Event build: The Devilish Angel

The Devilish Angel


Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality. I have found that those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.  I am not insane, except upon occasions when my heart was touched by good or evil. Have I never suffered, I would never have been blessed. Maybe I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity. I find truth and lies hard to believe. The only good is knowledge, the only evil is ignorance. Heaven is closed, hell is sold out, so I walk on earth. 


Chapter I: Overview

Race: Altmer
Unless you would want to roleplay another race with the same back story, then it’s totally up to you. Can’t live by the idea that you’re a high elf? Dunmer, Bretons and Imperials can fit in just as well.

Stone: Thief / Serpent / Shadow
I started with the thief stone until my sneaking skills were high enough. Then I switched to the shadow stone to boost my sneaking and illusion abilities. But I tend to use the serpent stone as well to increase my assassination abilities.

Stat spread: 2 magicka/1 health/1 stamina  Until you have spent 5 in stamina.
After you have reached 150 stamina it’s 1 magicka/1 health.

Biography in short:
I am a high born high elf that was not able to use magic. Therefore I utilised stealth, dexterity and speech to accomplish my goals.  Back on the Summerset Isles I was a diplomat for the Aldmeri Dominion, being my fathers right hand. There has always been a conflict of good and evil within me. I have done horrible things that benefit me, but also helped others out of selflessness. I have killed people who were in my way, but also relieved people from a certain death. My life is not defined by pure evil or pure good. I’m walking on a tightrope, trying to do good while acting evil.  I’m in for the thrill of a kill, but also to do some good to the world, relieving it of darkness.  Some people don’t deserve to live. People call me an evil creature or call me an angel – sent by the nine divines. Each day a choice gets made. I think it’s mine to make, but I’m wrong. My hand gets forced to play sometimes. When I was sentenced to death, after being caught assassinating an Imperial necromancer, I was sent to Helgen to be executed. Something happened that changed my life. A dragon  appeared and shouted at me when I was with my head on the execution block. It unlocked incredible powers in my veins, and I could cast magic. And this is where my story begins. 



Chapter II: Backstory




 It was 4E 171 when Shana was born.  She was destined to achieve great things – being daughter of two children in a high-born family in the Summerset Isles.  The moment she opened her dark colored eyes, her parents knew something was off about her.  Her father, Manor Aedor, serves as the High Priest of the Aldmeri Dominion.  Due to his upbringing in the Aldmeri Dominion, he was raised to believe in Altmer superiority and looked down upon those that were High Elves.  Her mother, Aurfire Aedor, is professor at university in the Summerset Isles.  She instructs adolescent high elves about the various gods that have existed in Tamriel.

Ever since Shana was a toddler, she never quite fit in with the other kids.  She was brilliant and very athletic for her age.  Her agility, keen senses, and perception were extraordinary, allowing her to manoeuvre around the playground like no other.  Her dexterity allowed her to always have the upper hand against her opponents.  Her keen senses became apparent when playing games like hide and seek, where she would quickly find the other children.  Unfortunately, due to this, she became bored of these games rather quickly as they became easier the more she played.  Despite her athleticism, she was unable to use magic.  Whenever there was a class that involved magic, she studied it carefully, but failed trying. 




She did not enjoy her time in school because she felt her intelligence wasn’t being challenged.  Being the black sheep of the class, she was often the target of bullying and obscure comments which helped hone her skills in speechcraft.  Whenever anyone tried to bully her, she would always talk her way out of it, usually mocking them in the process.  One day when she was in the bathroom in school, a group of 3 young elves attacked her from behind; however her keen senses allowed her to avoid the ambush.  One of the attackers tried to cast a paralysis spell on her, but her speed made landing spells on her quite difficult.  She got near the spellcaster and redirected the cast to one of the other attackers, rendering them immobile.  At the same time, she placed a death grip on the casters neck, breaking it.  Seeing this, the final attacker fled the bathroom in fear.  Shana approached the paralyzed elf and suffocated him with her belt.  Shortly after, the headmaster and the shaken attacker arrived at the scene.  Instead of being accused and convicted of the kill, she could convince the headmaster that her assailant was the murderer and that he tried to frame her – using dark sorcery!  The surviving attacker was swiftly expelled and sent to jail.  “’You’re a Daedra, a demon spawn!” was the last thing he said to her before he was removed from the courthouse.  From that moment, Shana knew she was becoming a speech master.


