The Manowarrior - Lord of Steel

The Manowarrior

Lord of Steel


''Warriors take the field, the battlefield of life. You cannot run, you cannot hide. I am the keeper of the laws, decided by the Gods. Only one of us will win, and return to fight again.  Our ancestors cheer from far beyond the grave. One will survive, face me, then let the Gods decide. I've sworn an oath in blood to defend the land. And all who wish to test their steel, well here I am. Face me, then let the Gods decide.'' 


Chapter I: Overview


Race: Imperial/Nord

Stone: Warrior

Stat spread: 1 magicka / 2 health / 1 stamina
Until 200 magicka and stamina, then rest in health.

Biography in Short:

''If I had a name it has long been forgotten. I ever born from who am I begotten.
I walk into a storm white fire burns me. Death in every stop.A world of pain that learns me
When you see my eyes, the ground is shaking, your bones are breaking.
When you see my eyes, there's thunder in the sky, and soon your gonna die
I will fight the curse of the universe that damns me. Am I alive or dead among the gods and men, a man beast.
Hammer in my hands. Not the son of man burns me. Beyond the cold and pain.
Thunder wind and rain learns me. How the cold wind cuts me like a knife, filled with emptiness.
Fighting for my life ,thrust into a world of pain and holy rage.
So prepare to die when you see the thunder in the sky.''




Chapter II: Backstory


I, Adam, once was a servant of the High King Torygg. He ruled the land's justice. High and mighty and alone are kings. I swore my allegiance to him, protecting him as a bodyguard. We went everywhere in Skyrim, trying to rule the united lands with fairness and equality for everyone in the lands. As a lord protector, I knew a lot about Torygg. He was bold, fair and had a kind heart for his people. Our bond to each other was deep. Torygg shared his concerns with me - saying that he saw me as a better counselor than his own council at Solitude. Once he said that I am his true friend and protector. And protecting I did. Ever since Torygg sat on the throne as High King, he had had countless assassination attempts. I caught those filthy unloyal brutes and showed them my cunning. Once I caught a assassin that I tortured to his group called The Dark Brotherhood. I found out about a hideout nearby Solitude. I rode out with my warriors of steel. Black winds were raging, fire devouring and my sword of steel piercing through their hearts. Blood and death are waiting like a raven in the sky. Power and dominion are taken by the will. By divine right, hail and kill in the name of The Empire!


On 4E 201 a dark power challenged High King Torygg to a duel. His name was Ulfric Stormcloak. By law of the gods and kings, he had to accept the duel. I shall remember this day as it was yesterday. The fight was fierce. The gods were present that moment.  The High King fought with a heart of steel and nearly decapitated Ulfric, sending him to the floor. Torygg stepped over Ulfric to finish him off, but then Ulfric Stormcloak did something miraculous! He shouted a Thu'um that only Dragonborns could do. He knocked the High King to the wall and pierced his greatsword through this body. I immediately stepped in and blew Ulfric on his head with my warhammer, knocking him out. After the High King got killed by Ulfric Stormcloak, a war started in Skyrim. Ulfric was sent to trial and found guilty for his deeds. He was sentenced to death in Helgen. The day of Ulfric execution was one I remember well. I was setting up a security guard force for the widow of Torygg, who had to rule the kingdom, while a new king was being elected. News got to Solitude fast: a dragon spawned in Helgen, releasing the prisoners! Ulfric had escaped. From this moment my life was sealed. The one who slayed the king - and all who stand behind him-  must be brought to justice. 

That faithfull day I did a Warrior's Prayer to Talos and Stendarr. ‘’Hear me, Gods of War, I will pledge myself to you to eradicate all evil from this world!’’. The sign of the hammer appeared before me, thunder in the sky and the wind raging. Lightning struck all around me, hearing the thunderous voice of the gods. Lightning struck me. I could hear the god’s raging! Spirits of godly forms appeared around me. They chose me as their Exalted Hero to slay the evil from this world. They gave me a crown and a ring, covered with blood and pride. I've sworn an oath in blood to defend the land. Incredible power ran through my veins. My body transformed into a war machine. ‘’You are a man of steel, sent by the gods to defend the land. Speak, Manowarrior, speak!. Let the world hear your battle hymns'’. Said one of the gods. After the transformation I felt like I could lift the world and I spoke my words of vengeance that thundered all over Skyrim for everybody to hear:


