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Vokrii Builds

This is my first discussion post here, so let me just take this opportunity to say hello. Very excited to be here, this site has a lot of really interesting builds.

Has anyone here experimented at all with the new Vokrii perk overhaul? I really like it so far: it's got a nice balance between vanilla Skyrim and the sometimes overwhelming complexity of Ordinator. The synergy is honestly very fun, and I'm having a lot of fun combining it with some of the standard overhaul builds like Imperious, Andromeda, and Wintersun. 

Currently working on a very fun variation on the Equilibrium blood mage/nightbalde, with nothing perked but Alteration: 

  • The Adromeda Serpent Stone's new Slither ability drains 10 magicka per second but boosts Sneak by 40%, essentially an automatically-cast Fortify Sneak spell. You can extend the length of the effect by refilling your magicka bar with Equilibrium quite handily, but of course you need to be careful, too. With the Breton's Stones of Galen extra effect you also damage all nearby enemies (and yourself) by for 25% of their health when detected, which I can also RP as part of the blood magic stealth spell. Very high-risk, but nobody decides to become a blood mage out of a desire to play it safe.
  • The most fun part of Vokrii so far is the Telekinesis branch of the Alteration tree. Taking both levels of the Telekinetic Force perk will make object thrown with the basic Telekinesis spell do 250 and then 500 points of damage(!). It seems OP when I describe it that way, but having played so far using Telekinesis as my primary weapon I can tell you that aiming thrown objects is still challenging enough to make every hit count, so it actully works out to be quitebalanced. The end of the tree is the perk Telekinetic Prodigy, which lets you dual-cast Telekinesis to grab opponents like the Vampiric Grip spell from the Vampire Lord tree. It's a ton of fun, while still being balanced and challenging-- my best moment so far was when I killed a Draugr Wight in a panic by hurling a random war axe I found on the ground. 
  • Currently working on leveling up Illusion to gain the Quiet Casting perk, so I can like up my shots with Telekinesis without being detected. There's a very cool capstone ability in the Vokrii Illusion tree called Mind Thrall, which lets you activate any character you have under an mind-affecting spell/effect and force them to become your follower permanently (or until you release them). My current build is more of an ATLA bloodbender-style blood mage, but if it were more like the Dragon Age version of the archetype I would absolutely go for it. 

Has anyone else got an interesting Vokrii build to share?

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      • They certainly are trending hahah

      • I was bound to do one eventually. Have been meaning to try a BM build for a long while now. Mine might be a little different from the standard BM, in that is also half Force Mage. Good to see the interest in the class though. I am excited to see everyones personal take on the character type.

        • I have to say, that pic you posted is intriguing. Are you using the Vampiric Grip in human form glitch, with some kind of AoE Absorb Health spell?

          • Ah nah mate those are mods. The blood spell is called "Blood Boil" - An AOE concentration spell that damages the player and nearby npc's (npc's take more damage). And the Telekinetic one is called "Mage Grip", it functions pretty much like the VL grip but without the health drain.

            • Oh, okay. Is that the Mage Grip mod that comes with the OP draining spells that make your character gradually go blind? I've experimented with that mod (XBox One) and thoughtit was pretty fun. Nice to have a Vampire Grip esque spell that actually gets affected by Alteration perks.

  • HI - just a off-point quick note - i just received an email alert about a post on this thread on july 5. From a user “JimNill”, the post is not actually real and the link took me to some term-paper writing promo site. I doubt this means that the site was hacked but i wanted to le you all know.

    • That account was a most likely a bot. I deleted that account a few days ago, which would have also deleted all of its posts. 

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