When Shana became older and more experienced, it became clear to her parents that Shana was special.  How could a child that could not cast a spell become the most proficient student in school?  Shana talked, convinced, and intimidated her way to the top of her classes.  In her teenage years, she was able to improve her agility in such a way that no other High Elf could achieve before her.  However, being agile was not regarded favourably in the Summerset Isles.  To Shana, becoming a proficient caster was the most important thing to her. Shana was unable to cast a single spell, which made her feel unworthy of love or admiration.  Everyone in school knew she was involved with the murder of another student, which made her an outcast.  Despite this, she still managed to get the best grades of her class, except in sorcery.  One day the headmaster gave her an ultimatum, in that she either improves her grades in sorcery, or she will be expelled from school.  Upon hearing the news, her parents, in their fury, attempted to take the school to court.  Despite all of this, Shana had other plans in mind.  


Due to her mother being a teacher, she learned of Clavicus Vile – Master of Insidious Wishes – who could potentially fulfil her wishes.  In the library, she learned that she could strike a bargain with him at the shrine in Haemar’s Shame. She devised a plan to leave home with permission from her parents to visit the shrine in Skyrim.  It was a long trip from the Summerset Isles, and her first time away from home.  Her enhanced perception and light steps made it easy for her to avoid any danger until she made it to the shrine. There she was, a teenager, ready to make a bargain with a Daedric prince.  Shana said, “Lord Vile, I have a request from you.”  After this moment, her life changed forever.  Clavicus Vile granted her wish to use magic but to fulfil her end of the bargain, she had to assassinate an exceptionally powerful mage.  

With her task in mind, she went back to the Summerset Isles and devised a plan to fulfil her end of the bargain.  She had to slay an innocent.  Shana was not desperate enough to give anything in the world to become a mage herself, however, she does notice a feeling of excitement when thinking about killing someone to gain incredible power.  For a time, she studied the mages college at the Summerset Isles and learned all about the different mages who lived and practised there. She knew exactly who she wanted for the kill; the headmaster of the college. 


One night, when she was fully prepared, she decided to enact her plan.  That night, she followed the headmaster home and snuck into his house, waiting for him to go to sleep.  The moment he closed his eyes, he was already dead.  Shana was already beside him with a dagger in her hand, where she swiftly and cleanly pierced his heart.  The moment she pierced his heart she felt incredible power flowing through her veins.  “Excellent work.  There’s power for you to discover, but you will have to find it within yourself.  You were already born with it, but you could not see nor feel the magic within you, but it’s there.”  Excited, she went back home and tried to cast the Flames spell, but It did not work. 

For weeks, she tried to cast spells in class but she was met with little success.  Fortunately, her father managed to let Shana graduate without a magic grade.  She has become a young woman, ready for college and wanting to start a profession.  Due to her lack of magical prowess, her father offered her a position as his right hand – being his protégé and pupil in becoming an ambassador.  So she went to college, gaining diplomatic skills.  Her eagerness for the spoken word made her unbelievably convincing.  She excelled in being her father’s right hand and was involved in diplomatic meetings all over the world.  She even met important people and was able to sway them for her cause.  Due to her charisma and skill in speechcraft, she quickly became seen as a royal figurehead.  The world sees her as an ambassador to the Altmer race, but this is only one side of the coin that the world can see.  In truth, this is what she wants people to see, because her other side is far darker.

After Shana worked with her father for a few years everything seemed exemplary.  She had an honest role in the Altmer community and did a great deal of good in her position.  However, there were times that her diplomatic relations asked for more severe actions.  On the Summerset Isles, there were opposing factions who disagreed with what the Aldmeri Dominion stands for, plotting radical actions like sabotage and kidnapping of members.  Keen as Shana was, she could always figure out who these people were, which enabled her to walk the darker path.  Shana has developed quite the skill for assassination.  Her agility allowed her to blend in with the shadows, making her move unseen.  The opposing faction members never knew what hit them, but were found with a pierced heart of a slit throat.  Over the next few years, she had killed those who simply stood in her way, or because she desired the thrill of the kill. 