‘’My hands of doom are reaching out to crush all infidels who stray. Time to know the pain, but no time to run within.
And these hands you see before you will end the light of day. Your ashes will be cast into the wind, Your blood's upon the soil, your body fed to wolves
Not one of you will be left alive. Hear the sound pounding and the army of the night
By my hammer you now shall die. We strike, there is thunder in the sky.
We'll fight, some of us will die. We'll always remember that we made a stand
And many will die by my hand. I am high atop a mountain with hammer in the wind Lusting for blood and death again.
In a flash of lightning strike, now the house of death invites you, body and soul to come within.
I see the fear you have inside you can run but never hide. I will hunt you down and tear you limb from limb.
Nothing shall remain, not your memory, your name. It will be as though you never, ever lived’’. 




The people of Skyrim were listening to my thunderous voice that echoed all over the lands. Everybody heard it in all corners of the world. Nobody would be left alive that had something to do with this treacherous evil. I am the defender of the land, bringer of justice and deathdealer to those who hurt the innocent. From that day I was not Adam anymore. My name was no more. From that day my name would be Manowarrior - Lord of Steel, bringer of justice. 


10252730065?profile=RESIZE_400xAfter my transformation my intentions were known to the people. My path was set, Especially the people that knew me were full of awe. The knightly lord protector was now a fearsome lord of steel. The wife of Torygg looked at me and said: ‘’it is time for the funeral of the High King. I want you to be his rememberer’’. And so I did. I was a martyr for our beloved king. Proudly I presented myself at the funeral. I have gathered my warriors of steel to bring the king’s remains to the burring temple. When we arrived, thousands of civilians gathered and looked the same way my old friends did. They saw a war machine, a man of steel. There was squabbling among them. I raised my hand into the air and everything went silent. A organ musician began playing, and I started to speech:

‘’From a battle I've come to a battle I ride, blazing up to the sky. Chains of fate hold a fiery stride.
I'll see you again when I die. Heroes await me! My enemies ride fast. Knowing not this ride's their last.
Saddle my horse, as I drink my last ale. My steel will prevail. Gods, I await thee, your true son am I.
I hail you now as I die. I pledge you my sword, and to no man I kneel. Ours is the kingdom of steel.
High and mighty, alone are kings. Whirlwinds of fire we ride.
Providence brought us the crown and the ring.
Covered with blood and our pride’’.



My warriors of steel gathered at the courtyard. I rode my charrior and looked at all the warriors of the Imperials. They were my Hands of Doom. Avenger of the wronged. I showed them my sheer power that I received by the gods to lift their spirits. They had lost their beloved king, and were in need of a heart lifting speech. I grabbed my warhammer and lifted it in the air. Thunder rumbled in the sky and lightning struck me. My eyes were blazing with a holy fire. I rode my character in front of all the infantry. I stepped off my chariot and walked into the middle of the courtyard. Thousands of eyes looked at me in awe, while my eyes were blazing. I stepped up a wall, raised my hands and said: 



‘’Brothers, I am calling from the valley of the kings. With nothing to atone.
A dark march lies ahead. Together we will ride like thunder from the sky.
May your sword stay wet like a young girl in her prime, hold your hammers high
Blood and death are waiting like a raven in the sky. I was born to die.
Hear me while I live as I look into your eyes, none shall hear a lie.
Power and dominion are taken by the will, by divine right, hail and kill
I'm a kinsman of the slain, sworn to rise again. I will bring salvation, punishment and pain.
The hammer of hate is our faith. Power and dominion are taken by the will
By divine right, hail and kill

Hail, hail, hail and kill’’.

My words of power encouraged the imperial soldiers. All night long the ‘hail, hail, hail and kill’ chanted throughout the night, echoing over the city. It sounded like magic to my ears, hearing them being devoted to the cause. This was their battle cry for the upcoming war against the Stormcloaks. While the chanting kept going, I rode my chariot out of town into the world of Skyrim. I've sworn an oath in blood to defend the land. And all who wish to test their steel, well here I am. Face me, then let the Gods decide.


