Hello all! This is Sky's Haven, otherwise known as Live Roleplaying. So, what the hell is this? Basically, it's a chance for people to become their very own character in an exciting game that brings D&D, TES and good company all together to become a quite singular roleplaying experience.

Utilizing Discord, a mobile-friendly chat server, it allows people to come together in a bustling Elder Scrolls town, chat in character and go on adventures of their own. With an original rules system crafted by the one and only Chris Perigoe, a veteran roleplayer and game designer who has kindly helped us out with his work, the game facilitates fun roleplay as well as engaging combat.

So, that's the basics. But how do you play? Below this topic are several others detailing how to create a character. Simply click them and read on to get started. After reading over the rules, post a character sheet in the discussions and head on over to the Discord chat to get started!



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  • Is now a good time to set up my character?
  • Wow holy shit. You and Chris P did a superb job with this group's layout.
  • Question: Can multiple characters be posted onto a single sheet?
  •  When we set up a discord do we use a normal username or our character name

    • People tend to use their character name I believe. 

  • Hi, so I´m thinking of making my character sheet in the forseeable future, but I can´t seem to find anything out about resistances. how do they work? how do they reduce damage? does a resistance become an immunity at some point? like +4 resistance becomes an immunity or smth. ?does magic resistance include fire/forst/shock like in skyrim/oblivion or just non-destruction spells, like in morrowind?

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