Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Now this is a topic that I have discussed with my fellow author friends from my work, and now I will try to discuss it with you guys.



Do you prefer reading fantasy or non-fantasy?


If you are not sure what these genres are I will define them for you:

Fantasy: A genre of story that can be set in almost any time period that revolves around impossible or improbable events and characters.

Non-Fantasy: A genre of story that revolves around events that could be possible in the real world.


Fantasy: Game of Thrones series, Harry Potter series

Non-Fantasy: Martina Cole novels, "The Slap" novel


So back to the question. What genre do you prefer reading and why?

Personally I prefer reading and writing fantasy, for the simple reason that is funner to read and easier to write. You can write anything, simply ANYTHING at all, and there is a reasonable explanation for it, with fantasy. Anything is possible. I love fantasy, because it can be set in almost any time period. Harry Potter was set in the 1990's (I think) and Game of Thrones was set in about 1580 (if it was in the real world, that is. Unfortunatley it isnt xD)

Non-Fantasy can also be a really good read. However, it can generally interest a smaller range of people due to the events only happening if they could happen in real life. You can't have magic or teleporters in non-fantasy.

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  • I prefer fantasy because it allows my mind to expand more and explore "other worlds" just like we do in video games. I have a lot more to say but I'm drawing a blank right now so that's all I got.

    • I agree, I would even go as far as to say that reading Fantasy would educate you more.

      It may educate you in elves and stuff, but it still counts as learning!

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