Character Build: The Contract Pursuer

Hello, one and all, to my latest build. What I realize I’ve rarely done is A. Play an Orc, and B. Play an Orc that isn’t all about lugging a two hander and smashing skulls in. Alongside that, what I’ve rarely done is make a build that isn’t a Dragonborn or a Tongue. So, with the aid of some lore, I’m proud to present....

The Pursuer's Theme

My name is Borba gro-Fetth, I hail from the Orrdon clan of Wood Orcs, from Valenwood. There, I trained for years in the art of archery, stealth, hunting, and combat. When I came of age, I decided to take up the profession of my father, Jargno gro-Fethh, as a Contract Pursuer. Unlike normal bounty hunters, we only take the most dangerous of tasks, and thus, the fees to hire me are quite high, but worth it. It seems both the Emperor and this Jarl, Ulfric Stormcloak have wished for my services. Well, I should pack up, and head out soon. Gold is calling to me, and I shall claim it. Borba signing out.

       -Journal of Borba gro-Fetth.

Race: Orc. Not only does it fit the lore, but Berserker Rage is a phenomenal power. Alongside that. they gain bonuses to Heavy Armor, Smithing, and Enchanting.

Standing Stone: The Warrior or the Thief to start with, then switch to the Lord, for added defense, or the Atronach for a straight 50% Magicka Absorption, alongside a bonus from a found Fortify Restoration potion.

Stat Spread: We’ll want an almost event 1/3/2 in Magicka, Health, and Stamina.

Major Skills: Archery, Heavy Armor, Sneak, Enchanting, Speech

Minor Skills: Smithing, Destruction, Lockpicking.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Before we get our first Crossbow from Durak, any found or bought bow will do us good. Whenever I could, I would get a Woodsman’s Axe, and chop wood to make arrows. Faendel was a good companion, as he can help train you in Archery. Unfortunately, after attacking some Vigilants for their better heavy armor boots and gauntlets, I was forced to kill him.

The way to level smithing, for me, was quite easy. After I obtained Transmute, I would craft gold jewelry, arrows, silver jewelry, Dwarven bows, and leveled Enchanting via enchanting these weapons and equippables, and sold them to Eorlund and other necessary trainers after paying to level Speech. Froki’s Bow, giving you the Stamina Damage, in Greywinter Watch, and on the way, you can grab the Ironhand Gauntlets from the nearby White River Watch.

Even though I have not perked it, I did utilize a Blade’s Sword as a backup weapon. This can be obtained through either using a Wooden Plate to glitch through into Delphine’s Secret Room, which can take some tries to do. Or, going to Nightgate Inn, sneak killing Fultheim, and taking his sword for yourself. I recommend waiting to enchant this until your Enchanting Skill is around level 50 or so, as they are even rarer, since we aren’t doing the main quest past Dragon Rising.

The main way I kicked off combat was sneaking to a good vantage point, far or high enough away from my opponents, yet still being able to see them. If need be, I would apply a poison to my (cross)bow, normally a Paralysis or Damage Health one.After that, I would fire into one. If I was detected, I would rarely slink back into the shadows, but instead shoot them. A mixture of arrows/bolts, shock/fire spells, and staffs helped me with Dragons and Mage like fighters.

Lay down Runes when your opponents are advancing on you. I preferred to, if possible pop them down into enclosed spaces, like a doorway or hallway, so you can group your enemies together. When you grab Rahgot’s Dragon Priest Staff from Forelhost, alongside the Mask, you can use that and spray it along the ground, to do DOT alongside your Runes, archery, and blade work. If Skyrim could show it, your foes would be crispier than Filipino street vended barbecue once the fight’s done.

One fairly fun strategy I found involved exploding bolts, and runes. After popping down a rune, I fired an explosive bolt soon after it was triggered, the explosions hath been doubled then.

Archery-Your primary form of damage. If you, for lack of Dawnguard, cannot get your mitts on a crossbow, then you can just use the Valenwood Entangler.

Lockpicking-As an opportunistic treasure hunter as well as Contract Pursuer, Borba knows how to get into where a target may be hiding, or how to find better loot.

Heavy Armor-The first, and only defense this character has. Plus, the set looks fairly awesome, in my personal opinion.

Speech-Allowing you to get better prices with merchants, it also allows you to pass speech checks with more ease.

Smithing-A fairly optional skill, it was primarily used to craft bolts, and keep my crossbow up to date. Elven and Advanced were taken to boost up my Steel Plate armor in the early game, considering its fairly weak later on.

Sneak-Allowing you to survey the area, as well as open up some battles, this skill is quite useful if you want to take a more tactical approach.

Enchanting-Used to keep my mismatched armor viable in open combat. Plus, it allows us to rename items, and helps out in tight spots, like facing off a fort filled with Bandit Marauders

Destruction-Your secondary mid to close range skill. Used mainly with Runes, and the occasional burst of Flames in your opponents faces to deal some sweet Damage Over Time.

An alternate Contract Pursuer wanders the land


  • Try not to kill any potential clients, or innocent bystanders.. No matter how much they overprice their goods, or any insults they state, like a certain Whiterun Redguard,

  • If, in a tavern, someone challenges you to a fight, obliged them, to test your might.

  • Feed your horse by laying apples and the like nearby every so often.

  • Always try and persuade, intimidate, or bribe (use this option sparingly), whenever possible.


Thanks to, if my memory serves, Lee Friskilis for the awesome perk and equipment spreads. Stay tuned for more builds from me!

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  • Curse, do your thing. It’s currently broken but I remember when this build was first posted, great build Chris, excited for more builds from you.
    • Done.

  • First you say his name is Borba, son of Fetth, and then you say his father was named Jargno.
    Your argument is invalid.

    Other than that, looks pretty solid.
    • Where does it say that? I think I must’ve missed that. I thought gro-Fetth was his surname.
      • Borba gro-Fetth is the orcish way of saying Borba, son of Fetth.
        It's not just a surname lore-wise.
        But I can see where the inspiration comes from.
        • Ah, now that’s interesting. I didn’t know about that.
        • So like how Ibn-la in Arabic means son of, or da or von generally means person X is from this or that location

          • Well, yeah, pretty much.

            But hey, he could have two fathers. It's not like I have something against gay orcs.

            • Well that's not always the case. An Orc surname can sometimes be just that, a surname. It can also be the place where the family is from, or even maybe a distant relative who was so great that their family name is derived from.

              • As far as orcish naming conventions go, "gro-" means "son of", and "gra-" means "daughter of". This is just how orc naming works, unless they were born into and heavily influenced by or raised in a different culture. Then they might have an imperial last name, for  example. Thing is, traditionally, in orc strongholds there is only one male who has the right to have wives and children. So this way it can be known who is the father and by extension which stronghold the orc in question comes from. Especially that stronghold chieftains are often famous warriors or heroes of some renown. Or at very least have proven themselves in combat.

                This works similarly to aforementioned "Ibn-la", or the way Leonardo da Vinci was called this way because he was born in Vinci.

                But hey, I'm not here to stifle creativity, just to be a lore buff.

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