Character Build: The Order of Judgment

Welcome to Hainesy and I’s second collaboration. The first one went over very well, winning the second character building contest, so we thought it only right to use our rewards from that and create another collaboration. The ideas of our previous build streamlined the early thoughts of this one. We are excited to present this because you are about to read a build that has a very simple, yet versatile style; a build that is so good it is evil; a build that ultimately controls fate.

The Order of Judgment


"The day of reckoning is upon us"


Race: Any

Stone: Steed

Essential Quests: Dawnguard, Thieves’ Guild, Various follower quests

Major Skills: Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, One-Handed,

Minor Skills: Archery, Heavy Armor, Restoration, Smithing, Sneak


  • Thieves’ Guild Hood
  • Steel Plate Armor
  • Dawnguard Heavy Gauntlets
  • Dawnguard Heavy Boots
  • Nordic Sword/War Axe/Mace
  • Nordic Bow w/ Nordic Arrows

Chapter 1: Origins of the Order


I have seen men bloodied, battered and bruised. I have seen men murdered and tortured. I have seen men ripped away from their families and their families from them. All by other men. And for what? To settle a dispute over land or money. Or maybe just to have someone do all of their work for them because they are too lethargic to do it themselves. Or maybe… maybe it is just because it is in their nature. Deep down they feel complete when pushing and shoving their way around. The worst part? Our gods sit idly by and watch their creations tear apart the very world they created. No, if they shall not put an end to this then it is up to us to save ourselves, from ourselves. It must be us who passes judgment on these wicked beings.

The everyday man has deemed himself far too corrupt to hold such power though. Therefore it must be left to the righteous. Those who possess an unparalleled sense of right and wrong. Those who can be trusted to do whatever is necessary to create a new utopian world. To take the power from the gods, the gamble from the ordinary man, and decide for themselves who shall live and shall die.

Chapter 2: The Attributes of the Order


An alliance shall be forged of the most noble men and women of every race. They shall scour Nirn, cleansing the world from its evils. They will be hardy, swift and merciless. They will move amongst the shadows, for otherwise they face persecution. They will be known, feared, and respected far and wide as the Order of Judgment.

This team will identify with the Griffin, also known as the protector of life. It represents the balance of good and bad qualities. Among its good qualities are justice and nobility, while the “bad” include ferocity and violence. The Griffin will be their symbol because it embodies what they are: unbound justice.

No laws nor legislature will restrict their actions. The only way to fight evil is on a leveled playing field, and if the villianous know no bounds, then neither shall we. If anyone dare oppose the justice we herald, then it is only fitting that they suffer the same fate as their counterparts: death. And for those that have been unjustly wronged, they will be granted life once again.


Chapter 3: Skills & Equipment


During my travels I have met many different people, the strangest of most was a very scientific necromancer. He relayed some information to me that baffled me. He explained that the use of shock based magic can have effects ranging from revival to disintegration. That is why I believe shock magic will be very important to this team, and I now know why the gods are notoriously known for using it. Shock magic can give life in small doses, but also abruptly take it away when overly abused.

Screenshot11onpaper.jpg?width=300Which leads me to why all members need to be well versed in Necromancy and the school of Restoration. Necromancy is simply the darker version of Restoration. It has been branded as dark because men who have conquered their demons simply wish not to fight them again. This team will need to learn that Necromancy is actually not dark, it is in fact good. It is the giving of life. Just as Restoration magic sustains life, Necromancy grants it to those who deserve it.

While being able to give the gift of life is important, it will not be their only job. No, they must also punish those who take it away. With a strong base in Archery and the use of One-Handed weaponry, expelling the evils that plague man are child’s play. Anyone capable of shooting a bow or swinging a sword will be able to be trained to become lethal eradicators of the unjust.

Screenshot18onpaper.jpg?width=300Although it will be a normality within this team, the outside world frowns upon the use of Necromancy and killing, even in the name of justice. Therefore it is essential that all members be trained in stealth to protect their true identities. They will wear ordinary clothes in public, but when night falls and their mission begins, they shall put on the armor of their order. At this time, a simple hood will be enough to conceal their identity. They will be able to move around the shadows unnoticed and strike without hesitation or restraint.

All members must be well conditioned otherwise their Heavy Armor will weigh them down. It is imperative that they use Heavy Armor because it is the only thing that will sufficiently protect them in any given situation. They should be able to craft and temper their own weaponry and armor so that it is guaranteed to be of the highest standards.

