The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 21 A Dark Reveal

WARNING: Adult themes


*~Harkon Volkihar~*


There is nothing like heading to a meeting between two of one of the strongest vampire clans alive. What made the experience all the better was simple really. They had grand taste in where to hold it.


The pristine, white marble pillars of the crumbled temple shined brilliantly in Masser and Secunda. Etched into near every nook and cranny of them were runes and ancient ward magics that became null after the collapse of this ruin nearly 900 years ago. Now they were covered in a layer of moss still cool and wet to the touch. What really crawled through my mind was the realization of it all.


The Ayleids and their teachings, now lost and forgotten to time. My hand reached and pulled an emblem from a pocket. It was steel embroidered with rich garnets socketed in gold and ivory. In the center was a bat with its wings spread-out wide like an eagle. Not unlike my mortal name. Truly if it wasn’t for the Return charm on the piece I’d have gotten rid of it millennia ago.


Several miles away was a statue baring the visage of what once was an ancient ruler. Probably someone along the lines of Alessia or a testament to Martin Septim, the idiot Emperor and Empress; both were popular back in the day if I remembered correctly. Orthyjolf could attest to that.


With a small grin and chuckle the awaiting chasm leading underground came closer and closer. Inside and heading down the winding stairwell it was nothing short of pitch black. It always was a boon for my kind, even the degenerate ones, to see no matter how inky it became. Clear as day were the ancient carvings of more runes and depictions of the elves’ war with their brethren, the Chimer.


Deep below the very ruin was a meeting being held by the Whet-Fang and the Vampyrum Order. Normally they would kill each other on sight as the lizards are ‘enlightened’ as the Order states. What makes me laugh is that the Order keeps with the mundane and frivolous activities of the mortals, calling even my Volkihar barbaric. I find their antics quite enjoyable.


There was one among them, however, that goes a long ways back with me. A Breton fellow by the name of Gram Virtelles. A history filled with little secrets, blatant lies, lures of power and blood, what a vampire truly marvels for. What makes our relationship unique is that the Order now regards my clan as a very real threat to all. That war would be on their doorstep should things go awry.


Finally I came to a hallway leading to what could’ve been assumed was the east. The recent lightings of candles illuminated the corridors around me like twinkling stars all the way until out of sight. An interesting note about the magicks that still flowed in the entire temple was how murky they became. Once filled with life and workings now perverted and corrupted that any truly in tuned with the magical forces could still feel.


I must give my praise to whomever pulled off this feat. An achievement worthy of praise to Molag Bal! To spit in the Ayleids’ eye and turn their hard work from Aedric to Daedric! I felt invigorated in that place, energy filling my body.


Moments of laughing to myself past until coming to a halt before someone. A rather large Khajiit, a Kathay-Raht as their kind called them, stood guard blocking the door from view. It was obvious that this was not a Whet-Fang member but both species are nothing more than animals. The Order perhaps, or even a vagabond that Gram found scavenging for his next fix of blood.


The thing looked down with those bright cat eyes of his and grinned showing his fangs proudly. “The tiny Nord will not pass, will not disturb, the master while he communes.”


I chuckled at his audacity, a refreshing mix to things. “That is where you are incorrect my feline morsel. If you knew who I was you’d be licking my boots like the dog you Khajiit are. The only thing you’re good for.”


The beasty laughed at that one. “And how do you expect to make Ra-Keesh clean your boots? It is closer to the ground for you than for me.” A hand rested on my katana as he continued. “Why don’t you clean my boots instead?” Ra-Keesh scrapped his footwear across the smooth stone floor gathering dust, dirt and cobwebs. “There, I have it extra filthy for you!” he sneered confidently.


Not unlike a flash of lightning the red katana escaped its sheath and cut an arc in the air. The cat looked at me for a moment until the realization and pain hit him where it hurt. Ra-Keesh looked down and screamed out in shock and horror as a dark stain of blood started to pool in his crotch. On the ground was what made him a male to begin with.


He tried to do something, anything, to stop the blood from streaming out of him. All that he was doing was spreading his chances thin of living to see another moon. With one hand he staunched the blood as much as possible while he prodded at his useless genitals with a claw before wailing even more.


“Next time you’ll know to move out of the way of Harkon Volkihar when he appears in any room,” I told him nonchalantly cleaning my blade with the scarf around the Khajiit’s neck. Now then, who do we have behind door number…


The cast iron door creaked open, the hinges crying out for an oiling and me wishing I had some. The two figures at the table, an albino of an Argonian and a burling brute of a Breton, looked towards me in confusion before the human flashed a smile. The lizard stayed put crossing his arms, glaring all the way.


