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Welcome to the General Discussion Group. This is a catch-all group for any kind of discussion whether is has anything to do with elder scrolls, fallout, or video games in general or  not. Discuss whatever you want here, but please observe our ground rules.

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Poll: Multiplayer Skyrim

So it looks like the long awaited multiplayer Skyrim mod is getting closer and closer to release. Despite some recent controversies, it might not be long before the possibility of exploring Skyrim with friends becomes a reality. 

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6 Replies · Reply by Pixel May 16

An RPG Group?

Now, while Skyrim and to an extent Fallout is a major factor of this site, in my life of gaming, as well as that of you guys, I'm sure there are other RPGs that have captivated us, and become quite popular. Take for instance, the mainstreaming of…

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5 Replies · Reply by bloodmeridian May 12