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Greetings, sera. Blackblood with something interesting. In the interest of making things a bit more interesting for the RP Group, I've come up with something I think will be fun for at least a few people. This is the Hitman's Hideout, a shadowy base for assassins, mercenaries, bounty hunters and everything in between. Here, various bounties are placed on the heads of various NPCs in Skyrim. Members of the site can take these bounties, complete them, and even earn money doing it!! So without further ado, let's head on in shall we?

Welcome to the Hitman's Hideout

 Several NPCs in Skyrim are bound to have no shortage of enemies lurking around the corners. Not all of them are legitimate or legal, however, and the Dark Brotherhood has fallen to ruin as of late. Thus, a retired hitman has decided to put the heads of these misfortunate men and mer on paper for you, so that aspiring assassins and bounty hunters can ply their trade on them. People that you've always wanted to get paid to kill, people you never expected to have a hit placed on them, as well as people you probably didn't even know existed. All sorts of potential targets exist out there, and as long as two people exist in this hold, someone is going to want someone else dead.

- The Bounty Board
In this hideout, the bounties for a number of NPCs are placed, to be updated at the Bounty Master's leisure. The chosen can range from anyone insignificant like Lemkil, to someone incredibly influencial like Elenwen. Members can click on each bounty to see the specifications. They can then take their character, kill that NPC, then post a screenshot of the deed. If anyone wants to suggest someone to die, send me a PM and I'll put it on the backlist. All bounties are submitted anonymously, so no worries about being counter-targeted. Bounty hunters are only allowed to claim one bounty per wave of targets.

- Profiles and Conditions
The bounties are split into three different profiles:

Low Profile - Relatively easy to kill. Usually alone, or incredibly weak.
Med Profile - Notably difficult to kill. Either strong, or surrounded by powerful allies.
High Profile - Targets are exceptionally powerful/guarded, and their bounties will very likely involve special conditions. Some of these NPCs are essential in game, and will require the assistance of mods to take their life. 

On each bounty, there may also be a set of conditions, certain things that must be done prior to, during or after the actual hit. They can range from necessary to mundane to nonsensical, but the submitted bounty will only be accepted if these conditions, if any, are also met.

- Hit Rankings
Once you've turned in a bounty, you will gain septims. The amount you gain will depend on the difficulty of the kill, the priority, and any extra conditions you may have to adhere to. Your total septim count will be recorded on the Hit Rankings, where the best hitmen are recorded.


:Hit Rankings:
~ Bounty Master -
10,000 Septims ~

  • bloodmeridian ~ 900 Septims
  • Curse ~ 350 Septims
  • Lee Fiskilis ~ 100 Septims



:Bounty Board:


 ~ Low Profile ~



~ High Profile ~



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  • Got any new bounties?

    • I second this 

      • I'll see about updating when I wake up


        Also, new rule: Hitman can only receive 1 bounty reward per wave.

        • Some fairness eh? That won’t fly in this cesspool of thugs and killers. 

          That actually sounds fair so we all get a chance. 

    4 new targets have been added to the Bounty Board.

    • Can’t imagine what could make Olava the Feeble a high profile target.

      • In-RP: She's connected to a deadly "cult" of murderers.

        Out-of-RP: She's essential, and cannot be killed without mods.

        • Good points. For some reason I figured the old lady had some nasty tricks up her sleeve.

        • If we don’t have non essential mods we can’t kill Olava :(

          • Hey BB, would a photo of the target in a death kneel suffice for those who don’t have access to mods?

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