A New Champion of Fate

Ararvyne had forgotten the value of Illusion magic in combat.

...Seriously. dealing with Liar's Retreat was a bitch n' a half. Thank god for Fury spells.

Also Septimus didn't disintegrate like he normally does, so I had to kill him manually.

When Ararvyne began reading the Oghma Infinium, a flood of knowledge hit him like a ton of bricks. Memories he'd thought he'd forgotten, memories of the Templars that were lost through normal forgetfulness. stories he'd learned his entire life. It was as if reliving his 72 years of existence all over again. And there was even more knowledge in the grimoire than that. He'd learned secrets only those within the higher ranks of the Templars could know. Things he'd overheard, piecing together like a puzzle, stabilizing into coherent facts and machinations.

He would pass out for an hour, and during that hour, he began to recollect himself within his mind, putting the scattered shards of his consciousness back into place. When he awoke, he felt revived. Knowledge he'd never known was now his, and his power was great.

"By the Daedra...."

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  • Wow ...he's relatively young ...for a Dunmer.
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