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Tales of Darkness - Table of Contents

Tales of Darkness



In the remotest gulfs of outer worlds, there lurks an antediluvian evil, bent on the consummation of the known world. Its followers are clad in crimson; its slaves are otherworldly things not of Nirn, Aetherius or Oblivion. They hai

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On the Rise: TOC


Darkness has awakened in Skyrim.


One year after the Emperor's assassination, the Dark Brotherhood has risen to infamy it has not known in centuries. With such prominence comes the need for new recruits. Young mage Arbelle Fane is one such recruit,

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On the Rise: Chapter One

Chapter One: A Dark Sister is Born 

Down in the darkest depths of Riften's Ratway lived a cursed soul in every sense of the phrase. Once a daughter of a proud, well-off family, now condemned to scraping, stealing, and begging just to survive. Orphaned

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I Forsake Thee

Hey y'all.

So after much deliberation- and some affirmation from Lee- I've decided to post this rather short, super emotional story. Please use discretion when ready as it covers a wild range of topics and implies heavier themes such as mental illness

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