10235456278?profile=RESIZE_584xBut not everything is about the thrill of the kill.  She had a soft heart for children who were lost or doomed by other people's mistakes.  One day she purposely got involved in a case involving the capture of Nordic thieves.  Among the thieves were young children.  The rules of the Dominion are clear: Thieves being captured by the Aldmeri Dominion would mean a certain death.  The night before the thieves were going to be executed, she tried to use her diplomatic status to convince the warden of the jail to set these people free, specifically, the children.  She felt a certain sense of compassion for them, because they reminded her of when she was young; being judged. Unfortunately for the warden she did not take a ‘’no’’ for an answer.  She concealed herself in an unremarkable disguise, allowing her to kill the guards and set the people free.  Before they left, she spoke to the people, swearing that if she ever finds out that they get these kids into trouble again, she would slit all of their throats.  One of the children said to Shana, “You are truly an angel, sent by the nine divines!” 

For several years, Shana enjoyed her life of being a diplomatic assassin.  She was in her twenties and having a successful career.  But things were about to change.  People went missing, were found assassinated, or died in horrible accidents, none of which were caused by her hand.  One day, an investigator found a trail leading to her.  One of the thieves she set free a few years ago traded his information for money.  He gave information about some young high-born woman talking about being from the Aldmeri Dominion that tried persuading the guards.  Despite her good intentions, Shana had unintentionally left a trail leading to her.  It wasn’t a big clue to go on, but the investigator was following the lead he could find and use.  With much difficulty, he started tailing her day and night in hopes to catch the unknown assassin.  Unfortunately for him, she was able to avoid him quite easily.  

Outside of the tailing investigator, Shana had no idea that she was being followed or that she was ratted out by someone close to her.  One night, she went out to slay a high elf who practised the necromantic arts and sacrificed children to Sanguine - the blood god. 


She could not let him take the life of an innocent child. She followed him home in an inconspicuous outfit. While she was stalking her target, she did not know that she was being followed by the investigator. When the necromancer went inside, Shana climbed up the window and waited there for the right moment to strike. The investigator was onto her, and used a spell to call for backup immediately. The reinforcements were heavily armed and waiting out of sight for a signal of the investigator. When the necromancer went to bed, Shana was making her way in the house – dagger in hand. The moment she pierced the necromancer's heart with her dagger, she heard a loud bang downstairs and footsteps coming upstairs and over the roof. She leaped for the nearest window for a quick escape, but a firm hand gripped her by her hair and smacked her face to the wall – knocking her unconscious. The guards found the human necromancer dead in his bed, heart pierced with a dagger. The investigator took a close look and said: ‘’This is the exact same stab wound found on all the other victims’’. 

When Shana woke up, she was bound in chains and in an isolated jail. The jail was heavily guarded. There was no way to escape. The investigator accused Shana of the murder on the necromancer and linked her dagger to the other murders that happened past years. There was no hard evidence beside that. When she faced court, she stood trail for the murder of an  important Imperial ambassador. Her last victim was more than just a human necromancer. She made a mistake. Nevertheless she tried to persuade the judge into the necromancing he did. But she had no proof. The only proof evident was several witnesses and her dagger fitting the stab wound. She knew what was going to happen: death sentence. The following days she had visits from friends and family. Her mother could not visit her anymore, it was too painful. Her father tried to understand her motives. 


Since he was high priest of the Aldmeri Dominion, a lot of blood was on his hands. Her mother knew what he does for a living. But that is for a good cause. The Altmer were superior in her eyes. But now her own daughter is guilty of a cold blooded assassination. First she was sad, but then decided not wanting to see her own daughter anymore. She couldn’t bear anything related to Shana anymore. Her father tried to pull some diplomatic strings, but without success. She had to face court. In the courtroom was someone special. It was an imperial captain, who was the sister of the imperial necromancer she had assassinated. The Imperial captain demanded a death sentence, performed in Helgen. This was the birth town of the Captain and her brother.  The judges looked upon Shana. The verdict of the judge was: guilty as charged and sentenced to death by the captain's hand. Death seemed inevitable now. For some reason it gave Shana solace that her mind was at peace. She did not feel anything at all. For the first time in her life she experienced inner peace. 

