Cyberim - Quest 1: Prologue


Quest 1: Prologue

Story Details: What If Talos was the main antagonist of Skyrim, not Alduin? What If the Dovahkiin was going insane? What if the Divines came to Nirn? Talos just wants to save mankind from the Thalmor but that delusional child, the one they call the Last Dragonborn, won’t let him. While Talos and the Dovahkiin attempt to kill each other, the ancient Leader of the Thalmor, Konahrik plots his vengeance on the enemies of elven kind. The question that no one, not Talos, Akatosh, or the Dovahkiin can answer is who exactly is Konahrik, under the mask?

A Total Rewrite of Skyrim's Story. High/Dark Fantasy Skyrim w/ a dystopian flair. Talos IS Lorkhan/Shor. Talos vs. The Last Dragonborn. NO Alduin! Alternate Universe - Differing Lore/Canon Divergent.

Foreword: In honor of Skyrim's 11th anniversary; this story is a complete remodel of Skyrim’s world and main quest. Meaning that you won’t be seeing Bleak Falls Barrow for the 100th time. I am purposefully changing some elements of lore as well, but there are story reasons why. This revamped Skyrim is more of a high fantasy frozen wasteland (inspired by the pocket guides), with futuristic dystopian undertones and my own imagination, and the story is written like a novel and not a game. This “Fan Fiction” is a recreation of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim where Talos/Lorkhan is the main villain, not Alduin. Talos isn’t trying to eat the world like Alduin was, he wants to save the world from the Thalmor. Talos is Lorkhan? Yes, here he is, it’s based off a theory. It will be explained alongside the Thalmor’s motives in the story.

Disclaimer: The actions, opinions, views, etc, of my characters are not shared by me. For example, Talos in this story is a tyrannical, sexist, selfish, delusional egomaniac (like many powerful rulers in our own world history), more than he is in lore. But that does not mean I agree with him or his worldview. I do not own the Elder Scrolls or Skyrim. This story is is a nondiscriminatory work. I do not condone sexism, racism, homophobia, religious discrimination, etc.

Warnings: Violence, Alluded Rape, Sexual References, Suicide Attempts, Mental Illness, Gore, Drug Use, Abuse, Harsh Language, Possible Cringe, and Worse. Rated M.

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Welcome to Skyrim ‘Cyber’ Edition. (Arc 1: Skyrim).

~ § ó § ò § ~

In The Time Before Time

“Talos, you’ll answer for your sins. All of em’. I’ll find you and inflict my revenge, so much Anu Himself will hear our screams.”

“Who are you,” Lorkhan asked.

“I’m Konahrik, the Devil.”

“What did I even do?” Lorkhan chuckled.

“Are you fuckin’ kiddin me?” Konahrik yelled. “You’ve no idea?! How you so fuckin’ blind?”

Lorkhan’s eyes shot open. Same damn dream. He shifted uncomfortably on the comforter. The limestone mottling of the bed cornices glowed. Mist flowed and rose around him in perfumed scents. Crystalline with pristine silver-tapped faucets cascading foggy steam, clouding the circumference. Dibella strolled out of the washes, a cascading barrier of fog following her out.

“We’re going to be late.” Dibella started dressing. “If your wife, miss mother nature catches wind of us, you can say bye to this decent weather.”

Lorkhan growled, stepping over to the indoor waterfall. Water dripped off his legs and arms like raindrops onto the painted flooring when he was done. — The bedroom was glowing with a pink haze that radiated from the rising sun outside the window. A hole in the sky that Magnus, Dibella’s former husband had left when he escaped Mundus, the mortal plane of existence. Their bed rested on a circular platform near some gold-encrusted shelves and a stringed instrument. -- Rosy blush crept onto Dibella’s cheeks when she noticed their old clothes and the various bottles of aromatic oil scattered on the rug. But Lorkhan’s mind dwelt on the dream and why, where, and how it was. What was the point of it?

