Character Build: The Blackmarsh Crimelord

A sneaky and lethal character build where you will end up having more money than you know what to do with 



The reason this is that Argonians started out with a 25 lockpicking skill and if a fight gets intense you can activate histskin and run while your health recovers or just escape a situation completely by jumping in the nearest river Argonians are also good in fist fights.


This is for roleplay reasons 

Stat spread: 1/3/2 (Magicka,health,stamina)Stop leveling magicka at 130

Equipment (At level 30): Eduj,Dawnbreaker,Mehrune's razor,Nighingale bow,crossbow (fine),Sanguine rose,Wabbajack,Any piece of apparel that increases alchemy,Amulet of dibella,Masque of clavicus vile (optional),Full nightingale armor,Ring of major deft hands,skeleton key,and of course have plenty of poisons and potions 

Skills(at level 30): 

Light Armor:

Agile defender 4/5

Custom fit




Stealth 3/5


Muffled movement

Assassin's blade 

Deadly aim 



Novice locks 

Apprentice locks 

Quick hands 



Light fingers 2/5 

Night thief 



Haggling 1/5




One handed:

Arms man 3/5

Dual flurry 1/2



Overdraw 1/5

Eagle eye

Steady hand 1/2


Gameplay:The blackmarsh crimelord is a naturaly sneaky combatant so use classic bow and arrow stealth tactics or if you need to do some hefty damage from your hiding spot use your trusty crossbow also make sure to use mehrune's razor for close up stealth kills,a great way to disrupt an enemy camp is to summon a dremora from a enclosed position and wach the chaos ensue.

As for direct melee combat you can still hold your own by using duel wielded weapons for high lethality your histskin ability will also be useful if you're in a fight you just can't win another useful thing to do is to drop a dremora down and run while your health recovers or to summon one during a mini boss or boss fight,this allows for the high damage required to defeat said enemies,however you cannot just stand there and fight it out be sure to do a fair amount of side stepping and dodging since this is duel wield build and you have no block.Make use of health potions and restoration spells aswell.



Required quests

A night to remember:Do this early on to get the sanguine rose,an item that will be crucial in many scenarios throughout the game 

Pieces of the past:Do this as soon as you hit level 20,this is how you get mehrune's razor 

At the break of dawn:Do this between levels 15-20,this is how you get dawnbreaker

In the mind of madness:This is how you acquire the wabbajack and it's just plain fun 

Dark brotherhood questline:Not only is this completely in character for the Blackmarsh crimelord it is also a phenomenal source of money and a great way to level up sneak skills before doing theif's guild quests 

Theif's guild:Do this questline until you get nightingale gear and the skeleton key,then stop

Companions:Do this at the begining of the game for a boosted start 

Dawngaurd:You need this for the crossbow,but make sure you complete the questline 

Other questing 

civil war stormcloak side(optional):The only real reason for this is that after the empire burned down the sanctuary our crimelord would harbor alot off anger for the empire 

Main storyline:only go as far as bleak falls burrow as this character is simply not the Dragon slaying type 

Civil war imperial side(forbidden):I'm pretty sure you can already tell why this is forbidden 

 The rest is up to you, but don't help anyone just to be helpful,do it either for gold or some other kind of personal gain,also any anti thalmor action is encouraged.


character backstory

As you know no one is born evil,this is  true for the blackmarsh crimelord.

