warrior (60)

Character Build: The Zealot

Honor. Devotion. Justice.

These words are only whispers now in a world full of hatred and corruption. Tamriel has seen darkness, but it continues to grow, spreading to the hearts of all kind: men, mer, and beast.

Theft, murder, subterfuge, corrupti

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Character Build: The Dervish

After demolishing everything with my Old Orc and loving two handed, I wanted to expand on the skill in a different way and open my new build up to using magic as well. This character is inspired from a class from Guild Wars Nightfall, a game I have p

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Character Build: The Last Dragonborn

There's plenty of builds that use, or even rely on, Shouts, and a number that depict the quintessential Nordic Dragonborn we've seen in Bethesda's promotional material. I wanted to play a character like the Dragonborn foretold in the prophecy and on

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Character Build: Clan of the Light

0Sad4CrZSZYg3IZSEoBdj4pts8BzVDKU_LgQrvNs76N8qyOe1q68VBqopqN3tdmDLhDNWyvmJhfk3gmJuNfecfo1tAE4RurIpqcTkCmcDqx3UY1NVb_ICB-B31m4vNQTxy75Dr8      Hammerfell's most secretive military faction has been able to remain hidden for centuries. The skills required to become a member of this force are what makes them, as a whole, able to stay in the darkness. Compassion, power, stealth, cunning,

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Character Build: The Haarvenu

When wandering Skyrim at night be very careful, avoid it at all costs if you must. A vampire may be following you waiting for the right time to strike you down, this one more deadly than the others for her spells are more powerful, it puts the wizard

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