The Scroll Keeper - A Skyrim Saga

The Scroll Keeper


A Skyrim Saga




4E 235



Today I remembered how it all began. 


“Some walk in the light. Others in the shadows. For those of us who are of the latter, our stories are seldom told of in song. 

My mother's exploits at the closing years of the Third Era have cast a long, inescapable shadow over my life. Perhaps that is why I have never belonged anywhere else, outside the places where the light cannot reach. But like her, I only ever wanted to make the world a better place. Who cares that our methods were in opposition of each other? As fire is from darkness. So do not judge me too harshly, dear reader. Because when the end justifies the means, surely everything is permitted?”

~ Lyra, Doyan of the Thieves Guild




When Lyra, a Bosmeri Infiltrator of the Thieves Guild, is dispatched from Cyrodiil on an urgent task, she soon realises that her life will never again be the same. Turning away from the legacy that her mother had set before her, she learns in this new land of snow and war that some blood ties can never be severed, nor can the loyalties that are forged in the fires of war. Now her calling requires her to abandon all honour, can a hero truly rise from the shadows, or is her destiny to be forever lost on the pages of time? 


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Scoundrels

Chapter 2: Pending



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  • Absolutely brilliant synopsis. I'm hooked already.

    • Thank you thank you 😍😍 I hope you'll forgive the small AC reference 😅

      • See! I knew you'd write the ToC with no problems.

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