When Shana was about to be transported to Skyrim, her mother and father showed up together. ‘’Why did you do it, Shana?’’ asked her mother. She did not understand how her good behaving little angel with a kind heart could be capable of assassinations. She was disgusted by her own daughter. Shana said: ‘’ The world is better off with some people gone. Our lives are not all interconnected. That theory is garbage. Some people truly do not need to be here.” Her mother wept and turned away. Her father nodded to her and said: ‘’You are a disgrace to the Altmer. Farewell my daughter. May your execution be swift and painless’’. 10235459255?profile=RESIZE_584x

The road to Skyrim was harsh, cold and uncomfortable. She travelled in a carriage accompanied by other prisoners who they collected on the way. In Skyrim they made a few stops to collect some new prisoners. One of them was named Ulfric Stormcloak. That name sounds familiar to her. They rode into a small town called Helgen. There were guards patrolling the perimeter, other prisoners and an executioner with a big axe. One of the prisoners tried to run away but got killed by an arrow. Even in this situation it was impossible for her to escape. The Imperial Captain ordered the first prisoner to the beheading block. Shana heard a vague screeching sound. The guards seemed to hear it as well. The captain ordered the guards to continue. She looked at Shana with a glare that should frighten her. After the first prisoner was beheaded, Shana was ordered to the block by the Imperia Captain. The screeching sound became much louder than earlier. ‘’Did you hear that? There it is again’’ said another guard. Shana was knocked down and the guard put her head on the block. He swung his axe above his head, ready to end Shana’s life. At that moment, a huge thunder sound cracked the skies and a dragon the size of a house landed on one of the guard towers. The dragon unleashed a firestorm over the city and screeched in the direction of Shana – rendering the guards holding her immobile. From this moment she felt an unbelievable strength running through her veins and a burst of flames erected from her fingertips. She was casting magic! A helping hand got Shana up to her feet and said: ‘’Hey, kinsman! Get up! Come on, the gods won’t give us another chance!’’. And this is where her story begins.


Chapter III: Gameplay

Early game: 

"All my spells smell like burnt hair lately".
‘’The dagger is just a tool. It is the assassin's hand that delivers death’’.

Shana is a charismatic assassin on a mission. She doesn’t necessarily need to keep a low profile, since everyone thinks she got executed. She can use this to her advantage. After leaving Helgen and the adventure to Bleak Falls Barrow, it is of utmost importance to take a carriage to the mages college. Shana should use her new ability to use magic to join the mages college and start developing her newly found craft. The road to college  she explored caves and hide outs and used stealth in combination with a dagger or bow. 

Mid game:

‘’The only source of knowledge is experience’’.
‘’Not everything deserves to live, not everything deserves to die’’.

After creating ties with the sorcerers in the mages college, getting geared up  and learning new abilities,  it was time Shana went on an adventure and ventured into the main college quest line. The enemies she faces during these quests are not deserving of living. Shana has no problem ending lives to get the knowledge she seeks. After becoming headmaster of the mages college, she carried her adventure on. The reason Shana is alive is because of a dragon shout. She felt a connection with them and wants to find out its source. She needed to find out what connection she has with the dragons. 

Late game:

‘’The end is in the beginning and yet you go on‘’.
‘’You thought, as a child, that a mage is one who can do anything. So I thought, once. So did we all. And the truth is that as a person’s real power grows and knowledge widens, the road grows narrower: until at last nothing is chosen, but does only what wholly what must be done’’. 

From this moment Shana is an experienced sorcerer and capable of visiting any place without being caught. This is the part of her life where she starts to explore Skyrim and follow up on clues or quests. If someone asked her to explore a home where children went missing, then that’s where Shana goes. 


Chapter IV Skills



‘’Huh, who’s there?! Oh well, guess it was nothing’’.
‘’The greatest pleasure I know is to do a good action by stealth, and to have it found out by accident’’. 

Using stealth in  my advantage is my most utilised form of offence in combination with magic, dagger, bow or traps. My most used spells are concealing spells like shadow walk, invisibility and teleport. It has the versatility to kill even the strongest enemies without having to worry about getting caught. Invisibility is great for entering battles or running away from hefty opponents. When I grow older and more experienced, I can use my developed stealth skills to instantly kill enemies with a dagger or shot from a (cross)bow. Being a stealth master gives me great openings in dealing critical damages to weak spots.  Beside my weapons I use stealth to silently cast spells on enemies to make them frenzy or stunned. It depends on my main goal: do I need to kill or just get past. 