“Harkon Volkihar.”


“Gram Virtelles.” Instantly our hands clasped our weapons and were already at our necks. “You haven’t lost your touch.”


“And you appear to have gotten faster,” he laughed, sheathing the blade. “What brings you here?”


“All in due time. First,” I gestured to the Whet-Fang, “why have I not received my proper greeting from such an esteemed vampire? Surely I have done nothing to earn your distrust already? Isn’t it rude to not welcome a guest?”


“An uninvited guest, dog!” he snarled. Magic began to creep and flow up his arms like water.


“Then I shall do as any uninvited guest does best: crash the party!” Red light encompassed my being with malice intent before dissipating into a red mist and seeping into the floor. My mist moved along the cracks and air slowly taking form on the ceiling behind them.


The Argonian simply stood his ground, the magic circling his arms turning bright purple and green. However, instead of continuing, he took his seat and resumed his fuming. “Bal humping fascist!”


“My my, but what is with the bared fangs and venom?”


“Harkon come on now. I know you don’t plan on fighting,” Gram said waving a hand. “It is not like you to brazenly do so without provocation first.”


“Look at that, you know me better than my own Court does.” My misty body began to seek the other ‘pieces’ of me and took shape. I solidified, as I intended, feet firmly on the ceiling before slowly floating down. “But then again several only have their minds either up their ass or on my throne.”


“Sounds like you have a lovely Court. Any of them get out much?”


“Not as often as I would prefer them to.” I rubbed the bridge of my nose in exasperation. “Some renegades however do go back and forth which is, thankfully, a good sign. As of now, they are trying to gain strength.” They could have gotten stronger with the Chalice but that will not be for them. Spying a golden goblet it was quickly snatched by myself and, smelling the contents, took a much needed drink of blood. “Now that is delectable!”


“Isn’t it?” Gram knowingly grinned. “The inhabitants of Skyrim do not have as good a taste as the people in Cyrodiil?”


“Eh,” I shrugged. “Sometimes we kidnap a batch and they taste like shit or copper. Mostly we have Breton blood as they seem to know what they’re doing to keep it fresh. Then we get the coup of the crop and, fuck, the poor bastard is drained in a day!”


“Why are you here Volikhar filth?” the albino angrily asked.


“My my, what’s with all the venom and bared fangs?” I asked innocently, raising the goblet to him in good faith. “I assure you I bring nothing but the noblest intentions.”


“You neutered the Khajiit!” Gram laughed pointing to the door, still ajar enough to show the large kitty to us all.


“Pish push; water under the bridge,” I waved a hand of dismissal. “He is still but a cat.”


By now Reji-Vares was absolutely fuming at the fact that I was ignoring his question entirely. Dodging every which way I could to change the subject. It had been centuries since Gram and I had last spoken and I simply wished to enjoy it as much as possible.


But he would have none of it unfortunately.


“Answer me!” Reji growled.


“Alright fine, damn. Need to learn how to have some fun Vares. I am here for a two way deal. Or agreement, which ever helps you sleep in the morning.” I took another sip of that oh-so delectable blood. “There is a specific Argonian in Skyrim right now who is running around with my daughter.”


“Serana?” both the human and lizard inquired.


“I thought she was locked away by Valerica,” the Breton asked.


Instantly an icicle spike was at my ready, the frozen tip stretching out to drain the moisture from his eye. “I do hope you will not speak of my wife’s poisonous name again,” I stated plainly. “It could be very…. hazardous for your health.” The demonic in my voice was undeniable.


“Right, of course,” the vampire apologized with a nod. There was a dollop of fear in his eyes, only a small bit but enough to make me grin inwardly.


“She was but that snake freed her and she went to him while we all slept a few days ago. Damn hounds didn’t alert me as my precious little girl made her escape,” I grumbled. “However…. I don’t remember seeing CuSith around with Caren an hour before.” My eyes widened in realization and no shortage of anger. “Shit! Betrayed by a dog!”


“Why do you believe we know this Argonian?” the albino asked, fangs bared in annoyance. “There are many of my kind in that frozen wasteland of yours.”


“It is a lizard named Xian-Krie.”


“You have to be fucking me right now!” Gram replied in shock.


“Hah! You have one fuck of a thorn in your side!” Reji laughed.


“Tell me what you know,” I demanded while taking a seat.


