The Book of Languages - Table of Contents

The Book of Languages 


And yet, even if our ancestors are lost, we do find their traces. In the world we inhabit, in the traditions we adhere to, in the way that we live, in the way that we look. And it is these very ancestors that taught us how to speak. And it is these words that we now use to wage war, broker treaties and seek love. The ability to communicate is invaluable. As such, I have devoted my precious time to record what we know. May those who seek ancient wisdom find it here.


[WORK IN PROGRESS] Welcome, everyone, to my Book of Languages! This book is an actual book that I am writing that contains knowledge about all the different languages on Nirn and beyond. Beware though, for it is handwritten and comes with a lot of embellishments in the form of Divine Script, Elder Script and Mage Script as well as most other alphabets. 

This book shall pose as much of a piece of information, written from the perspective of a scholar that resides in the TES world, as it is an art project. Below you will find all the different directories where you'll find the pages I have written:


Part I: The Akaviri Pages

Part II: The Ald-Chimeris Pages

Part III: The Aldmeris Pages

Part IV: The Altmeris Pages

Part V: The Atmoran Pages

Part VI: The Ayleidoon Pages

Part VII: The Bosmeris Pages

Part VIII: The Daedric Pages

Part IX: The Divine Pages

Part X: The Dovahzul Pages

Part XI: The Dwemeris Pages

Part XII: The Dark Elf Pages

Part XIII: The Elder Pages

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  • Definitely following this. I thought it was a cool idea when you started it, but now I really see how lovely it is. Great job. 

    • Thank you so much! :D

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