for slowing down your enemies (and soon to be minions if you want) and for changing the tides of battle in one (or several) blasts. You will be taking up to Expert Destruction and the Augmented Frost perks to maximise the damage and for the special abilities including 'The Apocalypse'.

Alteration: This skill is mainly used for providing some AR, as you will be extremely soft and squishy (I recommended staying away from anything sharp) and the hidden bonuses in Alteration is; Paralyze and Atronach (Perk in Alteration skill tree).

Restoration: This skill is mainly used for healing your Dead Thralls and followers (if any) and can be used to control any types of Undead (via Turn Lesser Undead, even if it is casted on a Draugr Deathlord it will only cause it to, stumble providing those few vital seconds).

Illusion: This skill is mainly used for buffing your Dead Thralls via Rally and/or Call to Arms. It is extremely useful when used with Healing Hands/Other and/or Necromantic Healing/Heal Undead. This skill is particularly useful for, the special ability 'Undeath'.

Enchanting: This skill is used for creating our robes and for creating weapons of mass destruction for our Dead Thralls. Also it is used to create our end game and surprisingly (not) Enchanting is one of the many skills that 'branch' of Necromancy as collecting souls (which are used in Enchanting) is considered Necromancy.

The Necromancer (Level 1-25)

At first glance you may think this is your average Necromancer, but it is far from your average Necromancer. The Necromancer uses the Restoration to control other Undead (Repel Lesser Undead) and Illusion to boost its Thralls and followers. While you are the Necromancer, you won't have much power due to being 'drained' while trying to find Mannimacro. Due to being 'drained' you must only use staves for Conjuration and Destruction. But you may use Novice level spells of Conjuration, at level 5 to give you a feeling that the Necromancer is slowly gaining power (once again).

Once you leave Helgen, get the Mage Stone and go to Anises' Cabin. The Cabin will be your home till you can perform the Ritual. You stay away from most capital Holds expect for Markarth (due to it having many problems) and Winterhold, and you only enter capital Holds cities (e.g Whiterun) when you must sell, buy or go in order for a quest. Fast travel is prohibited as you using Fast Travel, takes away chances of finding quests or potential followers (which you will need for the Ritual).
The following quests you must aim to finish while being the Necromancer are;
-The Whispering Door -The Black Star - Way of The Voice (Main Questline)
-The Taste of Death -College of Winterhold Main Questline -Blood on the Ice -Lost To The Ages


Necromancer Equipment Overview

As you can tell via the Necromancer Equipment Spread below you will be using; an Adept Hood, Adept Robes of Destruction/Conjuration, Thalmor Gloves enchanted with Fortify Magicka, Thalmor Boots with Resist Shock and the Staff of Magnus. You can pick up, an Fortify Destruction and Fortify Magicka enchantments the moment you leave Helgen. The Novice Hood (found in the Torture Rooms in Helgen) can be disenchanted for Fortify Magicka (but hold onto it until you find another Hood with Fortify Magicka).

Once you leave Helgen, follow the dirt path until you meet a cobblestone road. Turn left and follow the road until you come to a sign with directions to Riverwood, Helgen and Falkreath. Take the first left after this sign (travelling southwest) then walk straight ahead until you find a hidden Talos Shrine, with a Thalmor. This is where you can obtain the Thalmor Gloves, Boots and Fortify Destruction enchantment early on (via the Thalmor Robes), and the Thalmor has a random enchanted item as well.


The Lich (Level 25+)

After you complete the Ritual, you will finally become the Lich. You are now able to 'summon' your Thralls as personal body guards as you will have a low AR, even with Ebony Flesh. You are still able to use staves, I recommend you do only when you are outdoors or in a large open area such as a boss room, due to having Vampirism and because Destruction spells have a limited range, compared to staves.