“Gram and myself had felt his ripples against both our clans several years back,” the lizard said. “He had killed many of our men. Using trickery of course.”


“You don’t know that,” the man pointed out. “Neither of us know because those sanctions were wiped out.”


“Interesting. So he’s killed Order vampires and regulars with ease.”


“YOU DARE?!” Vares exploded flinging the table across the room, shattering it to pieces. “You dare mock my blood?! You who’s blood comes from getting fucked by the Daedric Lord?!”


Ah the outburst. Reji-Vares you are truly dull in the mind for being, for what the Order considered, ‘enlightened’. Was it hubris or stupidity that guided you? Hm, questions to have answers for another day.


“The most you can acclaim yourself to be is an immensely ancient and powerful vampire. MY blood, however, was received directly from Molag Bal, yes. However it is only the women who receive his blessing internally.” I shrugged like it was nothing special. Why would it? After all we all became pure blooded vampires as an end result.


“Tidoh karia!” he fumed once again, the veins on his neck and forehead bulged against his skin and scales.


“This is my only change of clothes, Reji-Vares,” I threatened. “I’d hate to lose them.”


The albino stood his ground unwilling to back down. I could smell his determination, to call and see if what I said was a bluff. It wasn’t and was very willing to in order to put him in his place. He may have been powerful but so was I.


“Fine,” he growled after an awkward silence. “But what do you expect us to do, roll over and be walked on by the likes of you?”


“My clan has been around since the turning point of the second era. Far exceeding the time the Whet-Fang and the Order Clan.”


“You Clan is quite vibrant, indeed,” Gram agreed after a moment of thought. “Your noble name is all but forgotten.”


“And it will stay that way for it is a reminder of a once mortal man who had everything to lose: his life. Only my wife and beloved daughter know our name now.”


“We both know it as well,” the Breton chuckled gesturing to Reji and himself. “Harkon Volar.”


I scoffed at the very mention. I had forgotten how much I had divulged to him in centuries past. And of course he told the albino snake. Well perhaps then my reputation preceded me. Yes, that’s it.


“The second part is for you both, and respective Clans, to join with mine should those Dawnguard dogs and damn serpent attack.” Both of them stared silently at me. “My clan may have numbers but so do they. Simply having numbers would not be enough either.” I laughed suddenly, remembering my seed. “My spy, my agent, thankfully won’t let me down. Currently those vampire-killing idiots don’t know other than it’s a black Argonian.”


“And you believe them to be safe?” Gram cocked an eyebrow.


I laughed heartily at the very notion. “The imbeciles on the other side of Skyrim have their sights fixed on my daughter and Xian-Krie. His scales are darker than ebony and with his attitude and demeanor… I’d say my spy is safe.”


“One of my kind as a spy,” Vares huffed. “How original.”


“You don’t care. Stop pretending you do.”


“You’re correct I don’t,” the albino snickered. “And I think it to be hysterical that Xian is your enemy.”


A large inhale that did not seem to end crept through my nose and body. The nerve of some vampires is extreme but Reji-Vares was something else. And in honesty it was more than admirable. This was someone I wished my Court would turn into. But alas that was not the case. Gram looked between the two of us, grinning like a fool.


“You know what else is hysterical, Vares?” The nails on my hands turned into deadly claws. “A terrible accident happening to the Whet-Fang’s leader and being converted to my Volkihar.”


Gram couldn’t stop himself and laughed at the situation before his companion. Despite the peaceful meeting I knew, that deep down, he knew the Whet-Fang were a threat. One of the only viable threats, the other being my clan. However the Breton had other ideas.


“Alright Harkon let us say we agree with your asinine plan. What does the Order and Whet-Fang receive as recompense?”


“What do you receive?” I repeated before a chilling grin twisted to life. “You continue your undead lives.”


Both men looked to one another before giving a nod. They charged forward, weapons drawn and poised to attack.


With a swift and timely draw of my sword, from which I took from a Blade of old so many moons ago, I blocked both simultaneous strikes.


“So that is how you will be, eh?” I asked as our weapons struggled for dominance. “Very well then it seems a demonstration is in order!”


Magic began to shimmer to life around my body, creating a large black and red aura. Gram and Vares continued to grunt and struggle to overpower me but backed off when they noticed nothing was happening. A good sign, as the aura was an Ilusion.


“Not preforming up to snuff?” I asked with a cocky bow. “Come now, surely there’s more you have to show me?”


