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The Elder Scrolls Online: A General View Discussion

Hey, so I've recently been getting back into TESO, and am quite enjoying it. MMOs like that aren't typically my style, but man am I loving this game. I've had some vague thoughts in the past about "Hey, wouldn't it be cool to start a guild that represents a certain faction in TES" and such lofty dreams, but really I was just wondering what the community of the Skyforge thought about ESO and the possibility of getting deeper into it on the site.

So to start up a discussion, here are a few questions you call can discuss and offer opinions about:

Do you own ESO? If so, are you active? If not, why not?

Do you like the "chapter" expansion system? What province would you like to see a chapter in next?

What do you think of the classes? What classes would you like to see added?

What would you think of joining a guild specific to the Skyforge? Would you like that guild to RP as a specific faction in the ES universe? Would you rather join up with a preexisting faction?

Any other things about the game you want to discuss are perfect as well, but these are just some conversation starts to get us talking. Also, if you haven't given this game a try I would certainly recommend at least giving it a go. There's a free trial that comes with Xbox Gold, and I would guessthere are demos or trials on Steam for limited times and that sort of thing. Even if you don't like MMOs in general, I'd highly recommend giving this one a try. Anyway, let me know what you think about the questions above, and any other things about ESO you want to bring up or discuss.

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    • The dlc can be bought for crowns. Expansions I believe cannot be. 

      • That is correct. 

  • I may start playing on the PS4 again soon. 

  • I will only say that the game has never been stronger on PC, the population is very healthy and IMO has a very positive vibe for an MMO (we have our fair share of salty cranks but nothing compared to what i hear about in WoW or other games). If you all jump in PS4 to play, have fun! If i can make arguments for PC, it would be a) add-ons—i cant imagine playing without them, and b) a more mature population (consoles just inherently have much much younger player bases). I dont play on console, however, so i dont really have an educated basis to compare the two experiences.

    Curse, I am going to create “The Sky Forge” guild if I think of it this weekend (assuming you haven’t) and just sit on it. Someone else may already have the name—you do get a “Skyforge Hammer” collectible for becoming a master crafter in all skill lines. Anyway,  Gametag is @ilyrios. you can hit me up in game any time and i can invite you and make you guildmaster.

    • It’s possible it’s taken already. Good news is, provided countless updates haven’t undone anything, I’m still sitting on the guild name “War Forged” which is a much cooler name imo. 

    • You’d likely be the best guild master for the PC guild. I think I’d like to continue on with my PS4 character and have a site guild for that system as well. 

  • How balanced is PVP these days? I quit and gave up on the game back when Stam Sorcs dominated and I hated it. 

    • I personally love playing PVP in ESO, but it definitely has its issues. It's not about balance in one class vs. another anymore (although there are always going to be brief periods of imbalance in any MMO), its more about ongoing server performance. Vivec (the main PVP campaign), is always busy and (I think) a lot of fun, but it is largely dominated by large-scale vs. large-scale groups, with not much joy for solo players or those in small teams of 3 or 4 people. When there are multiple large groups in one area, FPS drops, lag becomes pretty epic...it has become an issue. We play through it and try to laugh it off. It's still some of the best PVP combat mechanics I've ever seen.

      However, if you like small-scale play, ESO added an entirely new PVP system, Battlegrounds, where you can queue as a solo or in a group, and end up in 4 vs. 4 vs. 4 contests in a whole series of different small arenas with different rules. 

      TL;DR, come back and try it!

      • I’ve always disliked how crouching made one completely invisible to their enemies. But that was nothing compared to how much of a hassle the lag was. Still as much of a slog pvp was it was worth it for the Caltrops ability. 

        • I've not really gotten into the PvP. I have Imperial City but I've never ventured into it yet. 

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