Chapter III: Gameplay


‘’Glory and fame, blood is my name. Soul is full of thunder, heart of steel. Killer of men, of warriors and friends. Sworn to avenge our fallen king’’ 

The Manowarrior is a cunning figure to see. In most places, people look at him in awe. His strong physical form and warrior look is very intimidating. He uses this to his advantage. When he leaves Solitude, his main goal is to join the imperials. On his way to this he can join the Companions to prove his ability as a true warrior. The way of the warrior is plain and simple. Whenever there is evil in sight, the Manowarrior will face it with his thunderous might.

Mid game:

‘’Many stand against me, but they will never win. I said I would return and here I am again!
To bring them all destruction, suffering and pain. I am the hammer of the gods, I am thunder wind and rain!
There they wait in fear with swords in feeble hands.
With dreams to be a king, but first one should be a man. I call them out and charge them all with a life that is a lie.
And in their final hour they shall confess before they die!’’

The Manowarrior has joined the Imperials and eradicated the lands of the devilish Stormcloaks. He has created strong relations with the Imperials. The enemies he faces while doing these quests are very important for him. If he finds an ancient artifact that gives him a lead to a place where evil lies, then this is where the Manowarrior goes. Help the helpless ones and be selfless. He has sworn an oath in blood to defend the lands. The only reason The Manowarrior lives is to fight until he dies. He has no intention of becoming a king or leader. He is a martyr. Whatever fancy items and titles the lands bring him, he will not let that decide his fate. The Manowarrior itself is fate. He is the bringer of fate upon those who are contaminating the land with danger and evil. He learns about the gift of dragons he got from the gods and follows the path of the Dovahkiin. 

Late game: 

‘’Sound the death tone, on my march for revenge. Spill the blood of my enemies, the oath of a friend.
Fight the holy war for the crown and the ring. Six magic circles were made b
y the blood of the kings. 
Wherever I ride, it's metal I bring. Lord of metal, metal warrior. 
Death to the false ones, dance on a string. Till the blood on my sword is the blood of your king’’ 

After defeating the Stormcloaks, finishing the dragonborn story and companion storyline it is important to travel the lands of Skyrim and look for places where his help is needed. He will stumble upon bandit hideouts or hideous creatures laying in caves. Every place where evil lies, must be eradicated.


Chapter IV Skills



Two handed

‘’Talos the mighty, Stendarr the brave. Crush the infidels in my way
By my hammer let none be saved. Live to die on that final day.
Gods, monsters and men will die together in the end.I swing my hammer to crack the sky’’. 


Using a warhammer is my primary way of crushing infidels. A battle axe or greatsword can also be used to chop off the heads of my foes. This is very straightforward. I use my godly obtained power to blast through my foes with sheer power! 



10252738289?profile=RESIZE_400xDestruction Magic

‘’In the beginning there was silence and darkness, all across the earth.
Then came the wind and a hole in the sky.
Thunder and lightning came crashing down, hit the earth and split the ground.
Fire burnt high in the sky. From down below, fire melted the stone. The ground shook and started to pound’’. 

I smite my enemies with fire and lightning magic that are resistant to my warhammer. Death and destruction by magic of the gods. Fire cleanses the evil and burns the spirit into oblivion. Lightning is the wrath of Torygg that zapps thy who stand in my way. 



I smith weapons of the gods that crush shields, break bones and behead my foes. Getting the highest damage dealing warhammer is a blessing of the gods. Smithing armor is optional. My inhuman strength has no need for such protection. I have Alteration spells for that to cover myself with Ebonyflesh. 


Using magical flesh spells is a blessing of Stendarr to protect me on my mission to eradicate the lands of evil. Therefore I invest in learning Alteration to gain armor and magic defense. I am interested in passive defense to outlast my enemies. I wear no armor, so this is very helpful in my travels.


my voice is like thunder in the sky. Persuading or intimidating anyone. But most importantly improving my shouts. Burning, freezing, tumbling or pushing my foes away with sheer power of my voice. 












Chapter V: Gear

This is kind of controversial. For character’s sake you won’t be wearing anything at all except legs/boots, gloves, rings and necklaces. But if you want to add armor/clothes  to the character that is completely fine. 