“The door was locked.” The ends of his lips twitched upward. “Besides, who gives a shit. Not like anyone can do anything about us; I’m the most powerful god here.”

“Your wife, man,” Dibella’s tone held a hint of ire. “You really out to piss her off that bad?”

“Shut your mouth.” Lorkhan roped his armor on, fastening a buckle over his waste. “You aren’t meant to think, only serve.”

“Fuck you.” She scratched the back of her head with her ring finger. She snapped the digits and was instantly clothed in a white dress.

“I said shut up whore!” Lorkhan yelled, eyes flashing red. He slapped her hard across the cheek, knocking her to the floor. Lorkhan grabbed Dibella’s hair and pulled her onto her feet. “Don’t back talk me again.”

“You’ll answer for your sins,” Konahrik’s words echoed in his mind once more.

Sunlight-night polished through the halls of Idavoll, Lorkhan’s divine palace on Nirn. Dibella, gaze cast to the ground, roved dejectedly behind him. Lorkhan’s citadel in Skyrim or Mereth, the cold domain, held golden walls with high ceilings, hanging crystal chandeliers, red-velvet rugs draped on sandstone corridors alongside animate portraits, flower-filled vases among other decorations on the alcoves to the sides. The central dining chamber kept a large white table in the center with thrones lining the length on each wing. Light seamed in from the cosmos outside and a fine assortment of foods rested on the countertop. Soups and soufflés, baked bread, and eggs.

Dibella and Lorkhan sat down along with the others present. Kynareth, Lorkhan’s wife eyed him with a small frown from diagonally across the surface. Tsun Zenithar and Stendarr Stuhn, twin shield-thanes of Lorkhan were there as well with their mortal bedwarmers.

He cut into his eggs when Tsun spoke, “has Auriel made any effort to break through the borders? Him and his army of elves have been relentless, but we’ve deterred them so far. Although, the Heartlands have suffered the most because of it.”

A shadow grew from the corner of his cornea.

“No, that self-righteous elf won’t get in,” Lorkhan assured him. “If only that bitch-wife of his, Mara hadn’t escaped our prisons. Quite the dame, she was.” He smirked, feeling a rush of blood surge towards his loins.

“This all started because you kidnapped her. Auriel would’ve left you alone otherwise.” Dibella took a long sip of red wine, emptying the glass. “You know what, fuck you asshole. I’m glad someone is trying to take you down. I hope Auriel kills you.”

“I’ll deal with you later.” Lorkhan clenched his jaw.

Tsun glanced upwards, ogling Dibella with a watery softness in his eye while Stendarr inspected his beard for any pieces of meat that might've escaped his mouth. “I suppose you're right, milord,” conceded Tsun.

“I am always.” Lorkhan downed a pint of ale, belching afterwards. He smashed it on the ground. “Another!”

“I gotta tell ya, you’re an even bigger prick here than where I’m from,” a vocalization electrified. Lorkhan glanced around but he couldn’t find the source. The voice had sounded unreal, like it was projected through a filter of some sort.

What? He stroked his goatee-beard but didn't say anything.

“Did you hear that?” Dibella asked.

"Talos,” the same unfamiliar inflection taunted hauntingly. This time everyone’s heads swiveled towards the gaunt stranger sitting beside her like a spider. The uninvited wraith arrogantly sat in the middle-throne, the biggest one, usually reserved for Lorkhan himself. Though Lorkhan preferred to not eat in it, as to not spill anything edible on it. Last thing he wanted was to drag the elven slaves from their pen to clean it.

“Who are you!?” Lorkhan rocketed from his seat, fingers curling into a ball.

“Just another mistake of yours, Talos.” The hooded man crunched his neck, an audible crack resounding off him.

You are the one from my dreams.

“Who in blazes is Talos?” Lorkhan raised a brow. “I am Lorkhan, god of men and this world.”

The man or entity, whatever it was, removed its hood, showcasing an odd mask. The facial-covering bore two tusks protruding beneath where the mouth-line was placed. A bronzed-gold with eyeholes as well.