The staves that I recommend you use are; Skull of Corruption, Staff of Magnus and a staff that has been enchanted by YOU. Each staff plays a crucial part to becoming the Lich; the Skull of Corruption gives your Lich a dark, evil vibe, the Staff of Magnus is used for absorbing Magicka and Health, which will be quite helpful against Dragons and other Lichs (Dragon Priests) and your own enchanted Staff, which is optional.
The quests you must aim to finish are;
-Waking Nightmares -The Man Who Cried Wolf -The Wolf Queen Awakened -March of the Dead
-Discerning the Transmundane -Forbidden Legend -Dawnguard Main Questline (Volkihar) -Served Cold


Lich Equipment Overview

The unenchanted Black Robes will be the hardest item to obtain, as there is only one place to get it and it can only been done during a specific quest. To obtain the unenchanted Black Robes, enter Fellglow Keep, and it is on the shelf in the 'library' room, it is the last room before you encounter the Caller. The Thalmor Gloves you can simply take off Ancano, when you defeat him.

The Dunmer Shoes are glitched and allow you to add a chest enchantment upon them instead of a foot enchantment, which can be quite useful. You can find the Dunmer Shoes on Mirri Severin during the quest Served Cold. The rest of the items are easy to obtain via quests. But when you do the quest Waking Nightmares, kill Erandur otherwise the Skull of Corrpution will return to Oblivion and it will be unobtainable.


Ritual- Ascension to Lichdom

Finally, I have found it. After countless months of searching, I have found Mannimacros' Grimoire. Soon I shall be able to perform the Ritual.

To perform the Ritual to Ascend to Lichdom, you must have found; Mannimacros' Grimoire (Malyn Varen's Grimoire), the Bug, Butterfly, Dragonfly,  and Moth in a Jar, the Black Star, Ring of Namira (to act as the Sands of Resolve) and the Necromancers Amulet (to act as the Phylactery). You may be asking why use the Necromancers Amulet as the Phylactery.

The Bugs in the Jars are used as Black Soul Gems, and you must find 5 NPCs which are friends/followers, (one each for every jar) and you must kill them in the most painful way possible, doing so slowly prepare you for the Ritual and the summoning of your Thralls.

Once you have obtained the required items, you must go to Summoning Stones and you must acquire Vamprisim (not from Harkon or Serana) and you must have a follower that has a Daedric Sword enchanted with Soul Trap or Fiery Soul Trap (I shall explain why in the Roleplay section) and your Black Star. Once you are at the Summoning Stones, place the Bugs in the Jars around the 'circle' and stand in the centre.

After that you must save your game and provoke your follower so they attack you and kill you. Once you die from your follower, reload the save and now your 'soul' shall be in the Black Star, without it actually showing of course. After that you must equip the Ring of Namira and the Necromancers Amulet. You must never, take off the Amulet for up to 10 days. After the 10 days are up, your body shall be free of its mortal soul and you will have finally become the Lich, that will wreck chaos upon the world. 

Guide To Summoning your Draugr Thralls

When you become a Lich, you will need two Draugr Thralls, namely Mikrul and Sigidis Gauldrson. Make sure you have a Staff of Dread Zombies, as raising them with the spell will result them turning to ashes, but with staves, they won't turn to ash. Make sure you have the Twin Souls perk, raise both Mikrul and Sigidis Gauldurson and give them, fully permanent items (Ebony Blade and Zephyr). Once you have done that you now will have your Draugr Thralls and you may give them items to benefit them in battle.

Special Abilities

Lazareth has a range of abilities that can be used in the midst of battle, and they can easily change the tides of battle in one tide. They are;

Ice Age
Taking an enemy/enemies back to the Ice Age, with the Undead/followers right behind them.
Ice Storm, Augmented Frost 2/2, Draugr Thralls/Follower
While in the midst of battle, cast Ice Storm after Ice Storm, which will effectively take the target/s straight back to the Ice Age. Useful against Bandits, Giants and really anything that charges straight at you. Not effective against Draugr or anything with a Frost resistance.

