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Name: T'iburr Frostback
Origin: Skyrim
Race: Nord
Class: Fighter
Primary Skills: One Handed, Heavy Armor. Speech
Secondary Skills: Smithing, Block. Enchanting

Named after the great Tiber Septim himself, T'iburr was steeped in Talos Worship since he was a baby. Carefully groomed by his Nord clan, the Frostbacks, he was a priest of Talos from childbirth. Monks and Priests of various orders did various things growing up but T'iburr's childhood was steeped in harsh principles, love for the natural world, and strict training regimens.

The Frostback Clan was renowned in Skyrim for being among the most powerful warriors. A proud lineage of Pure Nords, their livelihoods include bounty hunting, military careers, vigilantism, and mercenary work. At the age of 17, T'iburr left home to seek his place in the world.

After becoming the Harbinger of the Companions, he decided to leave as he felt their overindulgence in the beast form was an affront to the Nordic way of personal strength. Now he finds himself helping his fellow Nords and citizens of Skyrim. The rumors are true, the Thalmor have abducted Thorald Gray-Mane and it is now T'iburr's responsibility to help Avulstein in freeing and retrieving the missing Nord.

Character Equipment:
Armor: ESO Nord Armor by NewerMind43 (
Armor: Ancient Tome (Equippable Tomes) by Robbie (
Weapon: Clanbringer by BillyRo (

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