The Fireheart Raider | Episode 47: Ancestors' Wings | Skyrim Requiem

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Harald Fireheart, a magically-armored Nord warrior who's never found a sword too long for him, continues his adventures in the unforgiving world of Skyrim Requiem, dropping foes and breaking bows with his mighty blade. This episode sees him return to Fort Dawnguard with Serana, encounter a setback with the Moth Priest Dexion, who has been blinded by his reading of the Elder Scroll, carry out a mission from Gunmar to clear out the vampires of Shriekwind Bastion, learn of Florentius, an estranged priest of Arkay who may be able to aid the Dawnguard, track him down and fight through the magically enthralled Vigilants and their mage master in the Nordic ruin of Ruunvald to rescue him, receive another mission to track down a vampire on the move from Gunmar, become lost while tracking his quarry and instead stumble onto the Falmer-occupied bandit hideout of Liar's Retreat, fight his way through the Falmer ambush and recover the enchanted Longhammer, then finally follow Dexion's plan to read their three collected Elder Scrolls by performing an ancient ritual in the secluded Ancestor Glade, and determine the final location of Auriel's Bow.

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