“Talos is you, many eras from now. Did you think you could rape, kill, and do whatever you wanted without repercussion?” The weird man replied calmly. “Do you like my mask by the way? It’s called Konahrik; after me now that I think about it.”

“What did he say?” Tsun’s frons quilted into a temporary unibrow.

“Just what's this all about?" Lorkhan rammed his fist against the tabletop. His hand coiled like a snake around the fork on his plate.

“It’s about revenge.” Konahrik began to glow, electrical surges crackled over his icy armor-plating.

A gasp sounded around the hall, several servants and lesser spirits dropped whatever they were holding. Lorkhan’s heart stopped as the blinding white light enveloped his vision and the chamber combusted.

Rubble exploding everywhere, Lorkhan was cast back hundreds of feet, crashing into a ditch. He wiped the mud and ash from his mouth-beard, gazing up the pond full of stalks of wispy reeds and sugarcane. No! Idavoll was blown to smithereens, in its place a gargantuan ebony and purple, blood-stained Dragon elongated its spine towards the heavens, shrieking like a banshee. Its victory laugh felt like someone was rubbing a grater over his spinal column. Broods of servants were swallowed when its head came down and dragged over the floor, as if it were a snake struggling to swallow a fat rat. The image made Lorkhan’s stomach churn, puce traveling up to his throat as the overgrown lizard choked down its meal.

He concentrated, closing his eyelids as the vomit slid back down his tubes. He in-took a long breath, focusing all his energy on healing himself. The storm clouds of Kynareth above threatened lightning as they greyed in the outlook. Mind racing, heart throbbing, Lorkhan fixed his attention onto the opponent; Konahrik the Devil. The Dragon pinned one soldier down, ripping off each limb of the man, gore and innards painting the walls. Severed skulls rolled down the hillside, a river of crimson akin to a geyser sprinkling from the remains of his castle. The whole thing crumbling into itself. Konahrik continued to twist sinew by sinew, ligament by ligament, brick by brick. Everything was decimated, nothing spared by his enemy’s rage. Its dark-brown eyes ripped through every defense, dripping in the sticky lifeblood of hundreds. Breathing thickly, hands held out, amongst all the dead bodies strewn around the death lizard.

What could I have possibly done to earn this? Revenge for what?

Lightning struck the horned Dragon, blinding one of its eyes. Tsun assumed his werebear form and thrust himself into the Evil One’s ribcage. The dragon threw him like a javelin three field-lengths away before socking Kynareth into a pile of rocks. Stendarr grew into a flying blue-whale, snapping his maw at Konahrik. The whale clamped down over the Dragon’s cranium.

Stendarr did it!

Something trembled under the roof of Stendarr’s mouth… Engorging his brain, the evil dragon ripped through the whale’s skull-lining, shaking him around like a giraffe on shrooms and discarded him onto a family that was trying to escape, crushing all of them, their bones crunching into the dirt. The Warlord screeched its horrible victory-roar into the sky and widened its wings as if marking its territory, jeering like a viper in the process. It knocked over the last remaining wall of the ruptured mansion and stomped on all fours, wings flaring, toward a hamlet where Lorkhan could see children tottering.

“Riil, dii uth, gekenlok daar himdah ko hin nah. Krii do Shor' joriin,” Konahrik rasped as beasts conjured, formulating from seemingly nothing and enveloping Lorkhan’s homeland into a hellscape. The monsters charged and fought with Lorkhan’s soldiers, easily beating the men. Lorkhan ran as fast as his legs could carry him, springing up a bit when he saw Konahrik’s maw crack open slightly. “YOL TOOR SHUL!” A whole contingent of Shor’s soldiers were fried to char under the Dovah’s fire-breath, their blood becoming tar. Like ink, the ebony-droplets spattered the tundra as if the land itself was weeping.

