This is the story of how Teldyrn Sero came to be.


Some know my name. Some fear it and others respect it. However, none know my story, at least not the entire story...

My name is Teldryn Sero, one of the best swordsman in all of Morrowind at anyones, for the right price. I may not look very old, but that is simply because I am a Dunmer. Even by Elven standards I'd be an old man. I am 268 years old, but do not look it, in fact I feel as spry as ever. With that age came experience and lessons that I would never forget.

I began my life as a sellsword and that is most likley how it will end. Enough babbling fom me though. You want to hear my story, and so I shall tell it. It all started when I was but a young elf at the age of thirty and was hired by House Dres during the Arnesian War.





Chapter 1 - My Lucky Start

Chapter 2 - The Priestess

Chapter 3 - Llyrins 2nd Greatest Gift


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  • Awesome! Can’t wait to see where this story goes. 

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  • Looking forward to following this one


    • Hopefully it won't dissapoint

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