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Lamp Chronicle: Awakening I

A quintet of hoofbeats thundered across the Dragon Bridge as night fell over Haafingar. The waning moons above provided little respite from the darkness, pierced only by shining magelights hovering above our column. Our mounts did not slow for the si

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Desert Snow: Act Two

Desert Snow: Act Two


Runa woke to the soft shink of metal on metal, the smell of succulent meat being cooked gripped her nose and pulled her from her slumber. Happily relenting Runa allowed the enticing scent to drag her to her feet into a draugr-lik

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Desert Snow: Table of Contents



The civil war is a growing blight on the land of Skyrim. An open wound, festering on the horizon and gifting nothing but pain to those who's path it crosses. Yet sand worn feet dare to tred on blood soaked snow, and from this pain a glim

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Desert Snow: Act One


Hey guys, I used to be active on "Skyrim Blog" back in 2013 when I was 14. I did a couple mildly popular builds and had a writing series called "The Last Witch Hunter" (This was before that shitty Vin Diesel film of the same name came out).


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Joramund III – Siege



4th Era, 175 Cyrodiil, Bruma 

Thousands upon thousands stood at the gates, baying for blood since the emperor had abdicated to the terms of the elven filth. But here they still stood in open defiance. Though only numbering little more than a few hun

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Lamp Chronicle: Teldryn

It was early evening when the Northern Maiden arrived in Raven Rock. Magnus hung low over the western horizon, casting the distinctly Dunmer architecture, ashen soil and volcanic cliffs in a soft red glow. I was eager to get off the ship and into som

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