The Dragon neared the children with every pound it made, no doubt going to envelop them in its hell flame. Lorkhan’s hamstrings screamed as he rammed hard into Konahrik with everything he had, knocking the demon astray, swinging his fist and flinging a stack of charred bits into the air to fly back and blind the titan.

Taking his chance, Lorkhan transformed and unraveled into his forty-foot serpent form and stood across from his nemesis as the children ran away to safety. Konahrik recovered, shaking his head. The two lunged. Lorkhan struck at him. I’ve got him, he’s as good as dead.

Konahrik dodged, hissing venomously. Before Lorkhan noticed, the Dragon’s claw-enclosed fist jammed into his windpipe, lifting him off the ground and flailing him into the dew. Lorkhan writhed, bleeding on the natural floor, shifting back into a Nordic man.

How? He said he was a mortal… how-how can an ordinary person possess enough power to defy a god? Sniffing himself, he smelt of sweat, blood, dirt, and piss. Come then, Konahrik, I welcome a challenge. What a fool you are. I’m a god, how can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence, how could you be so naïve?

“Hin fen los sahlo, your will is weak, god of fools.” The dragon’s lips curved into a cruel, serpentine grin. “Every word that exits your mouth is pathetic, you racist, fascist, womanizing tyrant.” Konahrik flapped his wings as dust clouds gathered. He took off, coming back down to swoop in majestic arcs, reigning down more fire upon Lorkhan’s army and people. Killing thousands. Armed and unarmed alike. Innocent and guilty both. Adult and child. The dragon even transformed back into a man briefly to skewer an old man personally. The oddest bit was Konahrik’s arm itself shifted to become a sword and back before he resumed his dov identity.

Lorkhan’s body ached, laying miserably, but he picked himself up. He was the only one who could stand up to this devil and defend mankind. Lorkhan steadied a catapult, firing it into Konahrik’s wing and causing the overgrown lizard to falter as he jumped onto its back, wrestling with his satanic horns to get a grip. They flew for a while, the Evil One diving into lakes and peaking over sharp mounts to attempt to shake Lorkhan off, but he didn’t budge.

The gigantic ebon-surmounted dragon streaked through the sky, soldiers razing up like kindling when its hellfire blew down below on the fields and tundras of Skyrim. Lorkhan clutched the dragon's arching antlers, trying to steer it away from his leftover army. He grunted when its skin singed him on his palm.

He gripped the black titan under the jaw and wrenched up, to block the maw from spewing anymore death upon the Nords. Konahrik folded his wings in, descending quickly, making Lorkhan’s stomach lurch. Crashing into the soil below, spattering rocks and dirt, sending Lorkhan flying twenty feet ahead into the woodworks and tenements of the housing arrangement. Or what was left of it. Lorkhan climbed through the torrent of burned building, shoving debris and rubble off him, watching the monster use its claws to stomp and skewer several Nords, burning hundreds more. Lorkhan gagged as Konahrik in a disturbingly human way stood, using his legs to smash the village war-chief into the rocks and then using the draconian talons to rip off the Nords' arms. Its tail swung a full circle, devastating houses of the war-torn village. More moulting lava shot from its mouth, engulfing a good quarter more of his men, try as they did to retaliate. Splinters of wood and chunks of rock scattering ceaselessly.

Is this retribution for Mara?

From where he was kneeling, the firedrake seemed a mountain, blackened lights dehydrated of melanin nestled in sunken eye-sockets.

"Talos," Konahrik gnarled.

Why does he keep calling me that?

Lorkhan laid back, cradling his bleeding chest with one hand, using the other to support his weight. The bodies of countless Nord soldiers sprinkled around him on the glistening white hills of Skyrim. The swirls made it look as if the sky had cracked open, water falling from Aetherius into the mountain lakes embedded in the peaks and glaciers of alps that dwarfed even the biggest tree.

Auriel would never resort to genocide. This can’t be one of his men.

"Sir," uttered a troop who had been battered and roasted under the tartar's flames. "Sir," she coughed, reaching her blackened sticklike arm out for Lorkhan.