The men broke away gaining some valuable distance from me. Gram went for a riposte and Reji swiped for my leg. His stab was pushed away from harm and I twisted to the right ignoring the attack altogether. My own cut across the Breton’s back while I kicked the lizard in the arm. His weapons flew across the room leaving him open.


Playing through his pain, the Order vampire let loose a barrage of magical bolts composed of raw magicka tainted with his blood. I was not prepared for this and took several of them to the chest. Those things had a punch, sending me skidding across the floor. Whatever he did it was painful. Smoke trailed up from the impact sights on my armor. If it wasn’t for the hardened leather Gram would have broken a rib.


The albino took his chance and unleashed his own magical attacks. Red orbs stained with green and brown, with the capability of draining the life essence of any being, sought out their target: me. It was something he had taught himself and it appeared he perfected it.


Shame he had no idea.


Now you’re just making it easy for me, I mused. With an outstretched arm those orbs were absorbed, replenishing what energy I had used. It felt good to see his eyes widen in surprise to find his attack only to help and not hinder me. With a mighty roar my body began to glow blue. Ice started to dance and swivel around me before spinning in a vortex.


The storm grew in intensity showering the stone with a beautiful layer of ice and slamming the metal door shut. The winds continued to blow, whirlwinds of icicles and lightning smashed into the ancient vampires before me. The diversion was sufficient enough and I disappeared into the frost.


Gram and Reji formed back-to-back, weapons help in front of them; a red blade from the Breton and a snow-white for the albino. Fitting, given their respective hair and scale colors. They knew what my vampiric blood could do, but that didn’t stop me.


A hand reached out from beneath their feet, grabbing at them causing the allies to start. Gram sliced at the hand and cut the limb off only for it to shatter and leave behind a pile of pale dust. Magical projections have their merits.


“Must we continue with this pointless squabble? I appear to have you both on your toes. And edge.”


“You haven’t won yet Bal fucker!” Vares spat.


Surprisingly Gram stayed silent. Perhaps he already knew that, even though both of them attacked me, there was something amiss. I wasn’t actively trying to kill them from every possible angle that was present. No, he knew something and that was why I enjoyed that man. He was a unique one, one that thought before he acted.


“Harkon what is it you’re really trying to do?” he asked casting a bolt of magicka at the mist in futility.


“Come now, my rival, surely you can figure it out. Unlike your comrade there.


“Show yourself coward! Stop playing this mortal game of hide and seek! You’re acting like Xian-Krie!”


A bellow of anger, thunder and contempt bounced off every surface in the room forcing Gram and Vares to wince in pain. Me, acting like Xian-Krie?!? HOW DARE YOU!!! My body materialized several yards away only to rush forward at great speeds. The albino was run into the wall with my red katana through his stomach.


“Do. NOT! Compare me to a mortal piece of filth that wisped my daughter away!” My eyes narrowed burning holes through Reji’s own that were wide in awe and pain. “Do I make myself clear?” He didn’t respond, only gasping as the blade twisted in his guts. Slowly I removed it entirely before spinning and slashed his abdomen open. He tried to heal himself, to summon a necrotic healing spell only for my boot to stomp on it, grinding the hand into the floor. The crunch of bones was sweetness to my ears. “Do I have your compliance Gram? Or am I going to have to teach you like the lizard here?” My foot met the downed Argonian’s chest making his scream in agony.


“No,” he replied after using a moment to breath. “That won’t be… necessary.”


“Good,” I smiled. “Now I expect all the vampires under you to come to my castle nestled in Skyrim’s north-western region.”


“I-I’ll see what I can do.”


“Excellent.” My blade was wiped clean thanks to the scarf around Vare’s neck. Soon his head is in the palm of my hand. I began to see and learn what I needed, and, of course, more importantly, wanted. Intermingled in the memories of pillaging, villages, murder, rape and eating of men, women and children were bits and pieces of his home. The home of the Whet-Fang. Since Vares took away my time, I would take something of his. 


I gave an icy grin to the near pure white Argonian struggling pathetically at my feet. “You sly snake, that is a glorious location for you and your little brood. Well don’t worry I won’t kill you. In fact I’ll even heal you.” A ball of swirling purple and black mist puffed to life in my hand and, upon making contact, started to seal his wounds. “You have given me exactly what I wanted in the first place. Now I bid farewell.”


I left them there, looking at one another in uneasiness. How I enjoyed forcing other into favors they did not ask for. The frozen door refused to open and give from its icy manacles. With a might pull the door was no longer a hindrance to anyone.


“But before I go,” I said looking at the hapless Khajiit before me, “perhaps a meal is in order.”

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