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Vokrii Builds

This is my first discussion post here, so let me just take this opportunity to say hello. Very excited to be here, this site has a lot of really interesting builds.

Has anyone here experimented at all with the new Vokrii perk overhaul? I really like it so far: it's got a nice balance between vanilla Skyrim and the sometimes overwhelming complexity of Ordinator. The synergy is honestly very fun, and I'm having a lot of fun combining it with some of the standard overhaul builds like Imperious, Andromeda, and Wintersun. 

Currently working on a very fun variation on the Equilibrium blood mage/nightbalde, with nothing perked but Alteration: 

  • The Adromeda Serpent Stone's new Slither ability drains 10 magicka per second but boosts Sneak by 40%, essentially an automatically-cast Fortify Sneak spell. You can extend the length of the effect by refilling your magicka bar with Equilibrium quite handily, but of course you need to be careful, too. With the Breton's Stones of Galen extra effect you also damage all nearby enemies (and yourself) by for 25% of their health when detected, which I can also RP as part of the blood magic stealth spell. Very high-risk, but nobody decides to become a blood mage out of a desire to play it safe.
  • The most fun part of Vokrii so far is the Telekinesis branch of the Alteration tree. Taking both levels of the Telekinetic Force perk will make object thrown with the basic Telekinesis spell do 250 and then 500 points of damage(!). It seems OP when I describe it that way, but having played so far using Telekinesis as my primary weapon I can tell you that aiming thrown objects is still challenging enough to make every hit count, so it actully works out to be quitebalanced. The end of the tree is the perk Telekinetic Prodigy, which lets you dual-cast Telekinesis to grab opponents like the Vampiric Grip spell from the Vampire Lord tree. It's a ton of fun, while still being balanced and challenging-- my best moment so far was when I killed a Draugr Wight in a panic by hurling a random war axe I found on the ground. 
  • Currently working on leveling up Illusion to gain the Quiet Casting perk, so I can like up my shots with Telekinesis without being detected. There's a very cool capstone ability in the Vokrii Illusion tree called Mind Thrall, which lets you activate any character you have under an mind-affecting spell/effect and force them to become your follower permanently (or until you release them). My current build is more of an ATLA bloodbender-style blood mage, but if it were more like the Dragon Age version of the archetype I would absolutely go for it. 

Has anyone else got an interesting Vokrii build to share?

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  • Vokrii is a lot of fun, I feel like some of the trees are actually stronger than in Ordinator, but he dropped some of the insanely OP things from Ordinator like Spellscribe and the super-strong poisons which is good I think. I really like it. The one simple fact that Vokrii sticks with the 5-tier perk sinks at the bottom of every tree is such a buzzkill (for me), I am struggling to get past it. But overall, it's genius design work by Enai, it's so well done, every perk is useful and interesting now with no fat on the bones at all.

    ...I am currently doing a monk build with unarmed for melee and restoration for ranged; using healing spells for damage is still sort of cheap (no enemy resistance, huge range, targeting is trivial) so I am using the vanilla and Apocalypse sun spells with the Sun's Judgment Perks mostly, and it's great. Will be adding in the Jedi telekinesis stuff in later-game!


    • I agree that the 5/5 perks are kind of lame and much preferred the Ordinator 2/2, but the rest of Vokrii is so perfectly pared-down pared down that I can overlook it pretty easily. 

      Some kind of monk build is next on the agenda for me as well; either that or a shadowcaster assassin built around Apocalypse's Ice Shiv spell and the Shadowcaster perk in the Sneak tree. 

  • I don’t think we have any Vokrii builds just yet but I’m sure there are plenty here working on them. What we do have right now are a lot of awesome Ordinator builds. 

  • Overall I prefer Ordinator over Vokrii, but I’m still interested in posting at least 1 vokrii build someday. 

  • I'm considering making Basic Oblivion Classes: Vokrii Style. I've already begun playing the Thief, tho without Archery.

    • Now that sounds interesting. It's so rare to see any of the more obscure Obvlivion stealth classes, like Acrobat and Agent, get any love. Excited to see what you come up with.

  • I'm planning on using Vokrii to be the basis of some builds.  When and if I ever get to them is another thing entirely.  There's no time for this!  

  • I have an idea for a witch hunter build that will use Vokrii.

  • Yeah I must say I’m loving Vokrii. Ordinator is great, but I feel some trees have too much crazyness added to them, but that’s just personal preference. Playing around with a Bloodmage using Vokrii and the Apocalypse spells. 

    Btw, anyone who hasnt tried either of those mods, I’d definitely give them a shot.

    • I swear it’s the season of the blood mage here. I made one, Furrion17 is making one, I think Lee is thinking of one too, and now you. 

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