"Serna, where are the rest of the civilians?" Lorkhan traced the woman's burns with his eyes, grimacing where it scarred her lower legs.

"A... a Stranger came here earlier," the blonde grounded out in between gasps of pain, "he... he told them to leave. Made the soldiers stay. Said, something was coming. He was wearing some odd mask with- with horns. Killed a few of us and… and summoned all sorts of dark things when we refused. Shor, he… he murdered your wives and the old man, Bjorne.”

Lorkhan’s gut twisted. Why the seer? Dibella, she didn’t stay to fight… His insides felt uneasy when he pondered where or who his bed-wife might’ve fled too. Hopefully not Akatosh. Or worse, that devil dovah.

“He is the one they fear,” she mumbled in pain. “When that devil came, he said awful things about you, my grace. He called you a womanizer, tyrant, fascist.”

Lorkhan enclosed the woman's thin-steel blade within his fingers, inserting it in the crook of her neck. He pierced the blade through her throat, a gush of blood gurgling out like soft jam. A painless mercy killing. -- He covered his forehead to make out the form of Konahrik devouring a swathe more of men ahead of him. The dragon had four legs and a set of tattered, skeletal wings.

"Did Auriel or his son, Alduin send you?" Lorkhan quaffed blood into his fist.

"I sent me," it said in a hollow demonic warble. "These are the consequences of your sins, Talos. Your pointless greed, insatiable lust, obsession with power and fame. Your tyranny over elves, women, and children.”

"Again, with that fucking name, Talos. I’m Lorkhan, also known as Shor. Hero-god of mankind,” he clarified, groaning and getting up on his knees.

The Evil One propelled itself into the air, sending choking grime storms in every direction. Lorkhan's arms and legs expanded, conjoining, spinning into a forty-foot violet serpent. Scales with jewel-edges. Lorkhan pounced after his adversary. Striking into the air. The new holes in Aetherius lit up the world in a vapor of color, magenta mixed with a pink-white aurora borealis. The colour sickened Lorkhan.

Who is this man? He dodged a fang as his body encircled the scales and stalagmite-like spikes that jut from the dov's torso. Where did he even come from? Is he an elf? Bloody pointy-eared demons.

Lorkhan tried to clamp Konahrik's alligator-like snout in between his expanded jaws. They spun around, dragon dive-bombing. Shaking loose of Lorkhan's grip. Konahrik moved in a sweeping arc and hailed fire upon Lorkhan, but it didn’t faze him through the armoured scaling of his giant snake form. Lorkhan glided lower, over the burned buildings of the city. Whoever remained screaming as the Evil One's underside darkened the sky.

“Shoot the dragon!” Lorkhan’s Shield-Thane, Tsun shouted, directing his infantry to attack Konahrik.

Lorkhan threw himself at the Evil One before he could roast the soldiers, smashing him into the mountainside. Slabs of aged rock and sediment, peeled from erosion dusted off and into the waters. Konahrik the Evil One fell into the blackness of it all. Lorkhan followed quickly, submerging into the lake. The icy coolness slid over his skin and briefly tingled. There was a giant underwater tunnel system which Lorkhan slithered through, glowing purple tendrils dotting the walls. The dragon reared and abraded against him to get back through to the sky. Lorkhan entrapped him with his tail and body, squeezing hard as Konahrik shot them into the air.

Lorkhan mustered all his strength and mana together, blasting the dovah back to whence it came from, opening a portal and allowing it to be swallowed up by it. Konahrik grasped and with his last breath hissed into the void, cursing Skyrim, “I unleash hordes of monsters and evils onto your land. So, your people may always live-in fear behind walls!” Then he was gone.

Transforming back, snakeskin sliding to the pale structure of bones and various organs. He collapsed onto his knees, swaying from exhaustion and electrolyte dehydration.

It's over. Auriel and the others will find me soon, then I'm dead. Lorkhan stared around at the sea of corpses. Hordes of people stitched together, their lives cut short and rendered meaningless by the dragon man. These were his people, the ones he’d fought tooth and nail for. Now gone.

