Character Build: The Vraseth Vampire


The Vraseth Vampire

The Vraseth are a vampire bloodline gifted with nimbleness. This can be reflected ingame by what is perhaps my favorite glitch in the game, the Quick Reflexes + Slow Time combo, or what I like to call Extended Slow Time. By using one word of Slow Time immediately after the slowdown effect of Quick Reflexes ends, Slow Time’s duration is extended significantly. The exact duration varies, but it’s possible to get close to a minute. The best part, however, is that both Stability and Necromage Vampirism still extend this glitched version of Slow Time by 50% each! Seriously, Slow Time will last so long that you’ll most likely have to wait an hour (via the wait function of course, not real time) after combat in order for it to wear off. This opens up the possibility of using other shouts while Slow Time is running, namely, Elemental Fury. Needless to say, this is an overpowered build, but it's overpowered fun, like a 100% fortify shouts build. So what are we waiting for; let’s get on with the build!

Race: The Vraseth are located in the High Rock portion of the Iliac Bay region, which would point towards Breton as the race of choice, but I recommend Redguard for their Adrenaline Rush power. They also get some nice skill boosts (+10 One-Handed, +5 Block and Alteration) for the build. The 50% poison resistance is unfortunately wasted though since vampires have poison immunity.

Stone: Since this is a Mage Armor build, AR will be on the low side, making the Lord the ideal choice. The extra magic resistance is nice as well.

Stats: 1/2/1. A balanced stat spread should suffice.

Equipment: Twin Blades of Sacrifice, Nazir’s Outfit, Amulet of Talos, Ring of Magic Resistance. If you have the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, then go with a Ring of Wielding instead.

Shouts: You’ll want to pick up the word for Slow Time found in Hag’s End for use with Extended Slow Time, and Elemental Fury is also an important shout to the build. Aside from that, Become Ethereal is an easy way to avoid ranged attacks, Whirlwind Sprint enables you to close in on your enemies quickly, and Unrelenting Force is a great crowd control tool.



One-Handed: The Vraseth relies on a pair of daggers for offense due to their lightning fast speed. Grab all the perks in this tree except for Paralyzing Strike (since it’s difficult to hit an enemy with a backwards power attack using daggers) and the weapon specific ones.

Block: Used for Quick Reflexes and nothing else. Whether you level this skill to 30 through trainers or the old fashioned way is up to you.

Alteration: In the early going, you’ll definitely need flesh spells to survive. Ultimately, however, you can dodge attacks via Extended Slow Time instead of using flesh spells. By lategame, you can also use the Paralyze spell to incapacitate troublesome enemies while you deal with the other ones. Grab all the perks in this tree except for Master Alteration and Alteration Dual Casting.

Restoration: Aside from Necromage, you’ll also want to use this skill for healing. Grab all the perks in this tree except for Restoration Dual Casting, Ward Absorb, and Expert/Master Restoration. Given that Necromage is one of the higher level perks and Restoration is one of the more difficult magic schools to level, I recommend investing any extra gold you have into training this skill.

You should be at level 35 once the build is completed.



The basic battle plan of the Vraseth Vampire is as follows: cast a flesh spell, equip one dagger, dodge an opponent’s power attack via Quick Reflexes, use Slow Time, equip the other dagger, and go to town, using healing spells as necessary. Note that since power attacks from daggers don’t stagger enemies, you’ll still have to sidestep and dodge incoming attacks.

So, that’s a fairly basic strategy, but there’s more to it than that, namely, shouts. A Blessing and Amulet of Talos augmented by Necromage Vampirism will result in 50% Fortify Shouts. Combine that with Extended Slow Time’s ridiculous duration and it becomes entirely possible to use other shouts while Slow Time’s effect is still going. Enter Elemental Fury, the peanut butter to Slow Time’s jelly. By using all three words with Necromage Vampirism, swing speed is increased by 112% for 22 seconds! Keep in mind that this is in addition to the Dual Flurry bonus (69% if you take both ranks after Necromage) and the fact that daggers are the fastest weapon type in the game. Considering that your swing speed is already faster relative to your enemies due to Slow Time, from their perspective your daggers must look like a blur! However, dual-wielding dagger power attacks don’t receive the attack speed boost from Elemental Fury, so keep that in mind when the shout is active.

Of course, the problem with relying on Quick Reflexes to activate Extended Slow Time is that it’s reliant on enemy power attacks in order to work, and some enemies (namely, archers and mages) don’t use power attacks. However, being deprived of Extended Slow Time does not make the Vraseth Vampire helpless. Elemental Fury is still as fast as ever, and with Necromage Vampirism the duration is almost as long as the cooldown. The Lord Stone along with the Magic Resistance and Atronach perks as well as your Ring of Magic Resistance will make you well protected against magic attacks, while Ebonyflesh, Mage Armor, Necromage Vampirism, and the Lord Stone will give you over 400 AR for protection against physical attacks, and if you do take significant damage, you can always recover via healing spells.


So, that's everything! The Vraseth Vampire is certainly a simple build, but it's a fun one as well. If you liked this, then check out my other builds to see more!

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