Her early childhood was fairly normal,she had a loving mother and her father was a scholar,she herself was a mistivious child but hadn't seemed evil.Her father wrote most of his papers and books on the daedra and his most recent project was the corruption the thalmor had planted into the empire.During her teenage years she was a trouble maker and one day her father suddenly disappeared,she was stricken by grief and began stealing more,drinking more,and fighting more as a way to cope.In her latter teenage years she was attacked by a theif with a knife,she drew her own and stabbed him repeatedly and watched him bleed out with a sadistic enjoyment in her eyes.She returned home to find her mother dead on the floor with several skooma bottles next to her corpse,she simply narrowed her eyes at it and turned her gaze toward the open door to her father's office.She read through some of his papers about the thalmor,then she connected the dots in her head My father was killed by the thalmor She growled and stuffed the papers into her satchel.She grew more violent and sadistic as she grew older and by the time she was an adult she got involved in organized crime and quickly climbed the power latter,this is when her crimelord days begin.Eventually the criminal organization she was apart of got overambitious which led to its downfall.The blackmarsh crimelord sat on a fallen tree thinking of what to do next,then she remembered about the Daedric artifacts her father studied,many of which where in skyrim.The crimelord set out for skyrim but was caught up in an imperial ambush along with some stormcloaks.


The Old kingdom weapon overhaul 

The Old kingdom armor overhaul 

Immersive citizens mod

So that's it for this build,make sure to give feedback in the comments below 

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  • Hey. First and foremost I’d like to welcome you to tb skyforge. I’m pleased to see you’ve dived right in and posted your first build, and it’s not  bad at all for a first build. 

    There are some things about your build I feel you could explain more thoroughly.

    For example you should explain why you suggested a femas character for roleplay purposes. Another thing worth explaining in greater detail is why the character uses several daedric weapons, and what purpose do they serve the build. 

    Hope my advice is helpful and once again welcome to the skyforge.

    • Thank you,This build is not finished and I will be fine tuning it later 

  • Could use some pictures. 

    • I didn't want to accidently mess up the document by putting some in so I just didn't bother 

      • I can help with that

  • Hey mate,

    Sorry for the late reply, happens a lot with me I'll admit. Anywho, the build. It's a great start and it's got a lot of potential, that and the last Build that I saw based around crime (actual crime), was Curses' Riften's Most Wanted (check it out if you want some ideas for this one)

    Got a few questions:

    -Why do you perk Magicka, even though you have no Magic (Restoration, Destruction etc) Skills?

    -I understand using Daedric Artifacts, help tie into the Backstory, but may I ask why you use Mehrunes' Razor? My point is that you have a fair few weapons, which would make it difficult for someone to play due to having to switch between several different weapons. Perhaps limit it down to the Sanguine's Staff and Nightingale Armor? (Also, look into using the Nightingale Sword, may be worth it, up to you)

    It may be worth checking out these links to help give you some more inspiration and knowledge, to help further add onto your build:

    Ponty's Guide to Character Building:

    Curses' Riften's Most Wanted (mainly for inspiration as it's the only crimelord type build that I know of):

    Screenshot & Art Work Request Thread (mainly to help out with a Perk and Equipment Spread, along with helping you find some pictures for your Build):

    I do apologise, if I came out too harsh or rude, mate. That isn't and wasn't my intentions. You've got a lot of potential right here with this Build, and can do great things with it.

    Guide to Character Building
    A character build is more than text on a screen. It has to inspire people to take what you've written - your idea, your concept - and do something wi…
    • Thank you for the advice,The reason I use mehrune's razor is that it's a dagger and gets the bonus damage from the assassin's blade perk and as for magicka it was mainly to make restoration spells last longer,the variety of weapons is for versatility in multiple scenarios.

      • Aye I can understand using the Razor for the Assassins Blade perk. As for Magicka, you could easily use potions which frees up more stats for withers Health or Stamina.

        The variety of weapons I can understand but to me it just feels like it’s too much/many weapons. You have 

        -Nightingale Bow AND the Crossbow

        -Eduj and Dawnbreaker

        -Wabbajack and Sanguines Rose

        AND Mehrunes Razor

        • I narrow it down like this:

          Nightingale bow- precision shooting 

          Crossbow- high damage shooting 

          Dawnbreaker and Eduj- duel  wielding 

          Sanguine rose- Calling in the big guns 

          Wabbajack- for fun 


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