Flames crept up his face. Whoever that was. I'll find it, some day. Until then, every elf will know its deserved pain in its stead.

He crawled and laid onto his back, the newborn sun eddying above him, disillusioning him. He breathed, head-spinning. Everyone gone. His chest swelled and expelled with the tempo of his breathing until sleep robbed him of any further thought or action.

Lorkhan's dreams were an endless whirlwind. The Evil One haunted them, threatening to destroy him. He saw the dragon's weirdly human fist come down and smash him into bits from above, prompting him to waken.


A small but smelly stream of sweat perspired from Lorkhan's temple, intermingling with the veins on his forehead, vague white outlines erupting across his vision. Lodes carrying vesicles of ichor and eyelids separating.

There they sat, in the council chambers of the Adamantine Tower. The other Aedra yawning, emaciated faces and baggy eyes.

Kynareth and Dibella, his now ex-wives, stood opposite him. They've betrayed me.

The other gods, his siblings studied him, the glint of hatred and malice reflected in their stares. Dibella Y’ffre, Kynareth Tava, Mara Nir, Xarxes Arkay, Julianos Syrabane. Aside from him, Tsun Zenithar and his twin Stendarr Stuhn, his two loyal shield-thanes were chained up beside him, mouths bound.

Auriel Bormahu, the Father and Lord of the Divines, strode in and shut the doors. He didn't say anything. Instead, his brother's face was concerted inward.

“Kill me, and the Nords will forever demonize you.” Grinned Lorkhan. Inside he was reeling though, the wounds from his injuries seared.

The top of the tower was a plain, harrowing, stygian sight. A lockbox. A contraption of damnation.

"Lorkhan, many in Skyrim call you a hero. But a hero doesn't use his power to wage war, marginalize, and execute innocents.” Auriel or as he was also called, Akatosh, ran a hand through his long golden locks, shifting the position of the bow on his back. "You started this war! Plunged Mundus into chaos! And now we’re going to put you down and restore the peace!" -- "Give him his last rites.”

"Okay," Lorkhan confessed. "But why the Dragon, Konahrik?"

Auriel-Akatosh's brows jaunted upward. "The who-what?"

"Don't play stupid. I know you sent that fucking thing to kill me and my soldiers," Lorkhan growled. “Didn’t think you, the holiest holy man of all to stoop so low.”

“Verily, I didn’t instruct anyone to kill your people,” grunted Akatosh. “Now, hold him down.” Auriel and his Shield-Thane, Trinimac approached Lorkhan. "You really lied to us all, and now we're weaker because of it. You've trapped the mortals in this prison you call a world, slaughtered anyone who's not a human.”

Lorkhan’s jaw clenched. "Who cares. These people will die. They're expendable. We're not. We can tug at the very fabrics of existence; learn things no one has learned. Reality is whatever we want it to be. Those fools owe us everything, brother!”

"You brought them into this world. You created suffering and ‘expendable’ people," Kynareth reprimanded him.

“Because you’re so sinless." He spit at her feet. "What're you going to do to me anyway?"

Akatosh shifted through some scrolls on the desk and opened one up. He nodded at his wife.

Mara stood up to him. "As we demote your soul to the nothingness you have earned, we send you eternal damnation. For you are the salt and earth of Nirn."

Lorkhan’s rage twisted like the inferno of a furnace. "My people will never forget me! To them, I'm a hero. They'll always venerate me and abhor you, Auriel. And their worship will provide me with the strength to return!”

"Just like your allies, your people will eventually learn the truth." Auriel looked tired.

Trinimac unsheathed his blade and skewered Lorkhan’s heart onto it, ripping his body in two. Auriel then attached Lorkhan’s heart to his bow and sent it spiraling over the horizon to the east. His soul excised and body thrown into the sky. His blood painted the grounds of the heartland before his heart landed in the centermost area of the eastern ash lands, Resdayn. Somewhere above a Zen Garden, a white fountain played, trickling interlinked tears.

