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Character Build: The Mirage

The Mirage was one of my first forays into really pushing the limits of Necromage, but for a primarily melee character. What followed was a dual wielding Redguard vampire assassin who forgoes slow, methodical sneaking in favour of lightning fast atta

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Character Build: The Fiend

As requested, here's another favourite of mine - the Fiend!

An Odd Combination: The Fiend combines two archetypes, the archer and the shieldmage, into one fluid build. Although unconventional, this combination has some amazing synergy in that it lets

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Character Build: The Crusader

I don't know how you people do it, but somehow I've been convinced into ordering another copy of Skyrim. And with my final exams nearly out of the way, while I wait for Skyrim to arrive, I thought it would only be right for me to repost my first buil

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Character Build: The Berne Clan



Just one more reason to be afraid of the dark

"Our enemies dare to claim the night as their own. In their arrogance they think of the darkness as their ally but they merely adopt it, shrouding themselves in the shadows to hide their true nature fr

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