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Holy Shit This was Awesome!

I was in Big Lots yesterday, a somewhat discount style store. They had their Halloween decorations up and one isle had a lot of animated things. You can push the button and a skeletal fish does something creepy. Another had a Grim Reaper lurching for

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4 Replies · Reply by Atlister Sep 24, 2022

How Do You Book?

Hey y'all.

I am an avid reader of lore, skill, and generic books in any Elder Scrolls game. A lot of my most memorable and main characters have been book collectors and I love making sure I get every copy of every edition of every book in the game.


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3 Replies · Reply by PatriciaAdams Sep 5, 2022

Potential collaborator

Hey folks,


So I really love what you guys do and have been trying to emulate it myself with my own builds and immersive RP. I'd like to work towards sharing my builds on the site, but alas I do not have a working computer (my 15 year old one is used

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3 Replies · Reply by BobChery443 Sep 4, 2022

Requiem Roleplay

Hey everyone, I'm about to start my first requiem playthrough and I wanted to know if there are any good accompanying RP mods worth looking at to compliment it.  I already have wintersun and ineed, but if there is anything I'm missing that gels well

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1 Reply · Reply by SArada Aug 7, 2022

Taking it all the way...

Do you complete all the major questlines with every build you make?

Sometimes you might have a specific series of goals in mind for a character, especially a more rp one, so once these goals are achieved do you play out the main game and possibly aban

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5 Replies · Reply by Furrion 17 Jan 10, 2022

Discord for skyforge

Wondering if we've ever had a discord server I think it would be cool if we had a large group chat to discuss thing in a more casual aside from the general discussion posts. This would be useful for community discussions such as the ESO discussion bu

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3 Replies · Reply by Buzzman Dec 12, 2021

Moments Of Awe

Could be from any game (but mainly Skyrim for me)...

What locations do you remember having moments of awe and wonder? Cool spot? Beautiful view? Share below!

Include pictures, screenshots, or concept art for reference and fake internet bonus points


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16 Replies · Reply by Obrutak Jun 20, 2021

Character Build: The Warden

Hello Everyone,

I'm new to character building, but I've been following the archives and groups for a long time, on Skyforge, and on TamrielVault before that. I play on Xbox One, but hopefully soon, I'll be able to upgrade to PC in time for the next ga

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2 Replies · Reply by Avi Feb 28, 2021