A droplet of lifeblood escaped the slit, fissures from he knew not where. A memory of the Hero they called Lorkhan Shor.

He calls himself Konahrik, and he’s gonna end you, and everyone like you.

So it began, Serpent and Dragon entwined, an ouroboros, loop of endless conflict. Scales on scales, teeth embedding the others' skin, leaving traces of one on the other. The cyclicality reality that persisted through linear kalpas; from clueless cavemen with tall tales to medieval renaissances, industrial revolutions and wars with steam-powered innovations to times with ignorant fools stooped in misplaced values and virtual distractions proceeded by a technological utopia with cyberware everywhere. Erupting in nuclear fallout, dark ages and the emergence of magic, a massive flooding and a world of never-ending ocean ruled by sapiential crustacean. Finally, a world full of angelic elves, magic intrinsic to its core, birthed from memory-retaining water and the infrastructure of worlds past. The Dragon wished to excise the Serpent, as the Serpent wished so to the Dragon.

~ § ó § ò § ~

Auxiliary Info: Reviews, constructive criticism, and thoughts are welcome and encouraged.

Skyrim, its politics, its environment, literally everything is different or renewed. A very high fantasy Skyrim with cyberpunk elements, more Norse culture, and a bunch of other crazy shit. Think of this is as a hard reboot of Skyrim but a soft reboot of the Elder Scrolls. I took Skyrim and revamped it. For example, there are only five holds instead of nine with newer, higher fantasy versions of cities. Like Riften’s a giant tree, Solitude’s made of marble, etc. The Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood work together and a bunch of other things you’ll spot and can compare. BEFORE you jump ship, I encourage you to read a bit and give it a chance, it’s still Skyrim, just more creative imo than the generic Middle Earth - Westeros land we got in game. The majority of this story follows the Dragonborn but I’ve redone the 4th era, and this story is set in 4E 22. Even then you’ll see familiar characters like Saadia, Brynjolf, Aela, Ancano, etc. Basically, act like Skyrim never came out and the last game was Oblivion… sort of.

Credits: To Ancient Magister and MiCK33T for reading this journey as it was posted and being my most faithful readers, offering insight and advice. To Liz_Jean for making a wonderful cover of this for the physical copy. To Powersocke Prime, for helping me on my wiriting journey. To Todd Howard for not being a Coward. To Hajime Isayama, for writing the greatest manga ever.

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  • oh wow I did not expect a lengthy story right off the bat, I'm definitely reading this tonight

    • I've actually pre-written the majority of this story, as it's been in the works for close to 4 years. It's around 27 chapters in total. I never posted it here cuz I didn't think anyone would read it. But thank you for considering it. 

      I'll post chapters slowly as to not overwhelm any readers though.

  • Like you said in your outro. It is very different from the "traditional" Skyrim but I liked it. I have a few questions, you don't need to answer them if they are going to be handled in the coming chapters. I have to say that your writing style seems to really emphasize visualization, which is always a plus in my opinion.

    What's up with the gods turning into animals, is it going to matter for the story?

    Are Daedra going to be involved too?

    Are Zenithar and Stendarr still alive? They weren't mentioned anymore after being chained beside Lorkhan


    • Thank you for reading, it means a lot. Yeah I was having a very intense episode of my ocd when writing this story and thus I fleshed out the visuals a little too much.

      The gods turning into giant animals was kinda stupid of me, because aside from Lorkhan's basilisk form and Konahrik & Akatosh's dragon form, it's pretty irrelevant to the plot. But the reason was I was inspired by their totemic counterparts the Atmorans worshipped. So I figured they could all transform.

      Yeah, Tsun is Zenithar here as is Stuhn Stendarr. Gods can't actually die like mortals so they're still alive. As for the Daedra, they aren't present in this story other than background mentions.

      This story does take big lore liberties but there's actually a story reason why its not like the Tamriel we see in game.

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