Skytales: A Story Corner Event


Hail, scholars and adventurers alike! Its been awhile since we have had an event here in the Story Corner, but with Telby's recent proposition of a casual build event, it seems appropriate to do a complimentary one here in the Story Corner.

~ Theme ~

This writing event has a simple theme: Character Builds on the Skyforge. We have a very active and talented building community here on the Forge. Some builds are created as specific characters, while some have more vague personalities and backstories. 

In this event, participants will take a look at some of their favorite builds on the Forge and choose one to write a short story around. This is not a contest but merely an event, so no pressure. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to try their hand at writing for one of our awesome builds.

~ Run Time & Signing Up ~

Telby's Building event runs until August 1st, with a theme of playing support characters. This will likely lead to a bunch of builds involving followers, and some of those relationships are great stock for writing. Thus, we will be running this event most of summer and ending on the same date (August 1st) to give you time to write stories based on builds from that event if you wish.

To sign up, simply leave a comment below and post your story with the title format "Skytales Event: <Title Here>". 

With that, thanks for participating and happy scribing!

~ Participants ~

Pixel - The Blood Knight by Praxesdes  - Lucid Nightmare, A Tale of Caliban


Chris Diokno - The Samurai by CurseA Blade Unforged, A Samurai's Tale


Powersocke Prime - The Knight Cleric and the Hex Blade by CurseThe Stalker at the Fringe

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  • Might be the bump to get me moving with my Sunder Mage (Ceryse Vinicus) story.  Sign me up. I'm pretty flat out lately, but even if I only get part of it done I'll still call it a plus for me.

  • You know what, sign me up. Don't know which build, mine or someone else's, I'll do a story on, but sign me up

  • The Great Foxy is up for this one. Really looking for some Oblivion builds.

  • Of course I'm up for this one. Time to stretch my fingers and crack the knuckles.

  • I once tried to write about my Blood Knight build (Caliban) in the Story Corner

    but whenever it was the backstory in the build itself or that short chapter in the Story Corner i feel like i could never give justice to this character i love. I'am french and my english is far from being good enough to write as well as i do in french when it comes to literature. 
    So forgive me if it sounds pretentious but i would love if someone here decides to write about my character. It would be a great honor.


    Contest Build: The Blood Knight
      The Blood Knight   The Blood Knight is a vampire warrior who embraced the way of the sword, blood magic and become stronger by absorbing the heal…
    • No one has jumped on it yet so I'll take it. Seems like a good oppertunity. There's a lot there to work with already. So unless anyone else wants it, I'll write for this one. 

      • Wow that's awesome, i m eager to read you !

  •  It's up ya'll

    Skytales Event: A Blade Unforged, A Samurai's Tale
      Skytales: A Blade Unforged, A Samurai's Tale Seek out evil and bring it forth to justice. My name is Allaine Gensai Yagyu. I am what the Akaviri r…
    • Awesome! Will give it a read ASAP

  • How's the writing coming along everybody? I've gotten about 1/4 of the way into my story.

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