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Greetings, sera. Plenty of us have gone in-depth when creating our characters, whether they be for Character Builds or for our own personal leisure. And perhaps you want a chance to be able to share that character you've created. But some of us just don't want to have to deal with the process of creating  long, overly-detailed Character Profiles for those characters. Perhaps you don't have the time, or you simply don't have the patience.

Character Snapshots is a thread for those people who don't want to make Character Profiles for their characters, yet still want to share them for others to see. Here, you can post a small snippet of information about your character, including that character's image, gear, weapons, chosen skills, etc.



-The Daedric Templar-

Name: Ararvyne Varam

Class: Nightblade

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Interests: To manipulate the fate of Tamriel

Skills: Illusion, Enchanting, One-Handed, Destruction, Light Armor, Conjuration


A fragment of a long lost Templar organization, Ararvyne, codename "Blackblood", now travels through Skyrim, in the hopes of reviving the organization he'd served thus far. Upon finding the true power of the Daedric Princes, he plans to revive the Templars under their power, and force mortalkind's evolution through the advent of the "Age of Daedra".


These are quick and easy to make, while still capable of being detailed enough to describe your character to other people. So if you're looking for an easy way to show the character you've created to the member of the Sky Forge, this is the thread!

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      • I kno rite. It’s fun playing a sociopathic mage who sees victims as nothing more than test subjects. 

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    - The Worm Cultist -

    Name: Vraerius Darkheart, (formerly Vanex Corelius)

    Race: Imperial

    Class: Mage

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Interests: To obtain immortality through necromancy, and to revive the Order of the Black Worm within Skyrim

    Skills: Conjuration, Restoration, Illusion, Enchanting, Alchemy

    A member of the Corelius family, their bloodline was cursed by Mehrunes Dagon due to their influence in the Oblivion Crisis. No family member lives beyond the age of 40, and when they die their souls are eternally lost to the Deadlands. This curse is heralded by a daedric disease that ravages the physical strength of the victims. Many within the bloodline sought methods to cure this affliction, and release themselves and their family from this suffering, but each attempt was met with failure, and they all met the same fate.

    When the time came for Vanex to challenge his destiny, he sought the knowledge of the forbidden cult, the Order of the Black Worm. Within their ranks were liches, known as Worm Eremites, who had ascended mortality and escaped disease and pestilence. For this pursuit he was ostracized from the family, and forced to relocate to Skyrim, a land torn asunder by war and dragons, in order to ply his new trade. According to the new traditions of the Order, he adopted a new name upon becoming an initiate, Vraerius Darkheart.

    • Very imaginative backstory, BLackblood.

    • Very creative! I like how you were able to find a legitimate reason to start necromancy/lichdom beyond the typical wants power/lost a loved one backstories.

      • I agree. Dead loved ones followed by a quest for revenge are so overplayed in backstories it’s not even funny. So it’s always nice to see something new like this. 

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    ~The Blood Maiden~

    Corrupted by the Prince of Rage

    Her pleas ignored by the Divines

    Forsaken by the one Divine she worshipped

    Forever cursed to wander the lands of Tamriel

    Name: Lamae Beolfag

    Race: Unknown

    Class: Illusionist/Nightblade

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Skills: Vampirism, Illusion Mastery, Destruction Mastery, Light Armor, Enchanting


    Nothing is known about this mysterious figure. What is known is nothing but the crazed words of a dying man. The man from Solitude kept saying that She - not it, She, with eyes glowing as bright as the fires of Oblivion - came from the shadows. No one could understand what he was saying after that - or even dare to make sense of it. His last words were:

    May the Aedra and the Daedra save us.

    For She will not stop.


    • She's a dangerous sort.

      I like it.

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    Worm Cult Bonelord

    “So what if I travel via the sewers? You think that smell’s unbearable, just you wait ‘till decaying flesh crawls atop the battlements.” -Hjalti, before introducing Vodahmin to a nosey beggar.

    Name: Hjalti the Bone-Singer

    Race: Nord

    Class: Necromancer/ Warrior

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Skills: Necromancy, Enchanting, Blunt Weaponry, Heavy Armor.

    Interests: Standing menacingly in shadowy alleyways in wait for targets, twiddling with rare soul gems- to the nervousness of his followers, mixing-and-matching various bones from different corpses in hopes to create the perfect minion, giving all of his equipment unique names- such as his mace, “Vodahmin”.

    “What’s the point in life as a devotee if it’s to the wrong gods?”

    To my dismay it seemed as if nothing had come to pass. The shops still open, the guards on their regular patrols, the priesthood back to their usual sermons. The pity was evident on their faces and yet they did nothing! As if my whole world hadn’t come undone! My Svenja, my sweet, sweet Svenja. Am I nothing to the gods we so worship? I devote my life to them- for what? They did nothing for me!

    The one thing I could live for. The only thing I could live for. Torn. I had nothing- I was, nothing. Karth River beckoned to me. It was at the cliffs edge I would find salvation.

    It was only then, only at my last breath of life that my thoughts were read. My prayers, answered. A purple light shone as bright as day as if to call me further into the forest. What had I to lose? It was there I discovered there was a god who listened. A god who understood my pain. A god who hadn’t long left this world.

    He knew of my anger. My feelings of betrayal. My hatred. He whispered to me of his triumph over the false gods, defying their natural laws of which all mortals are bound. He whispered to me powers lost to the ages, and tales of revenge.

    In my anger, I now had purpose.

    • Damn what a sinister looking Character , (seriously thats a great screenshot). Love the write up as well very poetic and thematic. Really gives me those dark and conflicted vibes of a character whose gone into downward spiral toward  a path of evil. I hope this is prelude to another one of your awesome builds Jam!!

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