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Hi everybody,

I have the pleasure to present you a build quite funny where the concern of the RP is of putting.
Be careful though, some mods are highly recommended.



From a purely RP perspective, the northern guardian was once part of a circle very open to lovers of Skyrim, its fauna, its flora, but also its ancestral traditions. In particular, Kyne, goddess of winds and elements, rightly associated with local telluric forces, but also with her most faithful allies of the Nordic pantheon, was particularly venerated. Despite the secrecy of their activities, it is said that Ulfric Stormcloak himself knew their community and supported them by covering and funding them.

Before its dissolution by the empire and its supporters, the only condition to enter this circle called "The breeze" was to fiercely defend Skyrim, its lands, its heritage and its older traditions against any form of invasion likely to constitute a threat at a time. environmental and geopolitical. In short, they were the border guards and ecologists of Bordeciel, as they stood.

It was wrong to believe that only the Nordics would plead their case, but many wood elves and even orcs of fortresses too subject to the contempt and hypocrisy of the empire quickly assimilated to this so-called hostile community. all foreigners. Although their existence was not official, the Nordics and other races assimilated to Bordeciel felt so safe by their presence that the idea of ​​denouncing them did not come to their minds, with the exception of a few illegitimate sons of Skyrim's sons passed between the slits of their nets. Fortunately, Ulfric also had arguments to make to fix the few broken pots.

But the day everything had changed for Skyrim and the civil war was about to break out, the empire, which was already watching the circle of evil eye, decided to drive them out to eradicate them. Some survived and were ordered never to talk about their fallen community again. In addition, this order was to be applied by all the citizens of Bordeciel, it was as if this circle had never existed and that all the mentions made against it were punishable by a heavy sentence. "The breeze" had become a terrorist group whose plan was to cut off all foreign heads.

But there are certain spirits that can not be made to waver. Convictions and consciences that can not be shaken. And no luck for the empire, it's up to you. You are determined to defeat the imperial masks and restore some semblance of balance in Skyrim.


Who are you exactly?

You are the last representative of the breeze. Classified terrorist and hunted by the empire, you remain inflexible about your ideals.

What race can you be?

Members of the breeze were often Nordic, but orcs and savage elves despised by imperial city dwellers joined this most willing community in the world.

And the other races?

One could easily believe that the circle carefully selected its members, whereas very often, the natives of certain very specific countries, too attached to their customs and sometimes charged with bad intentions despised them to see despised all the Nordic ones. Who said that racism only concerned newcomers ?

How do you protect your land?

In this section, we will focus on mods and their usage. First of all, what characterizes a guardian of the north? And besides his courage and determination, his ability to commune with nature which implies telluric forces and animal magnetism. Indeed, you are able to summon and ride wild animals known to be indomitable, those with whom you were accustomed to fight against terrorist entities or anyone with a conquering spirit. You also have an ax made of dragon bones and a solid light shield, all dressed in armor that does not hinder your movements.

We will need these two mods:

With regard to your erect stone?

I advocate that of the Lord to ensure good resistance to magic and ability to inflict on the long term via the school mentioned below.

And what are your abilities precisely?

First, we will spread our magic points / health / vigor perfectly fair way!

With regard to skill trees, we are investing in the following
At level 68



Armsman (5/5)
Hack and Slash (3/3)
Fighting Stance
Savage Strike
Critical Charge
Paralyzing Strike

Light Armor

Agile Defender (5/5)
Custom Fit
Matching Set
Wind Walker
Deft Movement


Novice Conjuration
Summoner (2/2)
Apprentice Conjuration
Elemental Potency
Twin Souls
Adept Conjuration
Expert Conjuration
Master Conjuration

(only perks related to atromancy, the latter influencing the "druid conjuration" mod)



Enchanter (5/5)
Insightful Enchanter
Soul Squeezer
Soul Siphon
Corpus Enchanter
Extra Effect


Shield Wall (5/5)
Deflect Arrows
Quick Reflexes
Power Bash
Elemental Protection
Block Runner
Deadly Bash
Disarming Bash
Shield Charge


Overdraw (5/5)
Eagle Eye
Critical Shot (3/3)
Steady Hand (2/2)
Power Shot
Quick Shot

Regarding quests, guilds and civil war?

- I recommend the guild of companions, their pride, their inflexibility and their pronounced taste for all that is wild please you!
- The civil war on the side of Stomrcloacks, of course
- We will kill all Dawnguard vampires
- The main quest, of course,

about the equipment?

Take all that is light except Elvish and Imperial! ;-)
The final word

Ansi finishes my character build,

I look forward to your opinions and suggestions!

See you soon !


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  • Not bad. Just be sure to list specifically which perks you chose for this character.

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