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Character Build: The Desert Spellsword

Let the wind blow. Let the sand scour. Let the magic of air and sand be free to roam the Alik'r. From the mystic membranes that stand between the two, absorb and convey unto me and all who may understand the deep essential powers of the desert.


The De

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Character Build: The Haarvenu

When wandering Skyrim at night be very careful, avoid it at all costs if you must. A vampire may be following you waiting for the right time to strike you down, this one more deadly than the others for her spells are more powerful, it puts the wizard

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Character Build: The Pale Lady

Yo and greetings, people of Character Building! After taking a bit of a sabbatical, I have returned with a build over a year in the making. It's gone through many renditions, but I've always come back to the most undervalued weapon in Skyrim with pos

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Character Build: The Shadow Legion



Controversial. Corrupt. Powerful. All these describe the mythical squad of elite battlemages known as the Shadow Legion. Balancing a dangerous edge of corruption, the few Imperial Battlemages who train and eventually ascend to the unit seem almo

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