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The Elder Scrolls Online: A General View Discussion

Hey, so I've recently been getting back into TESO, and am quite enjoying it. MMOs like that aren't typically my style, but man am I loving this game. I've had some vague thoughts in the past about "Hey, wouldn't it be cool to start a guild that represents a certain faction in TES" and such lofty dreams, but really I was just wondering what the community of the Skyforge thought about ESO and the possibility of getting deeper into it on the site.

So to start up a discussion, here are a few questions you call can discuss and offer opinions about:

Do you own ESO? If so, are you active? If not, why not?

Do you like the "chapter" expansion system? What province would you like to see a chapter in next?

What do you think of the classes? What classes would you like to see added?

What would you think of joining a guild specific to the Skyforge? Would you like that guild to RP as a specific faction in the ES universe? Would you rather join up with a preexisting faction?

Any other things about the game you want to discuss are perfect as well, but these are just some conversation starts to get us talking. Also, if you haven't given this game a try I would certainly recommend at least giving it a go. There's a free trial that comes with Xbox Gold, and I would guessthere are demos or trials on Steam for limited times and that sort of thing. Even if you don't like MMOs in general, I'd highly recommend giving this one a try. Anyway, let me know what you think about the questions above, and any other things about ESO you want to bring up or discuss.

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  • If I were to play ESO again Id probably play it on the PC. More of my friends play on the PC and the poll we took earlier suggests the majority of those here who play ESO do so as well. If the community is anything like it was when I did play, we'd have a much easier time joining an existing guild rather than making our own. There's a lot of time consuming work that goes into standing up a new guild

  • I've never played but considered purchasing I haven't researched enough but I'd play on ps4

  • I've been playing PC North American server since the game's beta five years ago. It was an OK game at launch with lots of problems, today it is an absolutely amazing game (still with some problems but no game is perfect!). Population has grown tremendously, content has grown tremendously. I play a lot of PVP (I run with some incredible players, and lead a guild raid of 24 in Cyrodiil every week), but have done most of the PVE content as well. 

    So...if people have questions, or want to start a guild, or join an existing guild, or learn about effective character building, or need help getting gear and getting started...I can help.

    • Glad to hear it! I am really enjoying it as well. Haven't gotten into PvP too much yet. What faction are you? I've joined the Ebonheart Pact. I kinda like the Daggerfall Covenant a bit better maybe, but I had started that a few times before really getting into my current playthrough and didn't feel like doing so again. 

      I'm running a Stamina DPS Warden. He's a Nord. Pretty fun stuff. 

      • Faction doesnt really matter anymore except in PVP, it just determines what order you’ll do world zones. (And if you play long enough you’ll purchase things like “any race/any faction.”). I’m Dominion for PVP and most characters are AD characters.

        I have 15 characters!! All classes, many races. I’d highly recommend sticking with one playthrough, getting to at least CP 160, learning all crafting skills and starting as early as possible on crafting research. Once you’ve gotten there, you can then roll up any other character and you’ll have a MUCH easier time of it, as you’ll have better stats, you can make your own leveling gear and make basic builds that will be fine for mid-range end-game content. If any of that sounds confusing again i can help you get started, happy to make you some legitimate gear to make you stronk. ;) anyone else also. Avispon is my main character name in game as well, just send an in game mail to say hello.


        • I am on Xbox One. 

  • As far as starting a new guild..if you want to make it big with lots of members and bells and whistles, it can be complicated. But you can literally just create a guild by hitting a button, and once you have 10 people in the guild, you automatically get a guild bank to share and you can create a guild tabard for everyone to wear (you have a fairly decent ability to customize the tabards!). So if having a "skyforge" guild is important, it wouldn't be that tough. You already have a discord channel, so that's more than half the battle. You can also join up to five guilds in game, so you don't have to choose "create" or "join existing"--you can do both. 


    • Hmmm, fair point about doing both. Thanks for the input! If we did create a guild, would you personally rather it be Skyforge themed or based around some other faction in TES?

      • If a skyforge guild were set up I think it would be best to embrace our community


  • I'm on PS4. I don't think I have any of the DLCs, unless you can buy them for Crowns or whatever, but I might redownload it someday 

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