Character Build: The Father of Winter

Hello and welcome to the first of my builds. This build was inspired by an old figure of Norse mythology (Which one? Well, I'll let you figure it out) and will hopefully be the first of many "god builds." Feedback is always aprreciated; negative or positive. Anyway, hope you enjoy. Pruzah wundunne.


A barbarian from the high mountains wanders the land with his club in hand, searching for evil to slay. He has aquired many enemies and few friends. However, should you manage to befriend this not-so-gentle giant, he will prove a stalwart ally. Wielding a hand-crafted set of heavy armor and a warhammer, he follows the path less trodden on, searching for new foes to conquer. Only he knows where he came from, and he isn't talking.


Race: Nord  |  This was chosen due to Nords innate frost resistance and their starting skills provide a nice boost at the start.

Stats: 0 Magicka / 2 Health / 1 Stamina

Standing Stone: The Lady Stone  |  This stone gives us 25% bonus regen to health and stamina, our two main stats.


This is an aggresive build. You are a seasoned adventurer and are fearless. Target the weaker enemies first and take them out before turning your attention to the more "worthy" foes. Should an enemy be giving you to much hassle, you can use your racial power, Battle Cry, to scare of some of your attackers. You'll want to find all three words of the Frost Breath shout and pick the Dragonborn Frost perk from the Black Book entitled Epistolary Acumen. This will let you freeze enemies at a distance and take them out of the fight.



Heavy Armor: This skill is used to augment your set of Heavy Stalhrim Armor. Heavy Armor was used due to the tanky feel it gave the build.

Two Handed: This skill is used for your Stalhrim Warhammer. Pretty straightforward.

Enchanting: This skill is mainly used to enchant your weapons and armor with frost damage and resistance. Other enchantments I recommend are Bonus Health or Stamina, Fortify Heavy Armor or Two Handed, Fire Resistance and Soul Trap.

Smithing: This skill is primarily used to craft and improve your gear. The perks only go to Ebony Smithing up the right path as that is the perk that effects Stalhrim. The Arcane Smithing perk allows you to upgrade your gear after enchanting.


Armor: The Heavy Stalhrim Armor is the choice of protection for this build. It matches the icy nature of the build and just has an overall great aesthetic. Frost enchantments on it are even stronger as well.

Weapon: The Father of Winter wields a two-handed Stalhrim Warhammer to crush his foes. 

Jewelry: Use an Amulet of Talos to decrease the time between shouts. This will let you use your only ranged attack more frequently. As for a ring, just enchant one with whatever works for you and use that. In my playthrough, I used a Ring of Fortify Health.

Others: The Black Star is a good choice as it will help keep your weapon's enchantments replenished as you tear through your enemies.



When roleplaying, you are a loner. Stray away from followers, but if you want one, choose someone who is close to you, someone who earned your trust. When you are in a town, go to the local inn and ask for rumors or work. You will want to play through all the main questlines, siding with the Dawnguard in the Dawnguard questline. Join the Companions as they offer mercenary-like work (I choose to cure my beast blood to join my brothers in Sovngarde). The Volikar Clan and Forsworn will not be trusted in the Father's eyes and shouldn't be joined. The Theives' Guild are just lowly bandits, not worth your time, and the Dark Brotherhood should be erradicated when given the chance.  He would obviously prefer to fight for his home with the Stormcloaks but recognizes the inability to defeat the Thalmor without a united Tamriel. Where his moral compass leads him in the Civil War is up to you.


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  • I’m not too knowledgeable on Norse mythology but I’m guessing this one is based on Odin maybe?

    • Probably one of the Ice Giants. If I had to guess I'd say it was based off of Ymir.

      • Indeed. Ymir was the father of the jotnar or frost giants. He was killed by Odin and his brothers and from Ymir's body, the Earth was fasioned. Mythology lesson of the day.

        • I guessed that, and I see you fancy Arthurian lore given your name

  • Very nice build overall, especially considering it is your first go. The perks and how they contribute to the character as a whole seem well thought out. One thing I would recommend is focusing a bit more on how the perks interact with each other, or how they are used in combat. Other than that very well done!

  • This is a pretty solid build especially for your first try. I think Pixel hit up everything I can think of to suggest for improvement at this time. So good job and I look forward to seeing what you build next. 

  • Presentation  is solid, build's straightforward and to the point. I'd split Gameplay and Roleplay into their own sections though. Moving the gameplay up underneath the section you go over race, standing stone, and stat allocation, and throwing the roleplay bits underneath after that last picture to de-clutter the images up top compared to below.

  • This would work for the Santa clause build i did. ANd the Santanism mod allows you to hire many little elves to follow you and you can build the northpole in the Skal Village.  

    I started a new characture now as Odin. With the eye patch mod and Storm magic spells. 

This reply was deleted.