Daria in Morrowind - Table of Contents


The dusty frontier city of Balmora, in faraway Morrowind, is just about the last place that a bookish and flinty introvert like Daria Morgendorffer would ever want to visit. But her parents see opportunity in its narrow streets and adobe offices, so that's where Daria (and her superficial younger sister Quinn) must go.

Once in Balmora, Daria discovers it to be a viper's nest of crass superficiality, governmental corruption, and ruthless social networking. Kind of like home, really. And the place does have its plus sides, like a disaffected Dunmer artist named Jane who befriends Daria soon after her arrival.

But it does have downsides. While Daria's social position in her old home freed her up to snark at the stupidity around her, she has to tread much more carefully in Morrowind. Because here, the locals might not take kindly to Daria's trenchant observations, and violence is always an option...


Daria in Morrowind is exactly what it sounds like. The stories try to re-imagine the classic animated sitcom's characters as natives of Tamriel (though not necessarily natives of Morrowind). The episodes take place from 3E 424-426, in the Third Empire's waning days. The focus here is on the daily lives of the characters. Daria's not secretly the Nerevarine, she's just herself: an intelligent and sarcastic young woman trying to make her way in a society that doesn't necessarily reward those traits. The emphasis is on comedy and drama, but this is Morrowind so there's some adventure, too. I try to stick as closely to the lore of the setting as possible (and I use a somewhat older version of the lore--for example, central Cyrodiil is still described as a jungle). 

Most episodes are 19-23 pages in length. Some are shorter and are under ten pages. Shorter episodes are marked with an asterisk.

Map of Balmora

Episode 1: Outlanders

Episode 2: On the Origins of the Fashion Guild *

Episode 3: An Invitation

Episode 4: The South Wall Cornerclub *

Episode 5: The Guilded Age

Episode 6: The Artist's I *

Episode 7: The Pilgrim's Inertia

Episode 8: Hate Actually

Episode 9: The History Girls

Episode 10: The Worst Years of Our Lives

Episode 11: Heathers *

Episode 12: The Balmora Beat *

Episode 13: All the News That's Fit to Primp

Episode 14: Raiders of the Lost Arkngthand

Episode 15: The Tell-Tale Art

Episode 16: Arena

Episode 17: The Horn Identity *

Episode 18: Balmora Confidential

Episode 19: School of Mock

Episode 20: The Salt in Our Stars *

Episode 21: The Summer of My Ashlander Nomad

Episode 22: Wizards Off the Coast

Episode 23: Big Mer on Campus

Episode 24: The Wedding Wringer *

Episode 25: The Dark Arts

Episode 26: Ashtrapped

Episode 27: A Kiss to Build a Scream On

Episode 28: A Comedy of Manors

Episode 29: Gone Sister Gone*

Episode 30: The Cantons of Vivec

Episode 31: Bad Day in Balmora, Part 1

Episode 31.5: Bad Day in Balmora, Part 2

Episode 32: A c0da to Live By, Part 1

Episode 32.5: A c0da to Live By, Part 2 (Finale)

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