[Character Build] The Pilgrim's Nightmare

4323336967?profile=RESIZE_710xRecommended mods for this build:

  • Racemenu (it will allow you a lot of madness in terms of character editor)
  • Heart Breaker-
  • Enhanced Blood-
  • Deadly mutilation (beware, this mod has many incompatibilities with certain models of body and armor from other mods, read the description and comments carefully)
  • Cannibalism Reloaded
  • Guild starter (if you want to start a family of consanguine insane- If there is a mod adding human skin / pulpit or human bones to armor, I would be glad to know it.- Sperg (recommended) I will explain why below.
  • Any mod adding a dismal mansion in a forest
  • Immersive Patrols (highly recommended)
  • traveler's in skyrim


I am a normal individual!When I go to the Skyrim Nexus the first thing I look for is armor made of skin or human flesh but in vain!No more jokes and welcome to my new build which I have named "pilgrim nightmare".

Présentations :

I had this idea while looking for artworks of barbarian or of evil warriors evil or undead, wanting to combine at the same time the barbarian of heroic fantasy way Conan and the violent brute, pillaging and skinning as we could imagine in its historical version ...

but worse and animated by a thirst for unspeakable violence.After all, we do have the Death Knight that we no longer represent, so why not the death bandit or the barbaric death. Our character is not very far from a leatherface or a Jason Voorhes, his terror status raising many doubts among the inhabitants of Skyrim as for his humanity.Maybe he is an avenging undead or a simple bother, the mystery is whole.

Like a traditional plunderer, he roams the countries of Bordeciel in search of loot but also as regards human flesh and skins to make material (mask, armor).Of course, this build is only a source of inspiration, you are free to reshape it as you see fit during your game session.

4323396887?profile=RESIZE_710xGameplay / Roleplay:

Its standing stone can be that of the Warrior as well as that of the thief.

That of the mage will be of little use to him since the talent of summoning rises very quickly and that it will be the only skill in which to investBecause fortunately, if you use Sperg, the only illusion talent that will serve you will be that of "silent spells" and you can acquire it from the first level!

In this regard, I highly recommend this mod which completely reconfigures the skill tree in an intelligent and intuitive way, saving you from investing in essential skills and encouraging you to show your imagination!

4323401203?profile=RESIZE_710xThe conspiracy strengthens the secular side of your character.

He has no notion of good and evil and indulging in necromancy is a normal and pleasant activity for him. Spending time with corpses, you always end up wanting to play with xD ... o_o

To play this character, the best is to find a lonely residential mod (if you are on a pc or possibly on one) and thanks to the mods that we communicated to you more before assaulting the passers-by in order to obtain their resources. Again, I'm not sure there are mods for skinning victims, but it seems to me.

In addition, if you want to play it inbreeding guru or leatherface, guild starter will help you start a family of crazy people like you. All the explanations are in the description of the mod.

In any case, get everything you can as legally as possible. Your hooking skill will help you to loot homes and steal wealth, we do not deprive you to kill the inhabitants of said place in passing.Remember to indulge in canibalism and enjoy the mods above which will allow you to cook the human pulpit, and since we are talking about that


4323407337?profile=RESIZE_710xRegarding the quests:

That of Namira is a must to enjoy cannibalism.

For the rest, I advise against all quests related to guilds, factions or communities.

You already have yours and its customs are pretty bad seen in Skyrim for obvious reasons.

Maybe I will rework this mod, meanwhile, know that its sole purpose is to tickle your imagination and help you create a unique villain. You may very well take into account only certain elements of those proposed above.


If you have any questions or suggestions, I will be happy to answer them as soon as it is calm and respectful.Take good care of yourself and see you soon!

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  • Pretty good, though I would recommending expanding gameplay, how does he fight against certain enemies for instance

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