Map of Balmora (for Daria in Morrowind)


Most of the episodes of Daria in Morrowind take place in the city of Balmora. As such, I though it would be helpful to create a map. I used Inkarnate, which is an excellent service. Unfortunately, this limited me to a more typically "medieval European" tileset (they did have one that closely matched the adobe buildings of the game, but these were done at an isometric angle and I found them difficult to work with). So just use your imagination and re-cast the peak-roofed homes here as the flat-roofed adobe homes typical to Hlaalu architecture.


  1. Drenlyn Academy
  2. The Lucky Lockup
  3. The Council Club
  4. The Balmora Temple
  5. The Mages Guild
  6. The Fighters Guild
  7. The South Wall Cornerclub/Thieves Guild
  8. Strider Port
  9. Silk-hawker's Street
  10. Dyer's Square
  11. St. Roris Square
  12. Ules Plaza
  13. Shellbreakers Court
  14. Egg Mines
  15. St. Roris Bridge
  16. Duke Vedem Dren Bridge
  17. Foreigner's Span
  18. Hlaalu Council Manor
  19. Morag Tong Office
  20. East Empire Company Office
  21. The Glass Crown (this is a cornerclub, but is the only named cornerclub that doesn't appear in the actual game)
  • DM - Daria Morgendorffer - Comfortably in the most middle-class part of the Commercial District.
  • JL - Jane Llayn - Her apartment is in a fairly typical part of Labor Town, and not too far from the South Wall Cornerclub.
  • J - Jodie at-Armand - Her home on Silk-hawker's Street shows that her family is wealthy and well-connected.
  • BT - Briltasi Talori - As a minor noble, the Taloris have a spacious home in High Town.
  • SG - Synda Grilvayn - Though highly esteemed, the Grilvayns simply aren't powerful enough to live in High Town, so they instead brood in its shadow.
  • SR - Satheri Roweni - Though quite wealthy, the Rowenis' fondness for outlanders ensures they'll never live in High Town.
  • TB - Tiphannia Blumius - The Blumius family adopted Tiphannia from Cathnoquey, and they live in a respectable part of the Commercial District.
  • K - Karl the Unctuous - Both he and his father work for the EEC, which has an office nearby. The power of the company means they can live in the best part of the Commercial District.
  • JW - Jeval Whitethorn - Jeval lives in the more working-class southern portion of the Commercial District. Though the families here are comfortable, they don't have amenities like indoor plumbing.
  • KT - Kavon Thanlen - Kavon lives in Labor Town, but spends most of his waking hours in the Commercial District.
  • TF - Treads-on-Ferns - Though her family is ambitious, Treads-on-Ferns parents have limited financial means. They live on the riverside portion of Labor Town, in sight of the Commercial District that represents their hopes.
  • T - Todis - This thug resides in a tenement.
  • JH - Johanna - The Telvanni sorceress hid out in a small home in one of the rougher parts of Labor Town.
  • TS - Tomal Sloan - He's staying with the Drilers, long-time friends of his family.

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  • Nice to see supplemental materials. Note to self, must post hers. I'm so lazy. It's really good to have an image in my head now of the layout of Balmora since I didn't play much of Morrowind. I would consider having the Letter codes in a different color from the number codes, may make it easier to locate. 

    I will not hold it against you that the houses are not adobe. I will use my imagination. :D

    • Good point about using different colors. I might fiddle with that and update the map.

      • Yeah, I made a map once of Hangman's Alley to show people what I did with the teeeny settlment in Fallout 4. There was a color key. *screams IMMA NERD*

This reply was deleted.