‘’In a world where illusion is preferred to reality, the illusionists have the most control’’. 
‘’There is an optical illusion about every person we meet’’. 

I use illusion spells to reinforce my stealth skills. Casting spells from a position in complete silence gives me a great advantage. Sneaking into a room, using invisibility to get myself in advantageous areas to Quietly Cast spells to control the mind of my foes. These kinds of spells are my go to spells beside my dagger or (cross)bow. Sometimes it’s better to Pacify or Frenzy enemies instead of slitting their throats. A good casted mind control spell can change the outcome of a battle - when being caught - drastically. 


‘’Speech is power. Speech is to persuade, to convert and to compel’’.
‘’The strongest weapon against hateful speech is not repression; it is more speech’’.

I have a sharp tongue which makes me an expert in talking with others. This tends to give me better rewards from quests and higher selling prices in stores. Persuading others gives me the ability to walk into a room without having to draw any weapon and still winning the fight. Having the ability to invest in local stores makes me wanted and loved by the people. It draws away all negative attention. My words can cut through enemies, or disarm them,  after I learn the ability to shout.  


‘’She didn’t give me the key to her heart. Luckily I have lockpicks’’. 
‘’The pickpocket is usually very well dressed and of prepossessing appearance’’.

When it comes to thievery, I use my dexterity to unlock doors and chests to pilfer their contents.  This is essential to me, because some enemies are not easy to approach. If I can unlock a door or two, it creates opportunities that work well with my sneaking abilities to get an advantage.  Pickpocketing is incredibly useful to place poisons in pockets. I’ve often found myself having problems taking out targets closely guarded by henchmen with a lot of health.  Placing a paralysis poison on the guard can cause a distraction to make the next move. Eventually I’m becoming very skilled in pickpocketing, relieving anyone of their weapons. It’s fun to steal someone's weapons and then watch them follow you with bare fists.




‘’Air: our thoughts. Fire: our passion. Water: our emotions. Earth: ourselves’’.
‘’Some live in the past and some learn from it. Some walk through the fire and some burn from it’’.  

The shout of the dragon in Helgen unlocked my magical powers. I still had to develop them. The rune spells are my main utilised spells due to its Area of Effect. Also the Ice Lance is a viable option. Personally I preferred to use frost spells over fire and shock, because it packs enough punch to deal damage and the frost slows and stuns enemies. 


‘’Alchemy, at its root, is the transformation of the self’’.
‘’No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess’’.

I have seen assassins using poisons to kill their targets. This is no exception for me. I can brew special poisons and potions which can slowly drain the life out of the target. Beside hurting poisons, I also have paralyse- poisons to temporarily knock out enemies which I do not want to kill. Also it’s important not to get caught. Casting a spell is sometimes not a viable option. . Sometimes it’s better this way. Not everyone needs to be taken out permanently. I also learned to brew potions that fortify my skills. This in combination with my  enchanting skill can create powerful gear.

One handed:

‘’A knife becomes a dagger, only when blood is spilled’’.
‘’The tongue, like a sharp knife, kills without drawing blood’’. 

I am not much of a sword master, but I am very skillful with daggers. This fits perfectly with my dexterity and sneaking abilities. I do not wish to become involved in a melee fight at all. Therefore using stealth in combination with a well-placed sneak attack has my preference, killing my target in seconds. A dagger is the only physical weapon I can carry around everywhere. 


‘’My only desire is an intimate infusion with enchanting, and the only fate I wish is to have worked and lived in harmony with her laws’’.
‘’The enchanting of gear fills our lives with grace and ease’’. 

Getting myself beefed-up gear is something really nice. It reduces my spell costs and fortifies my skills. But what I really like about Enchanting is the hefty sum of septims it brings. I found that out when I disenchanted a Fear enchantment from a looted weapon, and enchanting found weapons with it.



‘’There is no conjuring something from nothing. There is a give and take’’.
‘’Magic and art tend to share a lot of the same language. They both talk about evocation, invocation and conjuration’’.

