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How Do You Junk?

Been awhile y'all. After posting "How Do You Book?" I want to try another question in the same vein and one that I am now going through with a character on mine. It is simple:

How do you junk? Meaning ...

- Do you collect any items that don't do, uh,

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1 Reply · Reply by Telby Sep 27, 2020

Is this working?

To whoever reads this,

This post is more or less a test. So, after a 3-4 month hiatus I decided to hop back on to the Skyforge. However, for some bizzare reason I wasn't able to reply to/post anything for around 2 weeks. If you are seeing this post, p

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4 Replies · Reply by Monad Aug 5, 2020

Inspiration for lore based builds

Firstly I just want to say thanks,  for everyones contributions to this amazing site :)   Since I discovered it my Skyrim play & builds have been loads more fun, especially after downloading the Ordinator mod :P

I'm just wondering where you get the lo

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