Character Build: The Hashashin

The Hashashin is another build that came from two likes that I have in this game: Redguard race and the Paralyze effect. I wanted to finally get it all out of my system in one big build and utilize all of the ways you could take an enemy down and be an effective unarmored fighter. The result is an acrobatic sword and dagger tactician who can dominate in the field in multiple ways without ever having to wear armor.

The Hashashin

The fun part about this build is the feeling of being extremely powerful without being heavily armed or armored. Your power comes from your ability to petrify opponents, leaving them open to deadly strikes to which they cannot defend from or do anything about it!

The Hashashin has the power of paralysis in three different flavors:

  1. Alchemy - Your first steps to becoming a powerful hashashin. Alchemical effects are open to you at the start of the game and will be your back up later in the game. From 3 seconds to 15 seconds, potent brews and either be pick pocketed onto an enemy from the shadows or applied to your blades when in open combat.
  2. Enchanting - The great equalizer when fighting big foes! Slapping on some charges of the paralysis effect and you have strong bad guys falling flat on their faces defenseless and hopeless to your flurry of attacks.
  3. Alteration - The main school of magic to focus on for this build. Utilizing the incredibly powerful spells Paralyze and Mass Paralysis, you can change the outcome of any battle very quickly. Firing off multiple projectiles of the paralyze spell in quick succession can be followed up with devastating melee strikes. The use of the new ash spells allow for temporary paralysis of ranged attackers as well both in projectile and rune form.

With these three approaches, the Hashashin is a powerful paralyzing agent from beginning to end! No real weakness at any point in the game.

The Build

Race: Redguard

Stone: The Serpent - Damage 25pts of poison and Paralyze for 5s

Dragon Shouts: Aura Whisper, Become Ethereal, Disarm, Drain Vitality, Marked for Death, Slow Time, Throw Voice, Whirlwind Sprint

Major Skills: Alteration, One Handed, Sneak, Enchanting

Minor Skills: Alchemy, Pickpocket, Restoration, Smithing

Equipment: Alik'r Hood, Dunmer Clothes (red w/o hood), Gloves, Redguard Boots

Enchantments to shoot for:

Fortify One Handed

Fortify Alteration: 75%-100%

Paralyze (weapons)

Weapons: Pair of Nordic Swords, Pair of Nordic Daggers (Paralyze and Soul Trap)


Skills and Perks

Alteration: The mainstay of the Hashashin. Magic resists, boosting to mage armor spells, detect spells, water breathing (if no enchantment yet), and of course ... PARALYZE! This is the school to be focused on and used at all times whether your are sneaking or you are in open combat. Taking Silent Casting in the illusion tree may be something to look into, but in my play through I never had to worry about that because I would just cast another paralyze and down goes the alerted enemies. This is also the source of magical armor protection that will be of great use when in open combat.

One Handed: Your damage dealing skill. Dual Nordic swords are your heavy hitting weapons, but it is cool to note that the Nordic daggers are not too much off from the sword base damage, meaning I was finding myself using the daggers more often than not even in open combat. Dual Flurry 2/2 makes you a whirling bladesman of death.

Sneak: A staple for the Hashashin. Setting up your "plays" are what you need to focus on. Pickpocketing paralyze poisons are key very early on, so it is better to stay undetected when in a heavily guarded cave or dungeon.

Enchanting: Where most of your power comes from. This can turn your weapons into crippling tools of destruction, making even the biggest of enemies fall down like kittens playing with yarn.

Alchemy: Your saving grace early on. Being that you are not wearing armor and relying on mage armor combined with flesh spells, the paralyze poisons you will be concocting are invaluable to your survival. Placing these in enemies pockets or simply poisoning your blades with them makes you stand and enemies hit the floor.

Pickpocket: Stealthily placing poisons in enemies pockets is enabled when taking the poisoner perk in this tree. Training this skill early on is no trouble and allows for early game domination on unsuspecting baddies.

Restoration: Healing and recovering from fights is essential for this build. When found out, which is often early on, you will need healing when not wearing protective armor or when your flesh spells run out when you least suspect it.

Smithing: The Hashashin has to sharpen his blades to cut down his targets. Nordic weapons require Advanced Armors perk to upgrade, so it is not a huge investment. Arcane smithing is also needed when you are upgrading your enchanted weapons.

Level 20            Level 40            Level 60


The beauty of this build is that you are always going to have the upper hand. I have loved the Paralyze spells and effects since I began playing and this is my approach to addressing that love in one encompassing build.

Sneaking is a must at all times, leveling it quickly and boosting your skill at being undetected. With this, you can place poisons of paralysis and lingering damage poisons into the pockets of your enemies and watch them slowly get eaten away while you may choose to slash them up into pieces. The use of daggers is essential if you want to be silent when in a room full of foes. The swords are for when you really want to lay on the hurt, whirling into a room full of frozen enemies, having your pick at who dies first.

Combining the three approaches to paralyze is your choice when playing. The combat tactics have multiple ways of taking down the other guy and overcoming challenges. Paralyze will NOT always work on every enemy, such as dragons and some very high bosses. That is why we take Alteration all the way to the master level: Dragonhide. Pulling off the Become Ethereal shout allows for easy casting of Dragonhide, allowing for maximum damage reduction.

Combat Tactics

Ash Trap: Ash Rune + Throw Voice - Lure a ranged enemy into your ash rune before engaging in the melee opponents.

Mr. Sandman: Become Ethereal -> Mass Paralysis - When surrounded and in open combat, activating Become Ethereal followed by the master spell Mass Paralysis allows for every enemy to fall on their faces for an extended period of time. Choose to either escape or go sword/dagger crazy.

Sandshell: Become Ethereal -> Dragonhide - Similar to Mr. Sandman, except you rely on your weapon's paralyze enchantment to take down enemies. You will be approaching these foes with maximum damage reduction.

3 Tiered Assassination:

1. Pickpocket paralyze poison -> dual wield sword fury

2. Paralyze spell from afar -> dual sword fury

3. 30x sneak attack dagger damage -> dual sword fury


All in all, it is a straightforward build with a lot of creative approach given to the player. I hope you will enjoy this build as much as I do. Sneaking for tactical positioning is one of my favorite playstyles and this build utilizes my favorite spell/effect. It is extremely satisfying to take down enemies knowing you didn't put a perk into armor or anything related to defense besides a school of magic you will otherwise be using anyway! Have fun, and happy hunting!

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