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Lamp Descendant: Chapter 2

It was almost dawn by the time the four of us in our little boat made it back to Evermore. With Teldryn and Calindil still recovering from their injuries, it was my turn to do the rowing. We were all well and truly exhausted by the time we arrived at

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Lamp Descendant: Chapter 1

Four souls in a wooden dinghy were all that remained of the Order of the Lamp.

A far cry from the days of the Mages Guild, when thousands clashed with Mannimarco’s necromancers and undead. Or even during the Great War, when my father and I lead a 4-sc

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Rise of the Cursebearer (TBC)

So, yeah, this is the revamped and expanded backstory for Chaceito A.K.A The Cursebearer, after getting the fourth to last place on the Bloodlines contest, I knew Chaceito needed some more work. So I read the responses from the judges and responded b

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