Character Build: The Hex Commander

Name: Drayvol


Race: High elf

Gender: Male

Standing Stone: The Lady +The Tower

Level 40


Health:400, Stamina:150, Magick:140

Healtg:500, Stamina:200 with enchantments


1-handed, illusion, heavy armor, enchanting,smithing


Dwarven Armor set, silver necklace, silver ring, aetherial crown, dwarven mace, mind control spiders, potions of illusion




Mace: Fear & absorb stamina

Chest: Fortify smithing & fortify illusion

Helmet: Waterbreathing & fortify illusion

Gauntlets: Fortify smithing & fortify carry weight

Boots: Fortify stamina & fortify carry weight

Ring: Fortify illusion & fortify health

Necklace: Fortify illusion & fortify health


calm, pacify, fury, frenzy


kyne's peace, dismay, disarm, animal allegience, whirlwind sprint, dragonrend, bend will, dragon aspect, unrelenting force


Highborn, Nightengale Subterfuge, Secret of Protection


Fus Meditation, Dragonborn Force, Seeker of Might, Companion's Insight, Ancient Knowledge


Stormcloaks, Dawnguard, Thieves Guild, Nightengale



He lived in a small town on a private island ownd by his father. On this island his father hired "teachers" these "teachers" are to "teach" Drayvol to be afraid to leave his father's side as well be afraid of leaving the island. One day he made a friend this friend decided enough was enough so this friend was determined to put an end to Drayvol's father's fearmongering conspiracy.

The friend killed Drayvol's father but the father hired dark brotherhood assassins before his death. The friend was determined to help Drayvol escape so that Drayvol could have a new beginning & have a little more control over his life so the friend brought Drayvol to a boat the friend had found but just a they were about to leave six dark brotherhood assassins jumped them.

Decided not to risk it the friend put Drayvol on the boat & pushed the boat out towards the sea staying back on the island to hold off the assassins biding Drayvol farewell.Drayvol sadden yet hopeful ended he up at Skyrim's boarder where ther was an imperial ambush. He surrendered in hopes his life would be spared only to find himself carted off to his execution.

After escaping he decides to have revenge but first he wanted to learn illusion in order to have some control. The reason he decides to become thane of every hold why joins the thieves guilds,the dawnguard is to have control. He destroys the dark brotherhood out of revenge.

Admittedly he wasn't interested in the dwarves until he met a curious breton name Sorine Jurard her enthusiasm of the dwarves. That was what got him interested to learn & research as much as he can about the dwarves in his free time. He started of with the dwarves mysterious metal noting that it could be used to craft somewhat strong armor as well as a descent weapon.



Main, Stormcloak civil war, Dawnguard,Dragonborn, Thieves Guild questline, Destroy The Dark Brotherhood, Unfathomable Depths, Lost to The Ages, Black Bow of Fate, Lost Expedition, Discerning The Transmundane, The Only Cure.


Up close & personal.


When it comes to dragons wait until they land then attack them with your mace. Once you get dragonrend just use the shout while the dragon hovers in place. Once you get bendwill use it to ride dragons & get them to help you in battle in open outdoor spaces. Early on you might want to use highborn to help level up illusion.

When fighting animals use either kyne's or animal allegiance. When up against guards or bounty hunters use pacify or use nightengale subterfuge or dismay shout or just pay the fine. Up against locks use the aetherial crowm to add tower stone.

Against anything else use pacify or frenzy or mind control spiders & use disarm shout take the fallen weapon if you can. For more defense use secret of protection with dragon aspect. To close the distance use whirlwind sprint. Use unrelenting force when you're surrounded by enemies. When against boss like enemies drink a potion of fortify illusion.

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