Hello there, travelers! You look weary. Come kick off your boots and sit around the fire. I'll tell you the story of... Oh dear. There are so many builds to choose from, but we really don't know who our fine heroes and villains really are. That's where our newest Skyrim Character Building Event comes in! In Stories of Skyrim, you and a partner will join forces to face something that has yet to be conquered on this site: a cross-group event. Each duo will be asked to create an in-depth build as well as a colorful short story and post them in the Character Building and Story Corner groups respectively. A well-constructed character deserves a well-written story, so give us one to tell for generations to come!

Those wishing to participate in this event will sign up in the comments below. You must enter between Today, 26 July 2019, and Sunday, 28 July 2019. You will be randomly paired with another participant by Monday, 29 July 2019. Once assigned, the two of you must work together to create both a character build and short story to go along with your character. There are no limitations on who or what your character is, as creativity is one of our main goals. The only catch is that your character has to be definitive (more on that in the “Build Rules”). We ask that you really dig into the lore for this event- and even create some of your own! We can't wait to read the untold Stories of Skyrim!


<< General Rules >>

  • Entries for this event must be entered from Today (26 July 2019) until 8 September 2019. This gives everyone approximately six weeks to complete both the build and short story.
  • Because of the short time limit, partners must share responsibilities. It is up to you to discuss who will be doing what for their build.
  • The Build portion must be submitted in The Skyrim Character Building Group with the appropriate tags.
  • The Story portion must be submitted in The Story Corner with the appropriate tags.
  • Both portions of the event need to have the “Stories of Skyrim” tag as well.
  • For help and advice comment on this thread, ask in the Character Build Help Desk, or join our Discord server!
  • Normal Sky Forge rules and regulations apply.
  • Have fun and get creative!



<< Build Rules >>

  • Each build must be definitive. A lot of builds aren't strict about the race of the character and many more don't define the sex of the character. Your build is about a specific character with a specific chosen gender and race. Ex. Rosie the Redguard Warmaiden cannot be played as a male Khajiit.
  • This is a full character build. It needs to have all the basics, but you are allowed to omit the “Character Backstory” at the beginning if you feel as though your story covers most of it for you.

<< Story Rules >>

  • The story should have as much effort put into it as the build, and vice versa. The two are compliments of each other: the build answers “how”, the story answers “why”.
  • We ask that you keep the story between 500 and 3000 words (approximately 1 to 6 pages typed). Give your readers something to dig into, but keep the story short enough to hold their attention.


<< Registration >>

Comment below if you wish to participate and you will be messaged with the name of your partner on the appropriate date. The two of you don't have to come up with the name of your build until the end. Comment when it is finished and we will link if for you.

*Hint* The best way to communicate with your partner is through Discord, and we have one here at the Forge if you haven’t already joined! Just go the homepage and click the link and you’re all set.


<< Resources >>

Character Building Turnoffs -A member of the Skyforge community, SkoomaDealer, posted a discussion not long ago talking about what people do not like to see in character builds. Check this out if you are interested to see the dos and don’ts of Skyrim character building.

Character Build Turnons -Another post from SkoomaDealer that you might find helpful

Ponty's Guide to Character Building -For people new to the concept of character building, or anyone who would like pointers, Ponty has offered an easy to follow guide on how to make a quality character build

Furrion is both an experienced builder and writer and, although he will not be able to participate, he has offered to give some tips to anyone looking for some. DM him on our Discord server if you like.

Be sure to look up some of your favorite builds for references and don’t forget to drop a like!


<< Participating Teams >>

Pixel & Lee Fiskillis Carpenter

Raikage & Madman Glarthir

Nystee & SecondHandGamer

Ramses & The Long-Chapper

Chris & Fimvul the Psijic Loremaster

Kendrix Trixie & Toryn Cross

**Edit: The entry period has been extended until 31 July 2019. Partners will be announced 1 August 2019. If you miss the entry period you may still participate, but you will be required to find your own partner. Happy Building, y'all!

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  • Alright, sign me up. If anyone wants to collab, feel free to PM me, or @ me on the Discord

    • We're actually going to randomly assign partners on the 29th from the pool of existing participants. We think it'll be more interesting and fun if you work with someone you might not have gotten the chance to before. :)

      • Oh, that would make it interesting. Sweet, I'm excited for this

  • I'm in!  This sounds like a ton of fun.  Can't wait to start digging in.

    • Perfect! I'll be sure to add you.

  • IN !!!

  • In, but I cannot officially start until I am done with my move. Should be finished by the 1st or 2nd of August. Also, be warned, I’m really not the easiest to work with, so I pity the person assigned to me, I really do. 

    • Oh come now Im sure you're not that bad to work with. 

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