This is not my main form of offence, but I will use it if necessary. Conjuring a (cross)bow or a dagger  in combination with Alchemy to apply poisons to my foes. Sometimes it’s better to use a paralysing arrow than killing. I have experienced that using archery when a dragon shows up is quite useful. This skill is amazing for distracting my opponents by conjuring a creature right next to them, giving me an opportunity to strike while they are distracted.


 ‘’Alteration is a constructive act, not a destructive one, and it’s the opposite of most of our impulses’’.
‘’The world is what you make of it. If it doesn’t fit, you make alterations’’. 

I have experienced that Alternation is an incredibly useful school of magic. Using spells like Detect keeps me aware of my enemy locations. The flesh spells are useful when trouble begins up close. If you haven’t thrown a Paralyse spell at a Draugr overlord and cast spells in his face, well, you haven’t experienced life to its fullest.


Chapter V: Gear

‘’Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak’’.
‘’Your mind is your weapon. Load your weapon’’. 



Chapter VI: Combat

‘’Engage your brain before you engage your weapon '’.
‘’If you want to be strong, learn how to fight alone’’.
‘’Nobody is innocent, there are merely varying levels of guilt’’. 

I am an exceptionally skillful athlete that uses stealth as my primary playstyle. Just because I am on my own doesn’t mean I am less dangerous. My skills are well developed to get out of every dangerous situation and handle my opponents. Since I am a high born and well educated person, I know my enemies. I know their strengths and weaknesses.  Besides knowing their weaknesses, I also know mine as well. When I progressed into the world, I faced enemies that could easily kill me in one hit, meaning that I avoid such deadly situations entirely. I always have a code that I live by: don’t get caught. Before I enter a combat situation, I have to know that there is a safe way out. This can be: enough Magicka reserve for an invisibility spell or a safe way to run back to. Also the flesh spells can give me a lot of defence – especially when I reach higher levels of Alteration. 

Beside combat skills I use my main weapon of choice: my tongue. My speech ability is sharper than any knife in Skyrim. I tend to be successful in persuasion, intimidation and bribes. Having shouts compliments this ability – using ancient words of power to disarm my opponents or use a freeze shout in an emergency situation. 

Like I said earlier, I know my enemies by using spells like Detect Life, and act on this.
I can use: traps, place poisons in pockets,  paralysing spells, fire a poisonous bolt, cast illusion spells or slit throats. Avoiding open combat at all costs, unless it is caused by my Frenzy spells. Invisibility is my greatest reconnaissance skill. It can immediately be used and altered to an invisible dagger attack from behind. Using Illusion for concealment, but if things looked particularly bad for me, I would cast flesh spells and use Frenzy spells and then use my escape plan. When I get hurt, I can use health potions or basic restoration spells to recover my health. But it’s primarily not my intention to carry a lot of potions with me. It's better to live with the ‘Don’t get caught’ mentality and prevent getting hurt. 


Chapter VII: roleplay

As for roleplay, Shana has a warm charismatic personality, enjoying helping the poor and helpless at times due to the fact that she sympathises with them. She is a psychological mastermind that can read people’s intentions and behaviours which makes her a very intimidating woman. She has a sharp tongue that she is not afraid to use. She has a way with words that is a force to be reckoned with. The other side of her is not seen on the surface. She has a thrill for the kill. She is a stealth master and prefers getting the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible and never hesitates to kill if she has to. 

Her willingness to do any sort of work makes her versatile. She does not have a home and has nowhere to belong. Shana follows up on leads that interest her, even if it involves killing. She lives with a few mottos that define her actions that are described in the earlier chapters. The most important ones she lives by are:

 ‘’Not everything deserves to live, and not everything deserves to die’’.
‘’Nobody is innocent, there are varying levels of guilt’’.
‘’The only source of knowledge is experience’’.
‘’I tend to be good when possible and evil when necessary’’. 

