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          Greetings, sera. Blackblood here. Got some hard questions on how to play your sellsword character? Wanna know how to make your Lawful Good hero more interesting? Confused on whether or not a dragonborn would do x, y or z? Well you've come to the right place. Here in this thread, feel free to ask your roleplay-oriented questions about your character in game, or maybe your character in your own personal headcanon.

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      • I debated having her become power hungry as a result of having Dragonborn powers. You think that is a good angle to work from?

        • The power of the Dragonborn is immense indeed. I can imagine why anyone would begin to lose their sense of morality when gifted with such power. Even Arngeir hints that you could swing either way in terms of good or evil. Especially with shouts like Dismay, Drain Vitality, or even Soul Tear, you can become pretty evil.

          This can be amplified even moreso if you've got a purpose for that power. Something you can use to constantly legitimize your abuse of Akatosh's gift.

        • The pursuit of knowledge can lead you down a dark path, just ask old Herma Mora. I once had a Battlemage that I felt I was just going through the motions with, he sought after artifacts, magical knowledge and shouts to the point where he stopped questioning his methods. He was using shouts without regard for Akatosh, black soul gems in enchanting and even considered killing Erandur to obtain Vaermina's Skull of Corruption. He stayed his hand on this occasion but felt such remorse that he withdrew from adventuring for a time. He built his house in the woods and recollected his thoughts in peace. It was a nice little character evolution that saved an otherwise stale playthrough.


  • I don’t know if this is more of a roleplay or lore question but here goes. 

    I encountered the vigilants one day and was perplexed that my character would bother asking who is Stendarr.

    Which leads me to this question. How knowledgeable is the average person on the various aedra and daedric princes? I’m trying to decide if it makes any sense that my Nord mercenary would be unfamiliar with some of the gods and daedric princes out there.

    • Greatly depends, perhaps an isolated Skal tribe member or a hermit would be a bit ignorant about some of the gods and daedra but not your average Nord.


  • Hi there skyforgers, this is my first reply in this group so forgive possible mistakes

    While testing a character I'm currently working on I asked myself: how would a dremora statement fit in Tamriel? For background we could say they were initially slaves taken by the Argonians in the Oblivion Crisis and in the recent days these thralls have gained their liberation and are free to do whatever they want in Tamriel. What I want to know is how they should interact with Nirn if the caste system in which they have lived for centuries was casted out, in other plain, what if they were unbound to Mehrunes Dagon's will. Would they try to recover their bond with the daedric plains or they should look for a new place within Tamriel? I've been a big fan of daedric spawns and I'm thinking about making an Unbound Dremora/Valkinaz Character Build but I haven't figured nothing by the time so any fresh ideas for roleplaying, alignment, quests and all of that will be welcomed

    PD: forgive my grammar :p

    • Hey Oleg,

      Apologies for the extremely late reply. As for a Dremora, I'd imagine it could go both ways. They could trying recovering their bond back to Dagon or another Prince or they could make a new place - not one for peace - but for war and conquest. Perhaps building an army for either their self or (going with Dagon again) for Dagon.

      Roleplaying wise, an evil alignment of some sort (I'm fairly rusty in regards to that). Quests could range from doing Dagon's quest (Pieces of the Past) and extending his influence (or making your own) to maybe tearing down chapels or small towns.

      All in all, it depends on exactly what Dremora 'rank' your character is which will help with their motiviations.

  • I hope that this is the right place to post this.

    I am working on a how-to guide character build for a death squad.

    I found the name Dagi-raht Mystic from elder Scrolls: Legend

    You are a Dagi-raht Mystic from Elsweyr. As a true Khajiit you disdain weapons in favor of your claws. Armor is just going to slow you down. The teachings of the Dagi-raht teaches you that true strength comes from the pride. A rogue cat will starve and die alone in the wilderness. A strong pride will strive and flourish.

    Dagi-raht Mystics are powerful staff users. They know that it wise to reserve one’s resources.

    "Dagi-raht knows much, and tells some. Dagi-raht knows many things others do not."

    Rid-Thar-ri'Datta the first Mane came to you a vision. He told you to travel to Skyrim and form the most powerful pride formed of all the races. Rid-Thar-ri’Datta promised that you would become a master of the Roar; an ancient form of Khajiit Magic.

    "M'aiq loves the people of Skyrim. Many interesting things they say to each other."

    I feel that roleplaying part is my weak point I welcome all the help I can get.



    WIP: Death Squad Build
    This is a build that can be done at a very low level even level one; as your character isn't the one that will be doing the majority of the damage. T…
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