Character Build: The Slaver

 Mods required:
- Paradise halls enhanced (adult content)
- Paradise Halls Sweet Home Home (adult content)
WARNING: These mods have many prerequisites that I will let you install pre-installed!

Mod recommended:
- Devious Device (adult content)

Character presentation:

Regarding his story, I let the imagination of the player free, there is no question of imposing a backstory knowing that there is a great way to lead a character to become a villain slaver.

He may have always been like that, having evolved in an environment where this practice was commonplace or become so by having himself been in the slave situation in the past. These are just three examples among many others.

What is certain is that our character has very little moral consciousness or has a very singular conception based on the domination of the other.

To cite just one example, my character has lost faith in humanity following sinister events, so much so that his consideration of human life has been reduced to nothing.

Indeed, his physical appearance and neurosis having been the subject of many mockery, he deduced that the only way to win the world was to dominate. A classic but effective concept.

He specialized in the slave trade and slavery to make a living and satisfy his own desires.



His lineage: Chaotic / Bad

His race: It will vary according to your RP and your knowledge of the lore. All races can indulge in slavery

Stats: We will divide the points between health and vigor in turn. No magic



How to play it:

The slave is in a way a ranger / trader. We will dwell on this point with further details in the "skills" section.

The principle is simple, thanks to the mods mentioned above, we can make use of a whip to dominate an NPC. This one can be a bandit, a character met randomly during the adventure even a key character.

We can buy tokens at some very specific points that I will let you discover during your adventure to imprison your slaves where you want in dungeons or camps for personal use or while waiting to trade.

With regard to skills :

We will take Light armor because our character must be mobile and travel regularly, remember that he is a nomad and a traveling merchant

The Parade and the One-handed weapon will be our main defense and attack skills. The whip is a one-handed weapon and we will have to protect ourselves from ranged attack like elemental spells or arrows.

Stealth will be used to assess the terrain and carefully choose our slave without being detected during a small raid in a mine, a bandit camp or any dungeon.

Enchantment is a talent of otpimisation, it will serve us to reinforce our capacities and our resistance to the elementary attacks.

Eloquence is a talent RP, it will serve us to trade our slaves and to show authority.

Forging is an optional optimization skill and and semi-rp. We can do without it.

The Gears :

We will equip ourselves with light armor pieces such as the tortoiseshell horn that suits the slave owner perfectly.

The sword and the whip will be our favorite armors

Any enchanted light shield with resistance to magic will suit except the Elvish which in my opinion does not stick too much.

Gameplay :

This character is quite versatile.

It can be played at a glance at first to eliminate targets that do not interest him and surprise a potential slave to enslave.

He is very competent in combat and rather physically strong. He can play as well as a warrior as an assassin.

Again, promote ambivalence. Never settle for a single style of play, only magic is excluded !


Regarding the use of the mod, it's pretty simple.

Just go to Witherun and go to Farenger fire secret (the magician Jarl), in one of his rooms, you will find servo instruments such as a necklace and a whip.

Take them and look for a potential slave. If you have activated the quest, your slave slave will be indicated by a destination arrow.

To enslave a slave, you must first weaken and then whip him until he puts himself in a position of submission. You will then have to address him to give him the enslavement necklace and finally to submit it to your will.

If you do not, he can run away.

That being done, several options are available to you. You can buy tokens from golemers or a key character whose location has appeared on your map since the installation of the mod. This feature is activated by the "Home Sweet Home" mode

These last ones you will premetrain to arrange spaces for your slaves. I do not tell you more because the description of the mod says enough about it and I would like you to enjoy the experience.

Also be aware that according to the version of Paradise Halls that you have procured (with or without add on), new features may appear as a system of slavery training. Once again, pay attention to the many pre-requisites!

This guide is coming to an end,

I hope he will have you more.

Send me your opinion.


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  • Its certainly an interesting build for sure. There's a few grammatical errors here and there but no worries we'll touch on those later. The most glaring issue is the lack of detail on basic build information (race, perks, standing stone, stat distribution, etc). You've listed just enough to give readers a sense of their role in the world playing this build, granted I think you could stand to elaborate more on that as well. But one can't really recreate this build without the aformentioned basic information. 

    As far as gameplay it would be worth explaining how the slaver goes about eliminating targets. You've mentioned that he'll first eliminate non priority targets, which leads me to assume this guy plays somewhat like a stealthy assassin. How does he go about capturing people he intends to enslave? I see you have the necessary mods listed at the start of the build but you should describe what elements of those mods come into play in this situation. 

    • Hello curse,

      Yes there are grammatical mistakes because I use google translation (I am French and my mastery of English is poor).

      Indeed, I try to give free rein to the imagination of the player on the details but you're right on the fact that I should have given more details on the use of the mod.

      So I'm going to take care of that right now

      • For some reason my reply never went through. It might sound counter intuitive but you actually don’t want to give players free reign on the details concerning your build.

        Readers want to know precisely how to recreate your build. Granted, you don’t need to walk them through every step of Helgen, but they’re going to want to know the basics (race, stats, Stone, spells, shouts, powers, gear) you picked and why. 

        On another note, creating a backstory for your build strongly rooted in TES lore can go a long way to compelling more people to play a build. Have you considered making this guy a member of House Dres? In case you’re unsure of who they are, they’re one of the great houses of Morrowind and infamous slavers.  

This reply was deleted.