The Besieger (Conquest Of Skyrim)



To start :

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome! And happy new year 2023 to come!

Today I'm going to introduce you to a character that was inspired by a fabulous and revolutionary mod!

By the way, here are the prerequisites to play this character in the best conditions!


Essential Mods :

- Conquest Of skyrim by Galvatron

Highly recommended Mods :

- Ordinator, Perks Of Skyrim by EnaiSiaion


- Extensible Follower Framework by Expired

- Call Follower by Jonx0r

- Immersive Speechcraft by XoNestGenXO

- ADXP|MCO by Distar


Presentation of your character :


You are the Besieger, a ruthless, charismatic and tactician warlord.

Skyrim is a land of opportunity for you. Wealth, territory and finally, power are your key words here!

Your exact motivations and position regarding the pre-established civil war in Skyrim is up to you!

Are you a supporter of the Empire, of the Stomcloaks, or have you come to dispense your own conception of a better Skyrim?

The choice is yours!

So put on your heavy armour, raise your banner, blow your horn and set off to conquer these Nordic lands!



About your characteristics :


Regarding the choice of your standing stone, I suggest the Stone of the Warrior first. Then, I propose to choose between that of the Lord or the Steed!

Your attribute points should be distributed as follows:

Stamina: 2, Health: 1, Mana: 0

As for your Race, I suggest Orcs, Imperials or Argonians for aesthetic and roleplay reasons. But know that there are no restrictions and that any race can aspire to (re)conquer Skyrim!



About your skills and gear (we'll look at how useful they are in the next section):


- Two-handed
(I have a preference for the two-handed axes specialization personally)

- Heavy armor
(Choose the armor according to your race, your tastes and their optimization)

- Block
(All perks will be more or less necessary)


- Smithing
(Heavy armor branch of course, boost up!)

- Enchanting
(Strengthen your magic resistance and give destructive magic properties to your weapon!)



Your Playstyle:


Hear that the Besieger will take time to develop then to develop its resources and finally its troops to prepare for the upcoming event.

This is why stamina, eloquence and the stone of the steed will be very useful to you if you opt for it!

At the start of the game, you will have to complete various quests in order to simulate a kind of rise in influence and power in Skyrim. The immersive speechcraft mod will greatly help you to reinforce this feeling and improve your speaking skills!

Once you've gained power and wealth, it's time to put the "Conquest of Skyrim" mod to good use!

After you have cleared a dungeon or a fort to your liking, plant your banner there (you can choose it or customize it easily using editing software). Once done, you will have to recruit your steward who will take place there and will be able to manage certain internal and external affairs for your faction; the rest is simple: develop your units and plan your future attack plans!

Once you become an emeritus warlord, you will have to ensure on the battlefield.

Ordinator is a very complete perks mod. One of his most immersive perks for this build is "rallying" which will give an armor boost to your companion type allies in the battlefield (sorry, I can't remember if it offers an armor boost to all friendly npc).

For combats, if you find the vanilla attacks too boring, you have a plethora of mods to improve that.

As the Besiger is both a talker and a brutal and tough tank-type fighter, you will have little opportunity to perform subtle maneuvers...

This is why, I suggest you opt for "ADXP MCO" from Distar, found on "Skyrim Guild" and its prerequisites, you will also find on the Nexus animation mods and various functions that enhance said mod such as those of "BLACK" (if you like the style of the Souls series) or "Smooth/Skypia" which are very different, but just as technical and enjoyable!

Understand that you are going to hit hard, often and cash in, you might as well do it with class and technicality!


A few words to conclude :


This guide is coming to an end!
If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions regarding it, don't hesitate to let me know!
I am open to all constructive and respectful dialogues!


Good for you!

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  • Interesting idea, but I would recommend fleshing this out more, show us how you played, etc

    • Hello Chris and thank you for your attention to my character build!

      I am very receptive to your comments. However, you should know that my guides are just sources of inspiration! I rarely flesh them out since they offer a wide openness in terms of approach! For example, here, a warlord can be more or less anyone and have very personal motivations. My goal is to give some food for thought as to how to play RP. I would find it a shame to hold the player by the hand too much and alter his own motivations. If you have more specific suggestions, I'm all ears!

      Happy New Year 2023!

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