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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 8

*~Sorine Jurard~*

“Alright Argonian, what I would like now would be an explanation,” I said.

That someone at random would come up to me and speak of Isran and his group of Dawnguard, than a lecture is definitely needed. That man’s methods never reall

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 7


Ahh, the Reach. If there weren’t any Forsworn roaming around like a pack of wild animals it would be almost beautiful, I thought. The rocking of the carriage jostled myself and the driver where we sat, nearly throwing us to the ground.

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 6


Five long days of traveling had passed before finally arriving at Fort Dawnguard in the afternoon. The damn Thalmor didn’t make the first day of traversing any simpler. True they had their deaths coming but it didn’t mean it was easy, e

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One-Shot: Ritual

With a deep breath, Nimah stepped out into the cold, afternoon air, walking down from the stone steps of Ebonheart Chateau, and casting a sober look to the west as the sun dipped beneath the mountains of Stonefalls. This territory was unfamiliar to h

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Hunter's Rain - Chapter One

Chapter One

~ ~ ~ Sabina Marco ~ ~ ~


The arrow was perfectly on point, slicing through the air, and slammed into the side of it’s target’s neck. The doe let out a cry of pain, before a second arrow struck it’s rump. It staggered, only to roll d

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Hunter's Rain - Prologue

Hunter’s Rain


~ ~ ~ Unknown ~ ~ ~

"Pain is a mere tool that separates the weak from the strong. Those who survive are destined to be great. Those who die were never worth living in the first place."

Rain... How I hated the rain. And here I was n

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Hunter's Rain - Table of Contents

Next Chapter's Progress

Chapter Four - 15% completed



Cursed by her kin, abandoned by all

Accepted by those of scale, rejected by those of flesh

Destined to die, living on to fight

This is the tale of the one with fire for blood


Born with a sou

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 5



The morning sun peaked its way through the green trees and kissed the side of my face, waking me from my deep slumber. Glancing up from the bedroll I could just make out Serana doing the same; her hood quickly covered her head.



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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 4



Solitude had changed from having a quiet night to one full of cries of agony and desperation. The vampires and their thralls numbered a small few (12 in total in fact), taking their time with the guards that stood in their way.



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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 3



“Will this do?” Serana asked, picking up a nirnroot.


“Absolutely not. Nirnroots are poisonous,” I replied with a shake of my head.


It took a little over an hour for Serana and myself to make our way down the mountainside and into

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To You, Dad


I stood before the crude marking of the grave, eyes to the ground and narrowed in sorrow and grief. I still couldn’t believe he was gone; he, mom, and my brother.

What I hated most about it was me.

I put them there for what other way was t

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 2



“Who…. who sent you?”


The vampire’s question was not what I was expecting. Normally the blood suckers would have attacked by now, but she didn’t. Why?


“Who,” I asked, flexing my right hand to try and dull the pain, “were you expecting?”

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 1



The arrow pierced through the air, straight and true, puncturing the vampire’s left eye. She could not let loose a sound, the head destroying the brain. Dropping to the ground like a stone, her partner had his warning, readying hi

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