Finally, the school of Illusion magic shall be taught to them. It will be through this magic that they will have a chance to show people the error of their ways. Though the effects may be draining, dual-casting Illusion spells is enough to reach the inner minds of nearly anyone.

Chapter 4: Combat

Through stealth, combat can be initiated from a multitude of angles. Ideally, one will either immediately eliminate the threat at hand or will be able to provoke one of their enemies. By using Illusion magic a member will be able to turn the numbers of a battle in their favor. While the enemies quarrel it is important that they not let up offensive pressure. This is when sufficient training with a bow comes into play. When their magicka is low or they become fatigued, their bow shall become their crutch. Use of the bow will create space and allow them a chance to regain composure.

Screenshot4onpaper.jpg?width=300Once their strength has returned, they shall fearlessly charge into battle. Close quarter combat is where the Order will shine. With weapon in one hand and spell in the other, they will be able to dance around enemies. The use of shock magic will force any opposition to a halt as one can string together strains of lightning and attack multiple enemies at once. Foes will be forced to distance from one another out of fear of turning to ash as lightning jumps from one enemy to the next, this opens up the ability to fight one on one in a melee setting. In a setting where it is impossible to best such voracious fighters.

If an enemy somehow comes close to threatening a member, that member will have left at least one body unmangled. This body shall serve as an aid, it will be revived and shall turn the tides of the battle once again. This gives the member breathing room to heal and continue their purgation of evil.

Chapter 5: Reinforcements


Even though members of the Order may seem untouchable on their own, it is downright idiotic that they be confronted when together. When together a natural bond is formed. One that puts both members into a natal state. They can now turn to what they know best, the skills they are naturally fond of. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing an Orc and a Nord brutalize a group of bandits or a Wood Elf fire arrows from afar as a Dark Elf shocks and slashes through a horde of vampires.

Chapter 6: Signature Tactics

Blind Justice

Through a balance of discipline and strength, a sneak attack from a member of the Order is the worst torture imaginable. With a mix of finesse and ferocity, a member will charge their enemy and attack. This attack will merely be enough to incapacitate their foe. Enough for them to look up from the ground and see who it was that killed them before they turn to ashes.

Need: Silent Roll, Critical Charge, Lightning Cloak, One-Handed Weapon, Disintegrate, Muffle


As I alluded to earlier, some of the undeserving may be granted life once again. But merely as a pawn. They will simply be used as a means to create space. By summoning a dead corpse, it acts as conduit for shock magic. Rather than gambling by shooting walls with Chain Lightning, this revived body will be targeted. This allows the lighting to arch around corners and spread throughout the room as enemies draw near their risen “ally.”

Need: Raise Undead, Chain Lightning, Summoner


This is the end all tactic for members of the Order of Judgment. While they are cloaked in lightning and using two weapons, their damage output is drastically raised. Factoring in that obscene amounts of shock magic has the ability to disintegrate people and that the damage from the cloak is added to their weapons, enemies will fall to ash around them within minutes.

Need: Dual-Wielded Weapons, Disintegrate, Lightning Cloak

Chapter 7: Passing Judgment


Those who steal in the name of evil shall be punished. Those who kill in the name of evil shall be eradicated. Those who follow evil will be eliminated. And those that are evil will be exterminated. A simple note will be left by their ashes explaining why the met the fate they did. There is no room for evil in this world. And those that fall victim to it shall be avenged and given a second chance.



This book was designed as a warning. For the people of Nirn. You now know the consequences of your evil. And you now know that your actions will not go unpunished. A new world is upon us. A world free from criminals and murderers. A world that is pure and just. Those who live a righteous and honest life have nothing to fear.  Everyone else, you have been warned.


Founder of the Order of Judgment



  1. There is no stat allocation because it varies based on what you race you play as and the style you favor.
  2. Suitable followers include J’zargo, Jenassa and Belrand.
  3. To recreate the note of death, you can simply drop a roll of paper at the corpse/ashes. It does not have to be every person you kill, just the bosses or people you target targets. In real life Hainesy and I kept notebooks of the people we passed judgment on and why.
  4. Here you can check out the profile of Hainesy's Order of Judgement character: Za'Kir


Big thanks to Ponty for screenshots and the video. 

This build was a collaboration of Hainesy and myself.

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