Buffing your Thralls/followers to a point where they are near God-like.
Healing Hands (if target is a follower) or Heal Undead (if Thrall), Master of the Mind, Courage/Rally.
This special ability is quite useful against Dragons and Dwarven Centurions (espically against Dwarven Centurions as they have 100% resistance to frost). Simply cast Healing Hands/Heal Undead and cast occasionally cast Courage/Rally to buff your follower/Thralls.

Never Ending Curse
Stopping a enemy dead in their tracks, while they fall to the ground, helpless against the coming darkness.
Requires: Marked for Death (all 3 words for best effect), Paralyze (Alteration spell), Ice Storm and Thralls (optional).
First use the Shout Marked for Death, and while your enemy is staggered, cast Paralyze and watch as they fall helpless while you deliver the killing blow, then cast Drain Vitality and recast Paralyze if needed. Best used against powerful enemies such as Giants, Bandit Chiefs, Falmer Gloomlurkers etc.
NOTE: Do NOT hit your Thralls with MfD as the effect is permanent.

The Apocalypse
Through a large, mana pool, the Ritual Stone and plenty dead bodies. Lazareth raises his minions temporarily while having his Thralls as his Generals transporting the target/s into the Apocalypse.
Requires: Draugr Thralls, Ritual Stone, Ice Storm, Augmented Frost 2/2, Call-To-Arms/Battle Fury, Waters of Life (Optional) and Secret of Arcana (Optional).
First use the Ritual Stone and raise your Undead minions, then use Call-To-Arms and/or Battle Fury. While they are approaching the enemy/enemies, constantly cast Ice Storm and use Waters of Life and/or Secret of Arcana if and when require. Best used for boss rooms with lots of dead bodies such as the final battle with the Wolf Queen.
BEWARE there is a chance that; your game may crash due to the Undead and/or it may lag out like crazy or in some cases your Undead minions may turn against because you are not powerful enough.


There are rules, when you are playing as Lazareth. You are a power-hungry Necromancer, and you collect any artefacts of power (e.g. Black Books, Daedric Artefacts). You do not play tag with mortal children. You are superior to everyone you meet. Especially to the Daedric Lords. The reason behind using a Daedric Sword is that you need to make the process of 'removing' your soul as painful as possible to so you can 'go' down the dark path to Lichdom.

Necromancers rarely work together. You must destroy every Necromancer that you find as they can and will become a threat to you. Look what happened to Mannimacro. Even enemies that are extremely powerful (e.g Harkon) are potential threats. Your biggest threats are Wolf Queen Potema, Miraak, Harkon, Dragon Priests of the Dragon Cult (e.g Vokun, Nahrikiin, Volsung etc.) and they must be destroyed.

Well, I guess that's it. This has been a great build and play test (expect for when I crashed into the buggy quest 'Blood on the Ice' quest). But besides that it was awesome. If you have anything you want to ask (etc.) comment below. Thanks for the help everyone (including Relycs) and thanks for reading. Till next time!

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  •  Hey man nice build! I was scrolling through the CB archives and found this one, scrolled down and it had no comments and I was like WHAT??!?! This is a really cool build with some sick roleplaying, reminding me a bit of BlackBlood's "Alchemist's Apotheosis" build. This is one of my favorite necromancer builds that I've read. Really nice job on it mate. 

    • Maybe it’s so good they’re all speechless. 

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    • Ayy, thanks mate, probably the first time I had truly gone deep into RP. And we just hit Apprentice!


  • Saw another build on here that got me on a necro kick, which led me here. Really enjoyed the idea of this character. Breaking the build into the sections of necromancer and lich works well. I also appreciate the roleplay tips. Ideas like the ritual to become a lich get me interested. 

    • Aye that’s good to hear. I’m glad you liked it - it’s one Build I plan to come back and polish up in the future.

  •  I adore how you incorporated roleplay into gameplay via the ritual. That's a really cool idea. It's not something you see ofte, usually roleplaying stops at the character's backstory. 

    • Thanks Cannon, at the time when I first made Lazareth I never really saw it done at all - not so sure of nowadays though - glad it's caught your eye.

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