Submissions for Character Build Stories

So this is on a basic level exactly what it says on the tin but to explain it more in depth: 

I've been wanting to get into writing TES stories for a while now and have just been struggling on the finding inspiration front but character builds from this site and it's previous iterations have solved that nicely. But I don't wanna just move ahead with these projects without permission if I can avoid it.

So this is where I'm leaving space (*In the comments*)  for anyone who doesn't mind a build of theirs possibly getting a short (or not so short) story based on it. 


*Now I'm gonna stress this part so no one ends up disappointed*

With school and other obligations aswell as just a possible lack of inspiration for a story. I can't promise that every submission will get a story or promise, if you do get a story, that it'll arrive in a timely manner. 



As Builds get submitted in the comments and as time goes on I'll make a list of ones I'm working on or have been posted.


Characters whose stories I'm working on currently


   ● The Arcane Bladesman by Chris Diokno (I'm actually very excited bout this one I'm liking the character I've built from this)

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