After she escaped from Helgen, she wanted to get to the College of Winterhold as fast as possible to learn more about her newly found magical abilities. Her willingness to do any sort of dirty work lends itself quite nicely to the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. This means that Shana can join any faction if she desires. She can choose to plot against the Dark Brotherhood or against them. That is where you decide (you as her player) what road she takes. She tends to be very poetic in her thinking. She might join the Bards College to express herself. Joining the Stormcloaks or Imperials is also a choice she has to make. The Imperials wanted her dead. She knows that after the attack of Helgen, everyone she knew thought she was dead. Making a new life with new choices possible. Shana is redefining herself and her actions. She does not want to be her old self anymore. That’s why she changed her name to Shana. She has relieved herself of her old self. She is not that person anymore. That person died at Helgen.

When the dragon shouted at her, she was reborn into a new person. New intentions, new thoughts and her own judgement. In her eyes there is a thin line between good and evil. Evil intentions can have good outcomes. She is a young woman that has very strong cognitive abilities. She has the ability to assimilate or accommodate new things she faces. This makes her a prominent thinker. She outsmarts anyone that dares to test her intelligence. Back in her school days she achieved the best scores on all subjects. She knows a lot of things and can learn very quickly. This is why she can learn every skill she wants to develop. She also knows her weaknesses very well. Some people can lift her up with just one arm because she is very light and athletically built. Shana knows to stay away from warriors and heavy lifting. 


Chapter VIII: Abilities



Chapter IX: Acknowledgements


Shana can be played with and without mods. I have made the skills and abilities set up open for your preferences. If you use Ordinator and Apocalypse spell mods, then you have more freedom of tweaking the gameplay mechanics of Shana. Personally I play with over 900+ mods with a lot more content then I have written for Shana. But keep in mind that for example the ability ‘Unsuspecting Strike’ can be utilised using vanilla invisibility or Ghostwalk from Apocalypse spell mod. Another example is the gear that is standard.  Instead of extra Carry Weight you can add resistances or movement speed. Feel free to use armour mods to fit your playstyle for Shana and tweak it. I am giving guidelines on how she should play, fitting her role and background. Changing out a spell or two does not break the gameplay.

Learning from experience:
Shana is not a very good spellcaster after leaving Helgen. It will take her time to become proficient in it. After she leaves Helgen, her magic abilities are unlocked. This means that she can cast spells like any other Altmer can. Her high intellect and coping abilities makes her a very fast learner. So don’t hold back on casting spells. If you want to use – for example – Destruction magic more instead of using a (cross)bow, then that is fitting in her roleplay. She uses a bow because she could not cast spells before she went to Helgen. It’s your choice if you want her to keep using it. 

Open for your input
As you might have noticed, the story is not linear. This is something I like about Shana. It gives you freedom to move around with quests you do or do not want to pick up. For example: I make a suggestion you can join Stormcloaks since it fits the background story. But you can also join Imperials, since the guards at Helgen are all dead and you cannot be recognized. It gives you freedom to make choices based on your own interest. I have found it annoying that some great role playing builds which really interest me have a locked questline. Sometimes it does not fit my way of playing. I really like to have my own input in the gameplay. Compare it with choices you make at the game Heavy Rain. You have a story which can unfold differently based on your choice. This is how Shana is supposed to be as well. 


Chapter X: Afterword

This is my first role playing character I have written. I have found myself lost in writing it and enjoying It very much. In the future I want to develop more role playing characters, because I really enjoyed creating it. It could not have been done without some help. Creating the story is really what I enjoyed the most. I have found that my English grammar and phrasing is on the weaker side. I am Dutch and writing in English is not very natural to me. 

Astro: Big thanks for helping with the story and rephrasing my poor English writing skills. It really makes the story more readable.

Yewgoat: Props to you for helping me with Grammar and suggestions for the story!

ShinJin: Thank you for your great inspiration! Being a character builder gives me inspiration to go on.

Chef: Big thanks for your support and grammar check. 

Shamiana’s Art: I am very grateful for your artistic drawing of Shana! 

Friends: Thanks to Jesse who helped me with grammar and rephrasing. 




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  • That was a good build Lampades. For suggestions:

    I think it was very clear that you like writing, but too much text can deter people to focus on the build and what it does. We also have a story corner where you can post your stories. I know that you said that you play with a lot of mods but I think a list of the spells, skills, and possible unique items you used would definitely be useful in the future. Perk spreads are really handy for the skills of a character. There is always room for improvement and I hope I will see more builds from you.

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