Chapter VI Combat

''Lord of battle I pray on bended knee. Conquest by the rising sun, I'll wait for thy command with flame and blood at hand. Glory and a broken sword. I'm the master of the world. I have no fear of man or beast. Born inside the soul of the world, riding hard, breaking bone with steel and stone. Eternal might I was born to wield. Let us drink to the battles we've lived and we've fought. Celebrate the pain and havoc we have wrought. Great heroes charge into the fight. From the north to the south in the black of night. The clash of honor calls to stand when others fall. Gods of war feel the power of my hammer!''

Using brute force and sheer power of my warhammer is my way to go. I am a very strong and tough warrior that has a massive health pool with a lot of resistances. This makes me a tough nut to crack. In my early levels I tend to be squisier. But when I level up and get better gear, I will become unstoppable. My power attacks will hit anything in front of me. Even when my opponent is blocking, I will crush his defense and kill him! My brutal strength, which is my main utility, can be used in different ways. If I want, I can switch out my warhammer for a greatsword or greataxe. 

Tactics are plain and simple. See evil, kill evil. No need for sneaking around. I possess the blessing of the gods which do not hide in shadows. I am in the middle of the battlefield, rushing at my next opponent. The moment I lock on to a target I decide which utility of the gods I use: warhammer or lightning. Casting out lightning spells is the fury of the gods. Special foes like dragons or draugr warlords are the best to strike down with lightning.


Chapter VII: Roleplay

The Manowarrior has a brutal personality that shocks on sight. Good people are amazed and honored to meet him. Evil will hate the looks of him because of his reputation. The Manowarrior plays somewhere between a holy knight and a barbarian. He uses the divine power of the gods that makes him act like a paladin. But on the other side using sheer power and weaponry to slay infidels. Some say he is the Butcher of Skyrim. Others say he is a saint. It is safe to say that The Manowarrior’s behavior is pure and good.

The Manowarrior tends to be not much of a speaker. He likes to travel with only true metal warriors. He calls them his ‘Hands of Doom’. His strength makes him very good to join the companions, since they want to eradicate evil as well. The Manowarrior is selfless and humble. He has the valor and honor of a true knight. But he does not care for it. He does not enjoy having titles sticking to his name. Whenever someone addresses him as a king or master, he does not care. The only thing that is important for him while questing are happy civilians and dead evil creatures. 

Go anywhere as you please. It does not matter. The Manowarrior can join or destroy any faction he sees fit for destruction. His moral compass should be in your hands. He acts simply by the rule that he has sworn an oath in blood to defend the land. Help the innocents. If innocents are at stake, he will find the source and exterminate it!


Chapter VIII: Abilities

These three sections are divided in usage of: warhammer, battle-axe and greatsword.
Pick the ones you like. 



-----------------------------------------MAIN SKILLS-------------------------------------------



Chapter IX: Acknowledgements



The Manowarrior  can be played with and without mods. I have made the skills and abilities set up open for your preferences. If you use Ordinator and Apocalypse spell mods, then you have more freedom of tweaking the gameplay mechanics of Shana. Personally I play with over 700+ mods with a lot more content then I have written. But keep in mind that for example the abilities can be utilized using vanilla or Apocalypse spell mod. Another example is the gear that is standard.  Instead of extra Carry Weight you can add resistances or movement speed. Feel free to use armour mods to fit your playstyle. I am giving guidelines on how she should play, fitting her role and background. Changing out a spell or two does not break the gameplay.

Open for your input

As you might have noticed, the story is not linear. This is something I like about Role playing. It gives you freedom to move around with quests you do or do not want to pick up. For example: I make a suggestion you can join Stormcloaks since it fits the background story. But you can also join Imperials, since the guards at Helgen are all dead and you cannot be recognized. It gives you freedom to make choices based on your own interest. I have found it annoying that some great role playing builds which really interest me have a locked questline. Sometimes it does not fit my way of playing. I really like to have my own input in the gameplay. Compare it with choices you make at the game Heavy Rain. You have a story which can unfold differently based on your choice. 


Chapter X: Afterword

This is my second role playing character I have written. I have found myself lost in writing it and enjoying It very much. In the future I want to develop more role playing characters, because I really enjoyed creating it. It could not have been done without some help. Creating the story is really what I enjoyed the most. I have found that my English grammar and phrasing is on the weaker side. I am Dutch and writing in English is not very natural to me. 

Big thanks to the heavy metal band Manowar for the inpiration! 


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